The weekend over Father’s DAY – this Year, I had Lunch at my Sister’s place,

Between the Sisters, she’s the Youngest – yet she’s older than I am…

Between the Six siblings, we were Three there on the day.


It was a nice Lunch out and quit Relaxing, having a good time while I was there,

The food itself was Really nice and I enjoyed the company as well.


The Oldest Sister’s Kids arrived there after Lunch and we continued Chatting for some time.

Within this time I heard my Oldest Sister saying that she had to Change the Radio Station’s Channel in the Mornings when she Drove to work.

Talking about the change the Station or rather the Presenters initiated themselves, seeing they’d been working in their Spots on the Radio Station, for such a long time.


I was pretty Amazed that my Oldest Sister didn’t like the New Presenter,

The Very Host of the Morning Show which had Changed…


When I got home the Thought still stayed with me and I came to Realize that this has happened to almost ALL of us at some point,

Not that Someone you know didn’t see Eye to Eye,

But their Personal Preference differed from yours…


I do not care in the least bit what the Next person Likes or for that matter Dislike,

But the Issue comes when We, They or Any Others,

Like to change your Point of View or what You’d like to suit Other people’s Idea of what they believe You should like…


This is in fact what makes Life of Interesting,

Not ALL people are the Same and if that was the Case,

Life would have been REALLY Boring at the end of the day!


Over time You’re Enriched by your Experiences and if you Give that options a Chance to Test it,

OR if you Immediately see that you Dislike what the Option is,

That’s well Within Your Right to Exercise Your Personal Preference on whichever Topic You’re dealing with or facing.


I also must Admit that I don’t think that the New Presenter is that Terrible,

BUT – as well, I’ve listened to this Woman on the Radio for a while,

Knowing her Eccentricities by now as well.


I can compare this to Us watching a Brand New Movie or a TV Series,

If you’re NOT use to it and it Doesn’t Resonate with you,

It’s going to be Really hard for Us to jump into it.


LIFE it all about Trying New things,

AND when you’ve given it Your time,

No matter How much you do – at the End of the Day we ALL

Know what your Personal Preference would be…


As Long As everyone else accepts what you Like or Not,

Then things should be Pretty Okay…


Cadbury          vs.        Beacon Chocolate


Coke                vs.        Pepsi


Google            vs.        Bing


Apple              vs.        Microsoft


Apple              vs.        Samsung


Audi                vs.        VW


iZombie           vs.        The Walking Dead


There are so many, Yet I’m not going to mention all of them,

The ONLY fact we need to Understand here,

Like you’ve got Your Own Preferences,

Those around you do as well.


The Best we can do, Respect the Choices of those which are Different from Ours,

As they would in turn,

Respect Your Choices when they Differ from THEM…


All the Best with your Different Choices!


The I N F I N A T E possibilities of E=MC²


No… No… I’m not going to give you a Physics or ANY other lesson, in the equation

of Relativity to this Mathematical equation…



Yes and Yes – there is some Relevance to this Equation, though… (GO Albert Einstein)!


Firstly, If you Do like Movies,

If you want to Still go Watch;

The ARRIVAL – do not Read this Post TOO intensely!

Hope that’s a Fair enough warning.


Well; as you can Well imagine, I did go watch the Movie,

As I’m a Really Big Fan of Sci-Fi,

AN Even BIGGER Fan of FILM that is!!!

I did see ANOTHER film Preview which I’d NOT Miss as well!


YET, while we Reached the End of the film,

The Arrival – I sat next to a Man and Wife Combination;

I suspected that Neither of them Understood the Repeated Flashbacks in the Film.


YES, I must say that while I read a Few Books on either Filmmaking

OR Screenwriting, there’s was Mention made of Flashbacks,

Where and When to use them…

IN this film’s Regard I suspect it was A Bit Over the Top!

BUT then as well, Done for a Reason that is…


So much so that I got the Punchline for the Film before it was Laid-Out for the Audience,

THIS as well, Writing as I do – I cannot say that My Mind well Greased Reading Into the Story of Most Films and Such before it happens!


I REALLY Love it when I’m surprised at what happens and

Try to figure out Where and When I’d missed the Plot.

I don’t care much to find it, I suspect it Rather Fuels me, to be Better at what I do myself!


Watching the ARRIVALS,

There’s a Very Interesting and Relevant Question being asked,

IF it was Possible – if you Could see Further than Your life,

What would you change or do Differently?


Here’s ANOTHER one,

If you can foresee Certain things Happening,

Do you OR Would you tell whomever it might Impact on,

What it Is or Was that you foresee which may be coming?


If you DID know more,

Would that Ultimately Change what Could happen

OR would this just Happen in a Different manner altogether?


So here’s another Rub,

If EVER it was so Possible for US to See beyond ourselves,

Really See what could Happen AND what You could do in Changing,

Every single One of us would Probably go Really Insane!


Having Such Knowledge and Differences in Your or Others’ Lives,

What THEY might do with this New Knowledge,

OR not, do with what You’d told them?


Like in the Television Series,

Fringe – Which I Absolutely LOVE,

Their idea of Multiple Universes,

They say that when you Choose One – the other Choice will Lead off to its own Conclusion.

THUS, in the various Multitude of Universes there are things which will happen to

US, Them the Other People – which we’d know Nothing about.


Thus, for each Choice, you do Not take,

There’s a “spin-off” for what could have Happened to you,

When you don’t take it… HENCE – another Version of what Your life could be.


NOW then,

If you were able to See something,

Telling someone or Not telling them,

Able to see how it Could Affect another Person when they Take your Advice


When they Dismiss Your impute – taking their Chance,

Knowing and Seeing what Might happen…


If this was Possible,

Just how Long would we be Going without Cracking UP?


MORE Women than Men have this kind of Intuition,

Able to see More Clearly what Others OR Most Men can see,

BUT, what it This was to Reach further beyond just that;

What would MOST People be doing with such Knowledge?


It’s almost the Same Premise of the Film,

NEXT – with Nicolas Cage.

He saw what Could be Possible in his own Life with Other’s Interacting with him.


What would You do and HOW would you Handle it,

If you saw somewhat More of Other People’s Lives and in Your pursuit in Helping them,

What kind of Rabbit Hole (Alice in Wonderland) would you have to go down?


I’ve Heard a few times on the Radio,

If you were able to Have ONE Superpower,

Using it or doing with it What You’d like…

What would it be?


Imagine Knowing THIS much of those Immediately around You,

HOW would any Normal Person deal with it or handle it?


SOME days,

Being Blissfully Normal… is Bliss…



There are Others out there Knowing more than most of Us,

Hope you can Deal better with Your Gifts;

than Other people who got something They cannot Handle…

Reaching The Boundary.


There are a great many boundaries which Exist in the World we live in,

The IRONIC fact of this is,

There’s JUST as many People YOU know who would Overuse them, as well as Use You to get what they want.


ONE of the Most Common ones would be where You’re Working.

I can vaguely remember writing a Post SOME Time ago about this,


Seeing I’ve been through something the same,

Just a few Thoughts on this…


Those people who do NOT really know You,

Wouldn’t under Normal circumstances Use you as Those who DO Know you,

Would do, seeing it would be SO much easier for US to react to that

UNKNOWN person who is a Stranger.


BUT, Our Friends, Colleagues, AND Family aren’t in the Same BOAT…

That’s a Pity to say the least!

The Fact of the Matter is this,

When you do Decided that You’re Putting Your Foot down,

Have a Very Conscious look at their REACTION.


From this, You can see IF and possibly WHY they might be Using you,

Even within the Idea that You want to Help them with Something,

JUST look to see if they’re Unset that they Cannot Control the Situation more.


This would give you a Clear Indication if they’re Squeezing out MORE of the Juices of Your Willingness to Help.

Especially when they Come with the Idea;

“If You’re not doing something on That day,

“What are Your plans for then,

“Are You doing something Important…”


It is OKAY to help someone In need,

BUT there’s Nothing in the Manual that Says,

When You feel they’re Overstepping this,

You HAVE to take it on the Chin!


It doesn’t Matter who or why or what Happened for them to Need Your Assistance in Whatever is going on,

You Politely help them, KNOWING there’s Little else You can do…

BUT, beyond that – Help whomever you have said to help,

BUT, that doesn’t mean that Your Own plans and Needs shouldn’t be met either!


If and As Long as this Person,

Whomever, THEY may be,

Are willing to Accept that and PLAN their Needs around Yours as well;


THEN Only would Your time be Well spend, helping Whomever it is

As You’d get around to Your own Plans and Needs…

Your Weight In GOLD…


Anyone who had Seen the Movie – UP,

Would know that at Some point along their Journey to Cherry Falls,

Walking Mister Fredricksen’s House through the “Forest” or trees…

Russell tells Mister Fredricksen that he sat on a Curb, next to the Road;

Eating Ice-Cream, talking about much of Nothing… with his Dad;

That was, when his Father did have the time of day for him.

Those “Chats” didn’t really mean much,

AND Yet, those were the Times Russell enjoyed the most…

That TIME that You’re willing


Unwilling to share with another Person,

That’s the MOST Precious Commodity which we Cannot Save-Up.

Not only this, which Everyone knows,

We can BUT only look as it passes…

Yet, Either you Choose not to Spend that with Someone

Who really want to Share that with you,


We’ve got Something Better to do along the way…

I can still Remember Once when my Parents Divorced,

Waiting along the Street, sitting on the Curb –

It could have been a Birthday or Him just being in the Area…

As You can Imagine, he didn’t Pitch-Up.

Years later, People live apart and Parents and Children do not

See each other as much as the Other might want…

Life turns out funny FOR Us like that…

The POINT isn’t the Waiting,

BUT, if you’ve got the Time to Spend with Those,






Best Friend…

Take that Opportunity to do just that.

IF You Do not want to do that,

Have the GUTS to at least tell them So…

BUT then,

We’re Also SO Scared of burning that Bridge –

There’s no Telling if You’d need help from there again.

Yet, You’re UNWILLING to spend that time with that person.


This commodity is as Important in Spending Wisely,

As it is IN Spending it with those We need to…


When Their or Your time is UP,

We cannot Buy it back.

So, even if Your Heart tells you not too worry about this too much,

Remember that Others have the same RIGHT,

They can Choose to Spend any time with You,

Or not at all…

You can Pay for more of it,

With Your Weight In Gold…

Yet it could cost you Much less…

The Truth,


BUT again, depend on what We do;

In the Long run it might be a LOT more…