That CHILL in the Spine.

Chill in the Spin

Not so long ago, we had a Pretty chilly day, while I was at work,

The weather changed, becoming far less Hospitable than what we could have suspected,

That said – with my Two back operations, I suddenly felt the change in the weather.


Yes, I did some Research on the Internet,

Not just for myself, but I wanted to see just why this was,

When the weather turns foul, that we end to have a Foul day with healed bones…


So what I found is Obvious,

The weather effects not only our skin, but our muscles and tenants also react to the cold,

Which in turn affect our Nervous system.


As we all know,

Throughout our bodies, our nerves tell our Brain what could be happening to the body all over, not Only pain but touch, heat or cold, water or dry, the Sun burning our skin…


And herein lies the actual fact, why we have a more terrible day when the weather had turned less that Hospitable,

This directly almost relate to how the body responds to the Changed Colder Weather.


Whenever you had broken a bone or even had a Hairline crack,

There’s healing involved for the body, getting back to being 100% Healthy,

Thus, when you felt the Pain of the break, there’s a Nerve involved with this injury.


Now throughout your body, there’s Muscles, Tenants and you suspected – Nerves,

Which also get damaged when something happens to you,

The reason why you Know something terrible had happened.

These Nerves take a lot longer to heal and sometimes they don’t at all.


When our Muscles and Tenants heal, they could just as easily press against the Nerves,

Not following the same Path or lying as they did before the injury,

As well, sometimes our Nerves have a sensitive spot just there where it got damaged when you got injured.


Now, when the Cold Weather hit us,

The muscles and tenants affect us and affect our Nerves,

Which now let the brain know that the Cold is coming and will be affecting our normal Routine.


Our Muscles and Tenants tighten up, not willing to move as much as they do normally

AND with this, we don’t force our bodies beyond its Normality,

Taking longer with the Cold – the irritation and possible pain,

Will we once again injure ourselves if we do Too much.


Then as well, our bodies consist of at least 60% water,

With us Breathing Air, seeing it’s not just Clean Oxygen we’re breathing,

This action helps the Body to create more water in the Body and so,

Create Gasses inside the body as well.


With the Cold building up,

The gas as the Smart People say,

Either build-up or create pressure where it is in the body,

And if that spot, where the build-up is happening,

Is the Spot where you’d broken a bone or such,

You would very clearly KNOW something is going on around you with the Weather.


THEN, If you’re like Me,

Running around far too much and you’re not getting to Something to eat

OR Drink, burning some food or such, for Energy,

Heat and getting going, Your muscles wouldn’t warm-up enough,

And the Longer you’re exposed to the Cold,

You’d know that it’s not that good for you.


The opposite is true as well,

Even if you eat or drink something warm,

You’ll still Need to work through the cold and the stiff Muscles,

Getting on with your day and feeling Warmer in time.


It will take time

And the moment your Attention isn’t on your Swore body,

You’ll get moving a bit Faster,

While you do what you need to,

Your body will keep busy with Heating you up…


I cannot guarantee you that even if you eat and drink something Warm,

There’s no way to tell if you’ll eventually warm-up beyond the Cold you may feel,

But just sitting still in the Cold will Never help either.


The faster you’re warmer,

The Chances are very good your Stiffness and Pain should subside.

They say, Mind of matter… but if the Cold drop even more,

Rather take care of yourself and dress warmer,

Forcing yourself to do Too much can stretch or even Tear something which would feel much worse than it did before.


Keep warm and do what you need to do in Moderation,

Accept every one of us are Aging and thus,

Take care, do whatever you need Smarter than Harder…


Winter is Coming; NO – It’s already HERE!


I’ve heard the Phrase,

Winter is Coming… from the TV Series,

Game of Thrones.



This is a Post at what I’ve read on a Site,

A few things WE as a whole can do for Ourselves in building up a Stronger Immune System to tackle the little Viruses which Attack us during the Cold Months of the Year!


That said, no matter what we Most of the time do, it happens that we do Fall Prey to this little virus called the FLUE…

Here are only a few things which Might help you along the way.


Everyone might know this OR You’ll read it here,

BUT – there’s a Lot to be said by what We eat and how it not Only affects us but what It’s got to do with ourselves as Human Beings.


It wouldn’t be a Leap then to Understand and Realize that when I’m mentioning this,

One of the First things I’ll be Mentioning here would be,

Take care of your Diet and the additional Supplements which You consume.

Eat Whole Foods;

From the foods Our Bodies use some of the Following Nutrients:

Vitamins A, C, D, and E – there are Minerals such as Selenium, Zinc and Omega 3s which support your Immune System.

Look to whole foods such as Animal Proteins – if you don’t like this, eat Legumes, Whole Grains, Nuts, and Seeds; with this, you can supplement the Whole Foods with Fruits and Vegetables.

There are Superfoods like; Camu Camu, Reishi mushrooms, and Micro Algae.


In this, you should avoid the following, Seeing they Suppress your Immune system –

Processed Meats, Friend Foods, Soft drinks, Processed Baked Goods or Products with Artificial Sweeteners or Refined Sugars…

We cannot side-step Everything, but keep what you can in Moderation.


What helps a great deal, with the Flue and with your Immune System, that would be Vitamin C.

This would be really good, getting the vitamin from Fruits and Vegetables; which include – Berries, Citrus, Kiwi, Bell peppers and dark green Vegetables.

ONE thing I’d found out over time. As with Oranges – if you either just drink soft drinks with HIGH contents of Vitamin C, what most people don’t take into Consideration;

the Regularity of taking this Supplement is as important as taking it at all.

AND here’s just another idea for you – make SURE to eat the Fruit itself when you’ve got the Chance as the raw material of the Fruit helps your Digestive tract as well…

Good all around!


It’s important to use the Strong and Healthy Herbs and Spices.

When preparing food, take the time in using some of these in your meals;

Onions, Garlic, Black Peppercorn, Cayenne pepper, Allspice, Curry, and Turmeric.

All of them contain nutrients which help Boost your Immune System.


Keeping yourself well hydrated is very good. The water assist in the production of Lymph, which in turn help with White Blood Cells and help out your Immune System Cells as well.

For an extra boost, Use Lemon with your water or in the water some Vitamin C additive.


Our bodies need sleep to rejuvenate itself.

Yes, in our busy lives there’s not always the time in Resting and Relaxing as much as we should; YET, the more Regulated your Resting is, the better your Body would deal with any Potential Viruses AND with Stress being such a High Factor in our lives – Rest is Far More important today that we think!


A great deal of our Immune System and response, fighting against Foreign infections takes place from the GUT.

THUS, our Digestive tract is very important. That’s a very good reason to keeping the Good Bacteria where they need to be. If you have to, add some Probiotics as well, found in Whole and Fermented foods –

Raw sauerkraut, Miso, Yogurt, Kefir, Kimchi, and Microalgae.

Always consider the Supplements to take, making sure of their quality and positive impact on your Health.


I’ve got you a CATCH 22 situation for you as well.

You KNOW when the Doctor Prescribe you a Treatment of Antibiotics when there’s an Infection which your body is struggling to Beat…

Just remember that the Antibiotics, helping your body out – It also attack the Good Bacteria inside your body as well.

At all times See what is the best for you AND consult with either Your Doctor and or Chemist when they issue you some Medicine.

Find it there’s something better you can take, not creating more Damage than being good…


If and when You do get the chance, Keep yourself not Only Physically busy but make sure that You’d break a sweat.

Exercise if good for the body and help increase our Immune Functions, it also Improves the Quality of your sleep and make your body Stronger.

So, do a bit more than normal – don’t OVER do it either… Everything in moderation!


Getting some time in the SUN, which in turn would mean that you’re getting some Vitamin D is a really good Idea.

With this in mind, having some FUN in the Sun sounds as good,

Which in turn would help with Your relaxation and enjoyment of your time.

Allowing the Endorphins to run Wild in your body,

Generally making a Good Positive impact on you…


BUT most of all,

With everything I’ve mentioned here,

Taking care of yourself and then Your Loved ones,

That’s the Most Promising of all…

Hiems est frigus (Latin) – Winter’s Cold.

Huge Dogue De Borgeaux dressed with hat, scarf and sweater sitting on a snow attentivly looking fat into the distance

Huge 4 years old Dogue De Borgeaux dressed with pink hat and grey scarf and sweater sitting on a snow attentivly looking fat into the distance

We’re Fast approaching the Cold of Winter here in South Africa.

Some places in the World there might Still be the Cold of Winter or You might have recently Passed through it.


I KNOW from my Colleagues in the Past Three Years I’ve been working at the Second Hand Car Stand,

Most of them Believe there’s Something WRONG with me during the Winter Months.


That said,

The Day I do dress Warmly,

You can KNOW it’s Freezing Cold!


Here are a few of my Personal Tips if and when You’d like to Train Yourself at Handling the Cold a little better.

Just KNOW this isn’t to say that It’ll WORK for you.


ONE thing if You’d not known this about me, I was working at the Correctional Services for 12 years.

MOST of the time there I worked during the Night.

HENCE, most of the time at Some Point it was a little OR a Lot Chilly!


So here goes…

  1. If you CAN walk around during the Coming Colder Months for as long as you

can, Without dressing up TOO warmly – this will help your Body to some extent to Adjust to the cold and toughen up a bit more against the Cold.


  1. If you do Dress in a Jacket, Pull-over, Vest, Jersey or such; Make sure that your Arms are kept well Warm. Your hands will release the Heat from your body and IF you work a lot with your hands, this Can help with maintaining their Heat for as long as possible.


  1. You can in time Obviously dress in a Second T-Shirt of such under your Shirt or whichever you may dress in. Keeping Your Chest warm and keeping the Cold out AND off your Lungs is a very good idea.


  1. If you can get a Hold of Wool socks that’s a good thing as well. Dressing in time with Two pairs, the Second do not even need be Wool. The second will help in Insulating Your feet so heat doesn’t Dissipate that way either.


  1. One thing which is AS Important than anything I can tell you, The More Busy you keep, the More Active You are during the Day, You MIGHT burn more Energy, but this will also Generate Heat for the body as well. Making you Hungry as well, so keep up the Food or Drinks.


  1. The Pants You usually Ware, if they’re a bit Thicker in the Winter, not just Insulating Your Legs better, but with ANY wind blowing, Breaking the Wind

not allowing it to Affect Your body – that’s the key…


  1. You can Eventually wear Another set of Pants under your Top ones. Ski-pants or Long-John’s would help with Insulating. But you can also Dress in a pair of Slacks, Sweatpants. When doing this, you can pull your Socks OVER the Slacks or Sweats – this will keep them from Pulling Up. Also good to Insolate your Feet and Legs.


  1. THIS one will Not be as easy. If you wear Shoes or Boots, whichever You can Find which will work with Your Wardrobe… If they’re Water-resistant or Waterproof – it will mean that Little or No heat escapes from your feet.


There are various Places on our Bodies where Heat disappear, if you can Do All

You can to Prevent this, Your body will keep much warmer.

Your FEET is a big place where Your body Looses Heat from and thus, TWO pairs of Socks and Possibly the Boots – Shoes which will keep the Heat in.


Doing this ONLY almost will keep You much warmer than You might Imagine.

Our Heads, there’s a great deal of Heat disappearing from our Heads.

If you’re NOT able to do much here, then Concentrate on the rest of your Clothes – compensate for what You can do.


The MORE motion You’ve got in Your Arms,

This Also help with Generating Heat, it will get your Chest muscles working and

Make Your body burn more Energy.


You also need to keep Your Vitamins Intake up to date.

Even if You’re keeping Yourself warm and so,

Keeping Healthy is also a Big Must during the Winter.


Eating the Orange Fruit,

Not just getting the Juice is as Important as getting the Vitamin-C.


Then as well,

The Dryer You can keep Yourself,

The better that’ll Turn out for you.


As much as You’d like to Insolate Your Feet,

If they do get Wet or Cold,

You’d easily feel this Effect on the REST of Your Body…


When You’ve Dressed Yourself warmly and get TOO Active,

Be careful NOT to take Off too much Clothes.

If you’ve got a Jacket On, Just unzip it and Allow Your Body to Cool down on its Own.

If You change the Temperature difference Too fast,

This can lead You to become Ill – Sick.


The MOMENT You feel that MOSTLY Your Lower back become Damp,

That’s a Sign for You do slow-down and Relax some,

This is a Very Good Indication that Your TOO warm and if You now Chance something TOO fast,

Well, You know…


Any Sweating, Anywhere over Your body is a Very Good indication of Over-Heating and as I mentioned,

In most Instances this isn’t THAT good.

You will Become Irritated and Undress.

It’ll Cause You to Cool down TOO fast and You’d feel a

WET-Cold which is the Actual Beginning of Trouble for you.


Thus, You should Understand,

Regulating Your Temperature is as Important as it is for You

NOT to be TOO Cold as well.


There could be Other things which Cold work for You.

Take a Moment and Consider them.

You might come up with Better Ideas than I have.


Keep Yourself Safe, WARM and Healthy…

Ice, ICEBERGS, Ice-sheets…


Ice, ICEBERGS, ice-sheets…


You’ve got that party which more than a few People would attend.

You’ve got that Barbecue (Braai) next to the pool.

You’ve got the Final of that Sports Event you’re Absolutely Hooked on…


In all of these, we need ICE for the Cool drinks OR Mixes for various Alcoholic Beverages which most of Everyone enjoy.

It doesn’t really Matter which it would be, we Need ICE to cool all of it down,

ESPECIALLY on that Warm Weekend Afternoon!


So Either you make your Own ICE with a Machine – meaning You have a Specific machine which Makes ICE or you could always go BUY the Ice in bags from either the Filling Station OR there could be Shops which Supply it…


The Fact is, You make a Plan at getting the ICE,

Knowing that the Cool Drinks and Such would be Cold if they’re not placed into

Cooler bags which Your Guests would probably bring along.


H²O have Three Stages.

Namely, Water as a liquid, then Water as a Vapor (burning HOT) and lastly Water in a Crystal form,

Which is ICE – which we ONLY happen at 0º ( C ) Celsius OR 32º ( F ) Fahrenheit.


As your Freezer is Possibly set to a – (Minus) Temperature and thus it’s good to Know, Water freezes at 0º C at normal pressure.

That said if the Water itself isn’t Disturbed OR if there are ANY Impurities in the water itself…


There’s a Great Debate on Just how Long it would be for Water at Room Temperature to Freeze into it’s Crystal Form.

So here’s some kind of Estimate – Depending on the Volume of the liquid, Seeing that we’re using Water then you can Look between 15 minutes UP TO 3 hours.


Be SURE not to Freeze any Water in ANYTHING Glass.

Seeing that when Water Freezes, it Expands and thus,

When You use any kind of Glass, the Expanding Water will Crack or even Cause the Glass to Burst!


My Late Father knew how to Freeze a Glass Bottle of Coca-Cola 1.25 Liter…

He’d Obviously timed it and Knew just when to take it OUT of the Freezer when the Carbonated Soda ALMOST became Crystallized.

I can tell you, Drinking that Soda with the Bits of Ice inside it;

VERY-VERY Cool and it was Really Awesome when he did it… Not Breaking the Bottle I might add!


Another aspect of ICE and Water,

At the Polar Icecaps, you find not only the Water but as you might Imagine,

There’s a Great Deal of ICE.


You may know this,

But at Antarctica (South Pole) – the Ice we See above the Waterline is only 10% of what the Image looks like below the waterline.

There’s a MASSIVE amount of Ice out there!


The Arctic Ocean (North Pole) – Freezes over and then parts thereof breaks away. But then I can promise you, it’s as bitterly cold as the Arctic can be.

Without the Proper protective wear, you’d have a Problem!


Another interesting thing I didn’t know,

Mostly the water in Winter Months freezes Mostly from the Bottom of the Stream,

But then the Ice do form on top, it mostly Drops below the waterline and there the rest of the Ice accumulate and steadily the Stream freezes over.


Since after the Maritime Disaster of the Titanic,

16 Nations have been patrolling the North Atlantic and send out information to ships of Icebergs drifting away from the North Pole and the Ice-sheets from Greenland.


These Icebergs have been observed over 2000 miles or (3200 kilometers) away from their Origins.

Water when becoming Frozen, sets out so much that in the right Circumstance, it can actually break metal because it expands…

NO WONDER water is also such a Big Part of Erosion…



A luck-warm or Ambient Temperature Soda CANNOT ever taste Good in the least bit,


Add a bit of ICE to the Mix and You’ve got something to Really Stem that THIRST!