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The Other day while at Work I went to Fetch two Clients, as well as a Documents, with the Clients from our other floor,

This was Nothing out of the Ordinary,

I’d picked them up, was Directed to proceed to the Office first and from there,

We’d be taking them elsewhere as per the Routine…


As I mentioned this was part of the Normal Routine when we helped out the Clients, buying their Vehicles…


Driving on the Road, heading for the Primary Office,

I’d seen the Black Haired Woman in her Small car a few times,

She was driving somewhere I’d not know and thus,

Needed to get out onto the Road herself.


I Stopped and turned sharper onto the brick-faced driveway,

Giving her more space in getting out –

As well as missing the Open Maintenance Cover close to the Exit / Entrance.


The moment I was again able to drive,

I pulled away – driving Normally and before I knew what Hit me,

BOTH Airbags of the Car Engaged and Popped out!


I had hit the Head of the Lower Control Arm without me even Knowing it!
There’s a Massive Metal plate covering another Hole,

It doesn’t move much as far as I know and thus, I’m not too worried about this one.


Yet, at the One Corner of this massive Plate,

The Bricks had dropped below the surface of the Other Bricks around them,

Leaving a Hole and when one wheel drops inside of this one,

The 90-degree corner Aimed directly at the Head of the Lower Control Arm.


I must have Hit this Head of the Lower Control Arm as possibly 2 Kilometer’s Per Hour,

Very slowly as You can well Imagine,

JUST my luck in this – On the Left-Hand side front of the Car,

Is where the Crash Sensor is Located AND

At the time the Car hit the Corner of the Plate – the Sensor picked up this Freak Accident!


There was NO motion forward for me or the Two Clients,

Seeing that our Momentum wasn’t even a Factor,

I’d only just pulled away when we not only Saw the Airbags Pop,

BUT heard this massive blow from inside the Car!


The FIRST thing I was thinking of,

When You see the Video’s of the various Cars involved in an Accident with the Crash-Test

Dummies inside them,

You see their Motion with their Momentum forward…


There wasn’t any of this for us!

Yet, I wondered at that Moment why it was that We didn’t hit the Airbags when they Did Deploy and what the Hell was really going on!


As I mentioned to you,

Pushing the car onto the Plate,

I was shown where the Impact on the Lower Control Arm had taken place.


We moved the car and left it next to the one Building,

I took the Pictures and saw that the Windscreen was Totally Bust,

As well as the Dash had its Own Impacts when the Airbags deployed…


With the time passing and I’d gone to the Car a few times,

I’d seen the Pieces of Glass bits lying all over;

VERY Happy that none of them impacted on any of us OR

In our eyes either!



Beyond all of that, what Hit me the Most is the



ALMOST Toxic smell of the Gas or the Powder which is Set Off in the Car when the Airbags do pop out!


By the time You’d be Reading this,

We’d have received Feedback from the Insurance Company.

At this point, I’m not entirely sure what they’d Do or what they’d Say,

Regarding this Freak Accident…


Everyone had told me over the next few Days,

It could easily have been an Accident,

Involving another Vehicle,

Causing far more Damage and I should be Grateful

That the Three of us did Exit the Car without any Long-Lasting Damage to any of us!


At first, Most people would Cry and Freak out that this had happened,


In the Long-Run,

Very Few People ever believe just how Lucky they sometimes can be,

With the things not Affecting them as Negatively as they’d Hit other People…


Do Count Your Blessings when the Arrive!