The OINT in the Disappointment.


I must say that we’re ALL dealing with some kind of Disappointment in our lives,

YET – the ones with the Greatest of Pinches are the ones which are Really Personal,

Not that they Don’t Hit you in a Personal way,

What I mean here – the People or the Investment we Place in the Possible outcome

Hit us Very Personal as the Time you may have Invested in this.


I KNOW how I’d dealt with my own and Thought I’d research once more what the Powers that be mentioned in their Blogs / Websites and Journals.


A few of these Ideas, YES –

Then again there are a Few Ideas I really don’t think will actually help you!



There’s my First and Most Important one of them all,

We’ll get to the rest in short due time…


Every one of us Deal with their Own Disappointments in their own way;

BUT what I found, helping me along in the Hardest one I’ve Felt in a Very-Very long time, is:

No matter what you Do or Plan – always understand it may Not work out the way you want; thus, you plan Ahead and Always have a Plan – B, C, D, E, however many you need!


Yes, I do know this is Much Easier said than done,

But if you don’t at least Acknowledge that Life will just Go-On no matter what You do,

And your Plans of Whichever it is, doesn’t work out;

While you did Plan ahead for something else to do – then you can at least Move on from here…


I can Guarantee you when this Disappointment hit you,

I’ll HURT or Sting you, Knocking you Off your normal Game!

There’s Absolutely NO way in getting away from that one – ONLY if you’re not Human and if you Don’t feel any kind of Emotions!

Beyond that – You’ll need to at least Allow yourself to Feel this Emotion and Accept how you feel about the Disappointment.


That Said,

Feeling it and Acknowledging it does Exist is the Actual fact,

Letting it be and TRY to understand why the Conclusion you received OR news from wherever it came, did turn out as it did – WITHOUT reacting to it!


As the saying goes,

Put a Guard before my Mouth so I don’t Spew Hell on others…

OR something like that – it might be that, but the Idea here runs in conjunction with giving yourself Time to experience the Disappointment.

IF you react toward the Person OR act out against Anyone in Your immediate Vicinity,

When you feel Wronged – You’ll be the one Empowering this Cycle of Emotional Pain and the

Roller-coaster of Disappointment which OTHERS might not have had anything to do with.

Calm yourself down before you React.


They say that Wallowing in your Disappointment for TOO long isn’t good,

Which I Second – but then, If you are willing to accept that things Might not always work out,

Then moving on to the Next option is easier in Planning ahead.

IF not, then Imagine yourself the Real and Possible Human reason if Someone had Disappointed you, WHY this could or may have Happened.


NOT every Door you Open will be Helpful to you,

Coming back to the Planning Ahead.

Resting and Relaxing some, will open your Mind again,

Helping you to Strategize in getting you back on track again.


YES, I also KNOW that when Life, in General, Hit us with something not working out,

That’s not as Much pain and Disappointing as it is, when Someone you Know or a Person shoots you down.

BUT, if you Only Focus on this Negative event, Not seeing that you CAN do something about your Situation – then you’ll NEVER see the next step in doing what you need to.


These days our Lives and Life, in general, is TOO Hectic and thus,

You don’t have the Time always to get to Your Support Network,

BUT – if you need to chat with a Friend or Family, Make time for them and Allow them to Help clear your Mind, while you’re getting ready to Jump on the Horse again.


One Positive you can take from the Last Disappointment is this;

You now KNOW that the Last Plan, Person or Idea wouldn’t work out for you and SO,

You don’t have to waste Your time by doing it all over again!

Yes, I do know, the Amount of time you May have spent on this May have been Excessive,

BUT – it’s not your Entire Life and the Time to come either.


You do have an Option for Tomorrow and You can Choose to Change the possibilities,

Making something Better for yourself and those around you.

THEN as well, Remember that Everyone around you also has their Own Disappointments and Eventually they’ll possibly need YOU to support them,

So, if Everything, Possibly not as Intense hits you – and you CANNOT deal with Minor issues,

How would you Help those People Supporting You; when all you see if Your Own issues all of the time.


As I’m a writer,

I read that it’s a Good Idea in Free Writing your Thoughts and Emotions on a Piece of Paper – Do not stop until you feel there’s Nothing more you’d like to Say when dealing with this.

This would Help you in another way as well,

When you React to Someone who Might not have Anything to do with what you Received,

It can hurt them AND if there was A Person at the End of the Line;

Can you Say for Certain WHY this could have Happened?


ONLY after you walked a Mile in their Shoes can you Imagine,

Thus, getting your Thoughts and Feelings down on Paper,

May help you Avoid making a Bigger and or Worse mess of things.


Not ONLY this,

While I’m writing my Books at times,

Even my Ideas I share here –

I find a New Interesting Direction when I’m busy,

Veering OFF my Original Story,

Because this time Writing something down,

Gives us the Chance at Figuring out what we Might not have Known beforehand.


It’s Terrible when we have to Deal with these things that STING so much,

But what Doesn’t kill us,

Makes you Stronger, Wiser gives Insight –

But ONLY if you’re Willing to Hear and See what Might be…


In all and all, All the Best to You all…


The Tasteless Displeasure of TIME…


WOW… if you were to say this a Few times TOO fast,

It could, might just as well Twist your tongue faster than You’d like it to.


Ironically for this,

Seeing the Representation of what the Idea portray here is also as Irritating!


This specifically had happened to me more than Once and I cannot for the Life of me understand why someone, Whomever they may be,

Will – Willingly waste your time as they sometimes do!


The Major issue I found shaking this Thought loose in my Mind was when I had the Issue with the Car I’d found myself in a Bit of an Issue with,

When we managed to walk away from the Freak Accident with the Car I’m driving with!


Yet, this can be Directed at as many places as there are Those who as well,

Waste Your time in the



Or the



So here’s the Rub,

When I got into the Freak Accident with the Car,

The Insurance was called and was Notified that there was something wrong…


I don’t know if there had needed to be an Injury or if there had to be Excessive damage to Either my Car or should there had been another Car involved,

BUT – until Now there had not been Anyone coming to see about the Incident which Transpired.



I do get that there needs to be some kind of Follow through from the Owner of the Car’s side and I get that clearly – but this Situation just reminded me Just how often it is that Our time gets wasted because the next Person or even the Institution do not care in the least bit!


Either the Person or Peoples do not Realize what they are doing as they are,

They might be as Busy as You are

OR You might just be on the Short end of the Stick,

Not mattering much more OR enough to Justify for them to Respect your time as well!


I might have to Tell you this as well,

In my Experience, I’ve seen and known that Whomever it is that’s wasting your time,

When THEY feel wronged by you,

Not pitching up OR if you Dare miss that Payment OR if there’s some Other reason they need Information OR help from You – I can Promise you that they’d be on Your case so fast;

You’d Never suspect what hit you along the way!


I can promise you that Everybody at Some Point experience this same issue or situation;

There’s just that ONE person in Your surroundings

Which do not care at all – doing their own thing and Everyone else just have to fall in-line with that…


It could be a Company which don’t have the After Sales Service or even care about that in the least bit,

Either they could be TOO busy to get back to Your grievances, thoughts or your problems –

OR they just don’t care about you!


In the same Breath,

People do the very same thing.

AND there’s the Cherry on the Top;

MANY Men do this to Women they’re not Interested in them as well!


The Ironic aspect of this is,

Those people, whoever they may be,

Wasting Other’s time –

They are either Totally Oblivious to this
OR if they know or think about Your time which Might or Might not be wasted,

They just don’t care at Letting anyone Know that something had changed…


Even if you do corner them,

Speak to that Service Consultant,

Wanting to know why Your issue, problem or concern had not been Dealt with,

HOW would you even know, if you did take their Name;

If this was the Original Person who helped you with this – which had been forgotten and

Effectively now wasting your time…


If and when in General you speak to that Person who does this to you OR those around them, They’d believe you’re climbing into their Character and believe You’re attacking them

On and Unnecessary PERSONAL level.

Not dealing with the Lack of Empathy towards the way Everyone else might be Treated,

They’d ONLY see that You’ve got an Issue with Them…


We find this even when You stand in a Line,

Awaiting the other Person to help or serve you,

Remember that that Person is just doing a Job –

One which Very Few of us are Lucky enough to Enjoy,

Situated in Our Dream Job and so,

They also make the Best of it as you may be doing…


The Problem comes when You Know,

Feel and Experience those People who Clearly don’t Care whether they do this,

Especially when it Happens so Often that it’s become a Constant,

There’s the time and the Place where We should deal with this,

YET as I mentioned – trying to deal with any kind of Issue today;

That Might turn out that You’re the One with the Vindictive Issues on Your plate,

My Advice to you, whatever You do or Feel like doing;

Make sure that You don’t sound like you’re Attacking them,

Making the Topic at hand even more Problematic…


Dealing with People and dealing with Personal issues with those People,

That’s one of the Hardest things do handle and deal with.

In most cases, there’s almost on Right way at doing this –

seeing that they may take Offence at any moment…


The Ironic Question here is this, what about the Offence you take when Anyone, Unnecessary waste your time and they Clearly do not care about that?


P.S.:     The Insurance had NOT to this point called me, found out where the car is or made any kind of arrangements to come see it.

Use your time wisely and take care of yourself…

The CONTINUATION of Human(ASS)ness…


I’ve come to realize with the Number of Clients, either I’ve worked with

OR seen OR hear about,

That there’s just that Situation which You’d read between the lines when You least expect to see it.


You might have Endured this when You’ve been a Client of someplace as well,

Things we WANT to do and GET done as fast as Possible,

But the Fact of the matter is this –

No matter how much we want sometimes;

Want to Force something to Happen or be dealt with for Us, it takes its own time!


YES, I know I’ve been in the Position myself where I waited to see what will be;

BUT here’s the Rub,

As much as You, Me, We want the Problem dealt with;

Everyone also Expect that issue to be Dealt with Correctly and NOT to have any Issues about it when the POWERS that Be, had done what they Had to,

Sorting out Issues for us…


Either YOU have done this OR

You might have Heard someone Getting upset with the Problem at hand,

KNOWING or Seeing that there’s actual Progress,

BUT – there’s another Side to this,

When even the People set out to help you – get Hampered in doing what they Can in helping you…


I’m not saying that We should Relax,

But I’ve seen that sometimes Clients and People, in general, can Really go Overboard,

SUSPECTING that when they Threaten You or the Company,

They’d get things done Faster,

That may not Always be the Case.


The ONE thing most Clients don’t Understand,

They’re also Speaking with another Person,

WHO most of the Time, really want to Solve this Issue.

Yet, they MIGHT not be in the Exact position to Manage all of it,

Doing just that…


THUS, it’s so Interesting to See people going to that Excessive Over-reach,

To the Point when they find that there’s OTHER issues or Parts solving their Problem; out of Everyone’s Control.


When this Client or Person, Understandably had Reached the End of their Rope,

Client Service might not be able to Immediately solve the Problem and had been Communicated back and forth,

You find that there’s just THINGS out of Our Control,

You Sometimes would see these People – Wanting to Change the World


Make those Ready and Willing to help them, KNOW they can Do more than they really can,

FIND it far more Disconcerting that finally things just Turns out of Everyone’s Control.


You, I, We know there’s People most of the times Willing and Wanting to help,

But when You’re in the Position you See the final Reaction from these Clients;

Realizing that If they do not allow the Time to Pass,

So they could be Helped and Assisted –

There would be Nothing more to Force.


I’ve Felt really Irritated with Companies and Places seaming

UNWILLING to help Me,

But the Fact of the Matter is this – when We blow-up at Someone,

Just doing their Jobs, that Person needs to Absorb our Irritation and

IF ever you’re NOT in the Position to really have to Suck it all up;

You’d NEVER know just how Continually Irrigating and Terrible that can be!


This is a Lesson as much for Me as it could be for Joe Public,

ESPECIALLY when we Don’t See ourselves going on like this –

If you Could EVER stand Neutral, Looking at How you Behaved when going OFF at someone Willing and Able to assist you –

How would we React any Different seeing ourselves from Another’s Eyes?


IF ever someone was to Jump at their Own Family or Children in this way,

I wonder how Often would we get Out of Line when Speaking to that Company’s Assistant,

Who really want to help Us out with our Grievance…

Would most People Jump at the same Person in the same way,

If they weren’t really Unrelated to us…


A little Humanity could go so much further,

Stopping to think about it…

Treat Others the way You’d like to be treated –

That said if they are Willing and Able to Help you.


The Other side of this Coin, when they DON’T want to help…

That’s for the next time, possibly…

That POMPOUS Irritation!

angry boy

A guy too angry with green shirts

I’ve been Writing for Far Longer than I can Believe some days. Not only this,

I do hope that my Thoughts and Ideas and Possibly,

Ranting do NOT leave a Foul taste in Most People’s Mouths…


Ironic to say this,

As you Might suspect,

This would be what I’ve seen again on my Twitter Account.


Usually when I get a Strange Reaction from Someone else,

There’s a NOT so Interesting Tweet which got Circulated via my

Automated App / Program I’m using on my Account…

It’s called:


The ONE Tweet which Most do not read Carefully OR

At least come back to ask me what is going on –

Which SOME of the Good People do ask me when in Doubt… is this one:


{users} (4=Twitterverse) We’re ONLY Human, but that’s not EXCUSE 4 Anyone acting like a Pompous ASS at Times!


It’s so Easy to make up Our OWN minds and believe we Know what another Person is Thinking,

We rarely take the time in Most Situation to Grasp the Idea that even when we Speak,

Do we STILL confuse People around us.


Our Communication is MORE than just words.

ME working in the General Arena of Words can tell you that Even though you Might believe you Know or You heard what was said,

Reading words, NOT knowing the Actual Intention behind them,

That can Cause you Such a Blunder!


Our Body-Language consist of at Least 50-80% of our Communication.

That is, If all the Powers that Be will Stand by this Standard…


NOW then,

If you do not See the Picture of what Someone is Writing you clearly,

Do not Hear and Notice what they’re Saying to you Clearly,

HOW on Earth can We believe to Understand what was Meant?


Not only this,

Our Minds run in a different Way from Others and See things in a Different Light as well.

We Register information in a Different Manner and Come to a Conclusion in a Different way from People around us.


There are SO many Variables which We could be Missing,

In our Fast Lives we take in so much –

Making and Honest Mistake is so easy to do…

Accepting it,

That’s a little Harder AND Worse than that,

Admitting to it,

That’s almost Impossible!


Like Myself,

I read a Message on my Notifications Tab on Twitter,

Rather than seeing the word;


I read it as Pleasure!


Now take it in this Light;

It’s no pleasure…

WHICH doesn’t Sound or Look to be that Nice!

Rather than;


So even I had to re-read the same little Sentence myself,

Very Easy of Us to make a Mistake within Our Communications!


The LAST thing within all of this that’s Almost a Bigger issue;

When our Fragile EGO’S get in the way…

Yes I’ve Said it;

When we feel Wronged,

You just Might Lash-out, When and Where You shouldn’t be.

Always TRY and take a Deep Breath,

Look at what you’re Facing and run it through Your Mind at least Twice.

NOT only to get you More Upset,

Look at the Message from a Different Angle.


IF and When you do react,

If and When you Might be wrong,

Changing things Around will NOT be that Easy!



Others have Feelings as well,

It’s NOT to say what them Meant and what You heard,

Was Meant to Insult You…


AND no,

I got the Idea of their Message – Asking for a FB Like,

Which I Gladly gave them…

As well as Coming up with Our Blunders in Communications…


WONDER if Ever the Animals had such Issues


Would those ONLY be their Natural Instincts?

The Reality of Manipulation

We can see this kind of things so many times over within the broad spectrum of the World of Celebrity – it happens regularly and unfortunately constantly as well.

The Irony here is this, we either have seen in our daily lives that someone endured this OR you have been the victim of this yourself.
You’d wonder what I might be talking about,
But then it’s so Easy it’s not even funny!

When you or your friend sees a Dress or more Regularly that Boy who might even like you.
Even between boys this is the issue,
There’s a Girl…

You, I, They’ve got first dibs AND
Then, it turns out that Whoever it was – ONLY saw you as a Friend.
Thus People get upset when they Might not, Don’t Want to see the Signs.
Not investing as much Energy into something that doesn’t even Exist…

Not to mention when Your Friends or close acquaintances do not think that You should be free to make your own choice…
It’s so IRONIC,
There May be someone willing to tell you what they believe you should do,
BUT They want the Freedom to do what they will!
You’re NOT allowed to Caution them against the Mistake you believe for them to be making…
Still, You’re supposed to Listen to THOSE who believe themselves to know better!

THEN comes the Worst one of them all.
When Your OWN Family want you to be Happy,
But they Totally and Utterly refuse to accept the Person or Terms or Choices You’ve made in securing Your OWN happiness.
No matter what direction you go in,
No matter what you do,
We all have the need to be Loved and Accepted in this regard.

This will not have happened; when THOSE around you believe they know BEST,
Which is sometimes the Furthest from the Truth! ! ! ! !
There are those days that they’ve seen something You’ve not.
But then, STILL it’s your right to make that Mistake AND for no one around Us to make any Choices for you.
How will anyone Learn what looks Good and What Not;
IF most of us do not get that Opportunity to make those Mistakes.

At the end of the day,
Even if “THEY” know you best,
You, Me, We All still have the Right to make-up or Minds and even THEN making the Mistake in giving the Wrong person the Chance…

That being Your Life to do such things.
THE best the Rest can do,
Support that One person,
Seeing that No One has that Right to Manipulate you OR the Situation so that You HAVE to change your Plans and Live,

To accommodate someone Else…