That LINGERING Second.


I once again drove a few places today,

That’d be part of what I do at work,

Yet – I do a lot of things as fast as I can,

Get them Done and Move on to the Next task…


ONE of the routes to another Extension of Our town was Blocked by water filling a Dip underneath a Train bridge.

SO, I drove the long way round and

Stopped at one of the Preferred Supplier of work for us.


At the Intersection,

It’s Underneath a Bridge which the Highway runs underneath,

I had to wait my Turn, getting to the Next road in getting to the two Stops along my way…


The LIGHT changed twice before I got even Close to drive,

WHILE this last change of the Lights,

There was a Puck-up (Bakkie) ahead of me,

The driver COULD easily have made it,

Yet the driver didn’t cross and waited…


Again I waited to see when it was Clear for Us to drive,

The Light from the Other side had changed and jumped back to RED for the Crossing Traffic,

For US, the Arrow would Blink for us to turn onto this + crossing Intersection.


Listening to the Radio and Waiting for my time,

I saw that the Green arrow blinked for the First time.

Being parked Behind the Bakkie,

I was able to see the Other Traffic as well.


The Arrow blinked possibly Three times before the Driver even moved.

Not Me – as soon as I got the Go-ahead,

I would have jumped and got Moving,

Getting done what I need to do!


As I would MOST of the time do as well,

I’d not reach Over the Line,

TRYING to get across the Intersection As fast as Possible,

Jumping the Light as it was…


While I sat in my Car I saw that the Bakkie before me Stood just a SMALL bit past the Leg Post, PILLAR of this bridge above us.

It would have Obscured the Normal Driver who would have patiently Waited for their turn…


Just as the Driver ahead of me started to Move,

I saw from my Position,

An 18-Wheeler Truck – Semi willing and wanting to Catch the Intersection,

Jumping it and trying to get Across without stopping at the RED light!


The Bakkie ahead of me Barely stopped before the Truck ran the Red light!

I didn’t even move in my Car,

Shocked at what I saw and then Realized,

If there was NO ONE ahead of me;

I’d have JUMPED into gear and gotten in the Way of that 18-Wheeler.

It MIGHT have just missed me,

Being Said – If I was able to Stop in time


More Likely,

It would have Caught me on the Nose on the Driver’s Side,

Hitting me all the way up to the End of the Wheel Arch!


If I had driven or moved as Fast as I do most times,

AND with the Support Beam of the Bridge,

Had Just blocked My vision,

I’d have seen the Truck JUST too late a… n… d…

I’d NOT have written this Post.


I can Say without a shadow of a Doubt,

My Angles were working Overtime,

Stopping me just enough for that Truck NOT to have hit my car,

As I might have been Hit on the Driver’s side too Full,

Not getting out of the Car in one piece.


What SHOCKED me even More,

The Speed at which the Truck raced through the Intersection,

That Truck would have taken out Most of anything in its way without TOO much trouble.


Not ONLY was I really happy that I didn’t move when it Could have meant my End,


With So Many people losing their Lives in Road Fatalities,

People in general Drive Really Recklessly.


They would believe themselves,

Such things don’t happen to them,

It ONLY happens to other People…


Being Injured in an Accident is one thing,

Having Others with you in the Car when You cannot do much of Anything isn’t that Nice,

Worried about how they’ll deal with anything which would affect them later one,

Makes you think a great deal!



How would you be able to live with Yourself when You Kill someone,

Driving as this person had done within this Incident…

Having the Unfortunate foresight,

I was VERY-VERY Lucky today,

Willing to Use my Time as best I can;


If and when this same Driver does the same thing Again,

When will it happen that He Might Kill or Maim someone so badly,

They’d Never been the same again…


It’s such an Unfortunate situation that People cannot Care in the least,

Believing such things Will Never happen,

Not to them or Because of them…


Be very Careful and Mindful of those driving around you! ! !


(An actual Aerial view of the very same Bridge…)


An Unwilling Adventure…

An Unwilling Adventure

I had a little BLIMP on my little Horizon.
I had to go visit my Dentist.
Having a tooth-filling that fell out three times just BUGGED the life out of me!
That said, if you leave things be–either you’ll struggle with a much bigger cavity OR you’d loose the tooth all together…
Not that most do not know this, but then the faster you get EVERYTHING done, the better it’ll be!

I visited the Dentist and he looked at the tooth, Opting to fill the cavity for the time until I was able to pop around for an HOUR session!
HOUR session, that meant that it would be pretty intense.

Being as busy at work I had to change the appointment to the next day, but then rocked up to see what the Temporarily CROWN was all about.
I was Early and walked into the procedure room.
The week before, when I wanted to get of the Electrical chair, it wasn’t going too great with me.
This time I wasn’t too sure, but was Hopeful that everything would work and I’d have this problem fixed.

If I wanted to have the right Laboratory CROWN created, it would start to cost in the region of at least R 2,000-00 ($ 185) or more.
Seeing that our Lovely Rand and the Economy isn’t looking too good!
So, this one was much less R 600-00 ($ 55).

I was pretty keen on doing something to change the problem and see if this TEMP would give me the time in getting to the Permanent one.
Up until then I had no idea what they’d do and just how it would work.

At first the Dentist almost wanted to work on the Incorrect tooth,
TELLING me that I’d be wasting my time and money to Crown a good Tooth.
I had to make sure he saw the one I had an ISSUE with and only after that; did we proceed.

Relaxed in the chair, I suddenly saw that he swabbed the gums.
It must have been Alcohol, which Ironically before I stopped there at 10:30–used some Mouth-Wash to get the Coffee smell out of there…
The main ingredient of this EXPENSIVE one would also be ALCOHOL!
It’s % to the volume is very HIGH and it’s the closest I’d get to any Alcohol to my system when I use the Mouth-wash; which BURNS the life out of my mouth!

That said, the man Proceeded to Inject me.
Either he KNOWS what he’s doing or with the Combination of Mouth-wash and the Swab;
I didn’t feel much of the Needle penetrating my gums.
THAT was TWICE that he Emptied a entire Veil into my Gums!

I’ve come to the Conclusion, EITHER he knows how to Inject someone or MOST of the other Dentists used the Swabs and NEVER hit the mark where they’d TRIED to lightly deaden the gums where they’d inject you…
NO idea which one of this would be.

There are a few things I know that most people HATE going to the Dentist and feeling the action of the Local Anesthetics doing their work–that feeling is one of them!
Also the same goes, when your Nerves starts waking-up; That FEELING isn’t one that anyone enjoys.
It’s almost as horrible when a Limb wakes-up from that Needles and Pins feeling as well!

It did take some time for everything to be READY,
But when time came, the Dentist and Assistant got busy really fast!
That said, an HOUR didn’t feel LONG enough for what they had to do.
Looking at the Clock to see if another Client wouldn’t pop around in the mean time as well.

Now then,
The NEXT thing that I KNOW a great many people Hate when you go to the Dentist,
That would be the Dreaded DRILL!
To say the least, I think that they used up ONE of them and had to use THREE different ones in the time I was there to get the work done…

Luckily for me for the Assistant, THIS TIME;
With the Drill more now than before, did the Dentist use water to Cool-Down the Tooth!
Not just that, I could at a point or TWO there smell the Part of the tooth which was still Usable;
That it was getting really HOT–getting the smell of it burning!
Even with the Local Anesthetics, BUT without the water used by the Drill;
ANYONE would feel their tooth getting Blistering hot and burn the life out of your Nerve if there was any part of it still alive!

The Dentist had to create a Landing, the foundation for the TEMP Crown to sit on and with the Cement–to “glue” it in place.
I must say, after a LONG while, feeling the water spray in my face and the smell of the Drilling I found that the TEMP Crown wasn’t pulled off the landing as easily.
HENCE, with the Cement and pressure; I doubt that it’d have an Easy time in falling Off or Out or Giving me any kind of trouble in this regard.

ONE piece of Advice of Caution though,
When they take a TEMP Crown from the Silver Temps which had already been created…
Make as best possibly sure that it’s FLAT and that no part of the TEMP is standing Higher than the rest, as with mine.
NOW, I’ve the inside bite of the TEMP is higher than the outside.
THUS, my teeth are still fighting to see just how they’d be settling in this regard!
Take the time, make sure that it feels correct;
YOU might be walking this way for a year or so…

The same day was my Bosses Birthday and when Everyone saw me,
The could clearly see the reaction my face had had with the Anesthetics,
BUT even more so, what I sounded like while I spoke to anyone.
So much so, the Boss cracked herself on her Birthday–at the sound of my speaking!
That was worth it at least…

At that time and later through the day, the Nerves woke-up steadily.
That as well didn’t feel that Brilliant, seeing that it’s against the Nature of our bodies.
ALTHOUGH, without it, the Pain you’d endure would be even MORE against the Nature of your body…
Endure what you have to, for that Short Period of time;
The Pain it can reduce for the Course of the day or more–
is Priceless!

Small Little Pricks…

Small Little Pricks

You might remember this little line from Ironman 2,

Where the Pain in the Butt Senator had to present some Medals to our Two Hero’s…

It was kinda’ funny…


Now then,

I can remember back in the day when I was still a Little run-a-round,

Not having ANY idea of what life could hold for me.


I was playing with a Rugby ball (Never really played sports at school),

But it was cool, kicking the ball just enough from one side of the Sidewalk

Of the street to the other side – without landing in the Neighbors’ yard across from us.


The street wasn’t busy in the least and this I could do to amuse myself without much of anyone helping me out in the least.

This day I can remember really well.

Seeing this kicking game came to a very Sudden Halt!


Playing this without shoes,

Drop-Kicking the ball,

I had no idea that there was a Buried ROCK just under the surface…


As you can Well Imagine yourself,

My BIG toe made Instant Contact with the Rock.

It didn’t move and I’ve still no idea just how Massive it was!


All I know, it barely protruded past the surface.

It was JUST smiling at me and was VERY happy to see me…


The ball wasn’t kicked…

The ball had time on its own…

The ball was carried Home after the impact…

The ball was NEVER again kicked like that,


Not only the Sudden stop,

The Intense, Unbelievable Pain,


One other thing I could clearly remember–

IF ever I had a full bladder at that moment…

I’d have left a nice little Stream all the way from where I stood STILL for that moment,

To where I got the ball Eventually and,

Slowly hobbled across the Street;

Eventually Getting back home!



Since then I’d been

Pannelbeated a few times.


Each time there was a great deal of Pain,

Only these times I broke something

AND as the image shows;


WHEN falling Off the Racehorse,

That was an Immense Sudden Impact,

Which left me sitting,

Less caring about my Bladder,

The Pain,

The Sudden stop,

The Horse running away from me;


But shock at the size of the Boulders on the Other side of the Fence it was heading to

THROW me over onto…


I don’t know too much about major breaks,

But I’ve heard more often than Not,

When the Cold comes – people how had Legs, Arms and such broken;

They feel the aching in their Bones or Breaks when the Cold gets a hold of them…


That would have been nice…

Every single moment when I work


The muscles in my back works over time;

THUS, if I do not concentrate on it,

Having spasms at Home can easily Happen regularly.


Funny how the Little Places can bite you the worst!


P.S.: Ironically, I just wonder how Sensitive the Metal Detectors at the Airports are; ONE day if things goes well, I’ll be waltzing through them – With my Lucky they’d go off and I’d miss the Trip or Flight because No One would believe that I’ve got these 6 & ½ screws in my back…


(HAD broken TWO already, BEEN fixed as well – THAT’s half which remains………………)


That would ONLY be funny the First time, from that POINT forward;

It would be a really Massively Big Irritation!