Winter is Coming; NO – It’s already HERE!


I’ve heard the Phrase,

Winter is Coming… from the TV Series,

Game of Thrones.



This is a Post at what I’ve read on a Site,

A few things WE as a whole can do for Ourselves in building up a Stronger Immune System to tackle the little Viruses which Attack us during the Cold Months of the Year!


That said, no matter what we Most of the time do, it happens that we do Fall Prey to this little virus called the FLUE…

Here are only a few things which Might help you along the way.


Everyone might know this OR You’ll read it here,

BUT – there’s a Lot to be said by what We eat and how it not Only affects us but what It’s got to do with ourselves as Human Beings.


It wouldn’t be a Leap then to Understand and Realize that when I’m mentioning this,

One of the First things I’ll be Mentioning here would be,

Take care of your Diet and the additional Supplements which You consume.

Eat Whole Foods;

From the foods Our Bodies use some of the Following Nutrients:

Vitamins A, C, D, and E – there are Minerals such as Selenium, Zinc and Omega 3s which support your Immune System.

Look to whole foods such as Animal Proteins – if you don’t like this, eat Legumes, Whole Grains, Nuts, and Seeds; with this, you can supplement the Whole Foods with Fruits and Vegetables.

There are Superfoods like; Camu Camu, Reishi mushrooms, and Micro Algae.


In this, you should avoid the following, Seeing they Suppress your Immune system –

Processed Meats, Friend Foods, Soft drinks, Processed Baked Goods or Products with Artificial Sweeteners or Refined Sugars…

We cannot side-step Everything, but keep what you can in Moderation.


What helps a great deal, with the Flue and with your Immune System, that would be Vitamin C.

This would be really good, getting the vitamin from Fruits and Vegetables; which include – Berries, Citrus, Kiwi, Bell peppers and dark green Vegetables.

ONE thing I’d found out over time. As with Oranges – if you either just drink soft drinks with HIGH contents of Vitamin C, what most people don’t take into Consideration;

the Regularity of taking this Supplement is as important as taking it at all.

AND here’s just another idea for you – make SURE to eat the Fruit itself when you’ve got the Chance as the raw material of the Fruit helps your Digestive tract as well…

Good all around!


It’s important to use the Strong and Healthy Herbs and Spices.

When preparing food, take the time in using some of these in your meals;

Onions, Garlic, Black Peppercorn, Cayenne pepper, Allspice, Curry, and Turmeric.

All of them contain nutrients which help Boost your Immune System.


Keeping yourself well hydrated is very good. The water assist in the production of Lymph, which in turn help with White Blood Cells and help out your Immune System Cells as well.

For an extra boost, Use Lemon with your water or in the water some Vitamin C additive.


Our bodies need sleep to rejuvenate itself.

Yes, in our busy lives there’s not always the time in Resting and Relaxing as much as we should; YET, the more Regulated your Resting is, the better your Body would deal with any Potential Viruses AND with Stress being such a High Factor in our lives – Rest is Far More important today that we think!


A great deal of our Immune System and response, fighting against Foreign infections takes place from the GUT.

THUS, our Digestive tract is very important. That’s a very good reason to keeping the Good Bacteria where they need to be. If you have to, add some Probiotics as well, found in Whole and Fermented foods –

Raw sauerkraut, Miso, Yogurt, Kefir, Kimchi, and Microalgae.

Always consider the Supplements to take, making sure of their quality and positive impact on your Health.


I’ve got you a CATCH 22 situation for you as well.

You KNOW when the Doctor Prescribe you a Treatment of Antibiotics when there’s an Infection which your body is struggling to Beat…

Just remember that the Antibiotics, helping your body out – It also attack the Good Bacteria inside your body as well.

At all times See what is the best for you AND consult with either Your Doctor and or Chemist when they issue you some Medicine.

Find it there’s something better you can take, not creating more Damage than being good…


If and when You do get the chance, Keep yourself not Only Physically busy but make sure that You’d break a sweat.

Exercise if good for the body and help increase our Immune Functions, it also Improves the Quality of your sleep and make your body Stronger.

So, do a bit more than normal – don’t OVER do it either… Everything in moderation!


Getting some time in the SUN, which in turn would mean that you’re getting some Vitamin D is a really good Idea.

With this in mind, having some FUN in the Sun sounds as good,

Which in turn would help with Your relaxation and enjoyment of your time.

Allowing the Endorphins to run Wild in your body,

Generally making a Good Positive impact on you…


BUT most of all,

With everything I’ve mentioned here,

Taking care of yourself and then Your Loved ones,

That’s the Most Promising of all…

Bugs, Viruses, Illness, Flue, Feeling Sick…



            How many of us has gone through some kind of ISSUE such as this in the past few weeks or if you’re VERY Unlucky, months?

With the change of the seasons, getting that Nasty Bugger to come say Hello to you;

That’s just the worst that Can happen to you!


            As of recently I was feeling pretty good and then OUT of the blue, helping my Sis and her Kids;

I got infected by Bronchitis!

Not only that, but included in that was Influenza as well!

THEN as I found out to my AMAZMENT, when it visited a few of the Pharmacies in the area––

My hereditary, inherited, transferred Genetic defect is something that the Pharmacists has



            Well, as you can Imagine anyone would do; you seek the help of the People who knows something more than you.

Trying desperately to understand what it is that you’ve got and DO whatever you can,

Getting better as fast as possible…

            WORK cannot wait and with our Lives being as fast as they are;

If you’re not working in an area of Company which Supplies you with Medical Benefits;

You either pay for that out of your Pocket OR

You work while you Hope you’ll get better Sooner than Later!


            The IRONIC fact is this,

My Sis left her Bug in the Apartment and Even more so Ironic;

Her kids as well as our Mother got bitten by the very same DAMN thing!

Almost like those MOVIES,

Outbreak OR World War Z,

We could trace the Disease to her––Even more than that,

I suspect that if she Concentrated hard enough she could have Figured where she’d gotten it from as well.


            THIS is besides the point,

As we’ve been fighting the same Disease for the past two weeks or so,

Sounding and Feeling really Crappy AND

While I stopped at the Pharmacy,

ONE thing Dawned on me––

The people there Gave me Just something Good enough do Dull the Symptoms

Of what had Attacked my body by then.

            THIS you should Understand, by the time You FEEL Ill;

You’re body is Already fighting the Infection and ONLY when you Feel bad,

Does your body need Assistance!


            THUS, the medication they gave me were ONLY the things they were ALLOWED to hand you over the Counter, so that You’d be able to Medicate Yourself!

NOT Even the Strongest in this Regard and thus;

What I was TOLD;

“In a day and a half,” as they’ve found––“you do not feel better, You’ll have to Visit a Doctor (Paying Him a Consultation Fee) so that he can Prescribe you Antibiotics…”

            This would Probably be Bought from THEM,

And so, when you do get the Medication just Dulling your Senses, you’ll HAVE to visit the Doctor and at the END of the Day;

The Kick-back ISSUE comes into play… so that THEY,

Everyone in the Cycle gets part of the Money going around while this OUT-BREAK

As I was told,

            Generate not only Money for the GP,

But as well, the Money gets Generated for the Pharmacy as well!


            HOW can this Not be working in the same way in other Fields as well;

But then,

MEDICINE and GP Fees are really Expensive––

Even if you’ve got a Medical Aid,

Seeing at my Previous-Previous work I did have one;

            Having Kids and a Wife;

WHICH I don’t, then your Funds can run-out very Fast!



So I got a Influenza Cocktail, with a Low-level Antibiotics…

TO say the least,

It was from a Private Pharmacy;


Those Pharmacies which Cater for Major Chain-Stores;


To really help Private Patients,


The Kick-back action cannot Generate the Money!!!


            Now then, with the Medication which ONLY dulled the Senses &

The INFLUENZA Cocktail and the Low-Level Antibiotics;

Actually helped a Greater Deal than I’d thought!

            Not only that,

I actually found from my Sis that she had,

Bronchitis and not Influenza;

BUT found that the Two really walked HAND-in-HAND,

So the combination did work after all!


            NOW coming back the,

My hereditary, inherited, transferred Genetic defect…

THIS one that Pharmacists had NEVER heard of before…

            I have the HAPPY situation that at times,

Especially when the Sinus Drip WANNA ruin my days;

Irritate my UVULA (kleintongetjie) and the Surrounding Soft Palate.

That makes the Uvula Decides to come down and have a Little Chat with my Tong!

            I can ASSURE you, when this happens;

After a day for being PULLED while you Eat, Drink and Talk;

The Tension in your Throat becomes Extremely Sore and I very fast Try to Figure out;

What is suddenly going on…!

            That said;

With the Influenza and the Bronchitis,

I STILL have the inflamed Uvula that isn’t reacting to its NORMAL Cure––

            Placing a Teaspoon Full of SALT on it,

Pressing in onto the Soft Palate,

Forcing it to Soak-UP as much of the SALT as possible!

            The SAME issue happens when you get something HOT or Burning into your Nostrils,

If there’s Food up there that you Sneezed or something…

That Burning sensation;

With the SALT,

The reaction must be to Probably get the little Muscles to React to the Salt;

As it had done with the constant Sinus Drip

AND mostly it does help…

After Burning the… Out of me Palate AND being SO DAMN Salty that I Cough and

SPIT salt for the next Five minutes!


            Asking the Specific few Pharmacists;

JUST got One of them looking at me,

Shaking his Head;

Realizing that there was indeed An ALIEN standing before him!

            The other… Just smiled and Barely Recalled about an OLD remedy,

Red Pepper…

If that is being made still,



            But then,

As SOON as I get the rest under control,

Then this HANGING Uvula has to be dealt with as well…

Salt or NO Salt,

It’s an Indication that my Immune System has been Compromised!


            But then the QUESTION,

How often do the People in the KNOW really want to help you,

Or are they willing to let you be,

Using the Cheaper Generic Medication,

When they KNOW for a Fact if you Paid a little more,

There’s something that REALLY may work for you…



Yet, this is the world of Finances we’re Living in…

Just SEE who is there,

Willing to Truly HELP You,

Getting past what is Bugging you!


Best of Luck!