I must admit that I’ve seen this a few times – various places all over…

But the other day Waiting to unlock for Work,

I saw something that once more Pulled the Dread through my Heart.


I can suspect that in All aspects of our Society there are Idiots and Morons,

People who behave as they do,

Believing that They’ve got some Profound Right to treat other’s Horrible!


No, nothing happened to me in this instance,

But while I looked at this happening and Can recall at Other instances where I’d seen something Similar to this,
I once again Realized something here are well.


MOST People’s Fear of the Unknown, dictate a Great Deal of their Actions!


So here it is, and I can tell you that it’s None Specific to Race either.

Yet, as I sat in my Car – waiting for time to Pass me by AND the other Part of the Day to start,

I saw an Older Black man, standing against the Curb, waiting to see if the Road is Clear and safe enough to cross it.


Then I saw a Black Taxi Driver coming past him,

Not in the least worried, passing the Older man too Close,

BUT – while he came up to the man;

Continuously blowing the Taxi’s horn while he came at the man and well past him.


Having an Infinite LOVE for the Fringe Series,

IN this Series Doctor Walter Bishop was placed in a Psychiatric Hospital for the Character’s Background…

BUT seeing more than One film where a Character is in some kind of Trouble in this Regard,

You can well Imagine yourself just How Horrible such a Life can be!


I cannot say that the Old man who crossed the Road as fast as he Humanly could,

Was or Should be in an Institute – but he Did look like he was Living on the Streets,

As well as the fact that I could see there was something amiss with the Poor man physical condition – making Crossing the road so Much More Dangerous to him!


ON ONE can ever just say that Me, You, They might be Responsible for This kind of Disease – they could have taken Something OR their Bodies just react in a Specific way somewhere down the Line and Life just kick you in the Groin!



Excluding what happened to this man,

Leaving him in the Position he’s in at the Moment;

What caught My eye and mind, thoughts –

The Actual Action I’ve seen taken against People like him…


I can say that I’ve seen White Men in general who had Behaved like this as well,

ESPECIALLY when they’d have something to drink;

Allowing their Inhibitions to leave them and DO what they actually Want to do,

In this case – Especially when they’re in a Group… Doing the Same thing as well,

Harassing someone who should receive our help!


Hence the Idea that What we Don’t understand,

Scares the Living Daylights out of us!


I can Imagine myself that Most General People would be Fearful,

Having worked at the Correctional Services with one Man who didn’t have the Ability at controlling his Own Outbursts, when he got Really Upset or Drunk –

In my Mind’s Eye, I can Clearly see how he’d behaved that Early Evening when the Member in Charge of the Shift confronted him,

Why he arrived Drunk at work…


In this case, the Alcohol numbed his reaction to those around him.

Yet, there was something off about this man and

Here’s the Rub – he would Physically Assault anyone who, In his Mind, was a Threat to him!

YET, in all his actions he was already Perceived as a Threat to everyone around him,

When he acted as he did.


THUS, there are instances where things goes Really bonkers and I can imagine myself as well – if you’re not Trained at dealing with Special Needs People,

It would Upset and Scare Most People around unstable people.


While I was Watching this Older man Crossing the Street,

I also could see that he wasn’t Angry in the least – He might not have Registered how the Other man had behaved toward him OR

It so Regularly happens, it’s like Water of a Duck’s Back and he just goes on.


I saw that with his Physical Impairment, he clothes also spoke of a Very Hard and Difficult life he’d been living so far…

With his Age and Possibly NOT getting the Correct or Necessary Medical Assistance,

Over time something which had broken, maybe healed incorrectly;

It looked Almost Impossible that he would Receive the Correct help along the way.


Mentioning all of this,

I suspect that the Man for the most part of his Day and Possibly Life,

Is content at Living a Life where a Little Help here and there would be Nice –

BUT mostly, not being Harassed as Often as it might happen,

Would be Infinitely Better!


Remembering the One lady from when I was in Primary School,

Everyone called her “Mal Martha”

And this I can Promise you – at the Age we were then,

13 and less, when ANY woman screams at you on your way Home from School

Looking as terrible as she did;

You crossed the Road,

Especially when Even the Adults didn’t take any Action against her Rantings…



There’s So much we can Most of the time do in Helping Someone who Might not want the Help these Days,


What is a Definite Possibility,

How we Behave towards those How might Not be able to Help themselves,

That we can Do for sure!


Jumping out and Fighting with that Driver or even Those Drunk men might not be a Good idea in the least,

BUT – showing that Person some kind of Kindness Might BLOW their Mind or just Show them that the World at Large don’t want them Gone,

Even if there are some Asses out there,

We can choose to do something more,

Helping where we can…


Seeing that No One ever can Know when Something as Terrible MIGHT happen to anyone of us?!

The CONTINUATION of Human(ASS)ness…


I’ve come to realize with the Number of Clients, either I’ve worked with

OR seen OR hear about,

That there’s just that Situation which You’d read between the lines when You least expect to see it.


You might have Endured this when You’ve been a Client of someplace as well,

Things we WANT to do and GET done as fast as Possible,

But the Fact of the matter is this –

No matter how much we want sometimes;

Want to Force something to Happen or be dealt with for Us, it takes its own time!


YES, I know I’ve been in the Position myself where I waited to see what will be;

BUT here’s the Rub,

As much as You, Me, We want the Problem dealt with;

Everyone also Expect that issue to be Dealt with Correctly and NOT to have any Issues about it when the POWERS that Be, had done what they Had to,

Sorting out Issues for us…


Either YOU have done this OR

You might have Heard someone Getting upset with the Problem at hand,

KNOWING or Seeing that there’s actual Progress,

BUT – there’s another Side to this,

When even the People set out to help you – get Hampered in doing what they Can in helping you…


I’m not saying that We should Relax,

But I’ve seen that sometimes Clients and People, in general, can Really go Overboard,

SUSPECTING that when they Threaten You or the Company,

They’d get things done Faster,

That may not Always be the Case.


The ONE thing most Clients don’t Understand,

They’re also Speaking with another Person,

WHO most of the Time, really want to Solve this Issue.

Yet, they MIGHT not be in the Exact position to Manage all of it,

Doing just that…


THUS, it’s so Interesting to See people going to that Excessive Over-reach,

To the Point when they find that there’s OTHER issues or Parts solving their Problem; out of Everyone’s Control.


When this Client or Person, Understandably had Reached the End of their Rope,

Client Service might not be able to Immediately solve the Problem and had been Communicated back and forth,

You find that there’s just THINGS out of Our Control,

You Sometimes would see these People – Wanting to Change the World


Make those Ready and Willing to help them, KNOW they can Do more than they really can,

FIND it far more Disconcerting that finally things just Turns out of Everyone’s Control.


You, I, We know there’s People most of the times Willing and Wanting to help,

But when You’re in the Position you See the final Reaction from these Clients;

Realizing that If they do not allow the Time to Pass,

So they could be Helped and Assisted –

There would be Nothing more to Force.


I’ve Felt really Irritated with Companies and Places seaming

UNWILLING to help Me,

But the Fact of the Matter is this – when We blow-up at Someone,

Just doing their Jobs, that Person needs to Absorb our Irritation and

IF ever you’re NOT in the Position to really have to Suck it all up;

You’d NEVER know just how Continually Irrigating and Terrible that can be!


This is a Lesson as much for Me as it could be for Joe Public,

ESPECIALLY when we Don’t See ourselves going on like this –

If you Could EVER stand Neutral, Looking at How you Behaved when going OFF at someone Willing and Able to assist you –

How would we React any Different seeing ourselves from Another’s Eyes?


IF ever someone was to Jump at their Own Family or Children in this way,

I wonder how Often would we get Out of Line when Speaking to that Company’s Assistant,

Who really want to help Us out with our Grievance…

Would most People Jump at the same Person in the same way,

If they weren’t really Unrelated to us…


A little Humanity could go so much further,

Stopping to think about it…

Treat Others the way You’d like to be treated –

That said if they are Willing and Able to Help you.


The Other side of this Coin, when they DON’T want to help…

That’s for the next time, possibly…

The Denominator of COMMON-Sense!


All of us have THAT Friend or even a Family Member,

They Most of the time Believe that they’re doing the Right thing


Their Ideas and Thoughts on a Specific subject is Correct…


For THEM at the time, that may be Right;

But here’s the RUB,

Just When or How many OTHERS in whichever Diversity in Their Lives must see that they’re NOT as Correct as they Believe themselves to be,

Before the Reality should hit Home – opening their Eye to this fact?



We don’t want to Beat Down on the Ones we Care for,

BUT – You don’t want them falling down the Rabbit Hole either,

Shattering at the Bottom!


Where is, and Where do you Actually find that THIN Line

Between Helping and Becoming a Broken Gramophone Turner,

Trying Your best at Helping THEM – Especially when they believe they don’t need it!


ALTHOUGH you believe that They might have the Issue or Problem,

But this Table could and or would be Turned on you,

Seeing that You’re trying to Help them see that there’s Something A-Miss with the Current Situation – Which could Easily be Pointed out to You;

Which would be that You’ve got an Issue with their Choices.

AS I said; when would the Table the turned on You?


Then the OTHER Million Dollar Question,

Just how long should we Pursue this Issue or Problem they may have,

Doing our Best at not ONLY to support them,

But in doing so – Trying our Level Best at Helping them when we AND

others see they’re Wasting their Time, Energy and possibly Money on something

Lost to their Insight…


We can very easily See and Name so many Hap-hazardous Issue and Problems

Which could Affect anyone around us,

It’s not Naming them, even Seeing them –

The Question is this;

When does Our insistence at Helping them Become the Very same as the Issue we’re seeing in Their Lives?

When does Too much Interference in Their Lives become an Issue and a Problem as well?


You, Me, We all have had Issues and Problems to deal with;

If you do NOT work through these in Your Life –

Just how would you Gain Insights, Wisdom, and Understanding.


When someone SEE these and they are Unwilling to Learn from what they should KNOW isn’t a Positive in their Lives,

Just how LONG should you Try and help them Seeing the Light of day?


Then the last Thought on this,

When do you See that Your Continuance of Chipping away at the Block,

Which could be their Insistent Pig-Headedness –

When does this “Possible” lost cause,

Become Your OWN Issue that you cannot allow them to Learn


Crash and Burn to Learn,

Becomes Your Own Issue you cannot let be?


When does Retreating, become a Viable aspect of Survival for Your own Sanity, An Option which You should Consider,

Seeing that Either you’re wasting your Time and Energy and Life

On this Person you want, need or should Help –

BUT in the End, they could Easily Drag you down as well?


Most of us can ONLY try our very best,

But at the End of the day,

We should allow them To Fall to Grow,

Seeing the Light of FIGHT to reach the End of that Possible Dark Tunnel –


Just remember, the Tunnel THEY may be Seeing isn’t that Dark as You suspect or See or Feel it is,

Pulling them from there,

That could Spiral them into something even Worse than where they’d been…


THUS, the Question,

When is Too Much… TOO MUCH?

The USABLE Samaritan.



On Most Saturdays, I usually go to the Store and buy what either I’d need for the Week to come OR hopefully what I’d be using for the rest of the Month.


I suspect that Many of Us do this either Weekly and / or if you do Buy your Groceries for the Month then you spend ONE day or Session spending inside one of the Many Supermarkets.


Why this Post or Idea got Glued in my Mind,

I was once again walking up and down a Different shop on this Saturday and before I knew it,

Walking around to see NOT to miss what I want to buy – I was Approached by someone…


THIS wasn’t that Kind of Trouble,

BUT as you might suspect,

This wasn’t that NICE either!


This man, like so many Others,

The way they Approach you, you can See them Coming with an Idea,

Which at this Moment, was to help this man.


I was pretty Relaxed and didn’t mind what was Really going on around me – LOOKING for the items which I needed…

THUS, when He approached me, the first thing that I saw was the Things in his hands.


Firstly he told me he wasn’t looking for a Hand-out,

Rather – he was Starting work soon and needed some help in Buying these things.

One Loaf of White Bread, One bottle of Two Liter Milk and 18 Eggs.


I must say that this IF he wasn’t Lying through his Teeth was a little better to do for me, Knowing that Very few people if they are Honest,

Would do TOO much with the Items he had there with him.


Beyond that,

If he was just Using me and Buying this for someone else,

Getting the Monies from them – That would be His issue and problem,

If and when he was doing this…


Unfortunately as is my Nature,

I’m REALLY-really curious and Sum-up people pretty fast,

So, I saw a 50-50 Percent chance for him to Play me a Fool.


He was clothed normally – not sure what that would be his Attire,

I could SEE that there were Tattoos hidden under the sleeve of his T-Shirt,

But mostly he did look clean – someone who could be telling the Truth.


I had Nothing to Lose and was Willing to accept that he Genuinely needed the help AND would use it as Intended by him.

I did FORGET with this to Buy Milk for myself;

Seeing that after ONE of my Operations, I’d become Allergic to some Extent to Coffee Creamer and had to change back to Milk.

Not that I drink THAT much in my Coffee… Yet, I did forget to buy it!


On the Sunday after this Episode above,

When I stopped by my Sister,

I did buy Milk and something else – Cannot remember what it was.


When I did Exit the Parking area of the Shopping Centre,

I AGAIN saw another Person at the T-Junction before Turning into another Street,

AND here again, this Poor Lady also wanted some Help and or Donations for herself and her Children…


I must say that MANY a Times I’ve come across people

WHOM needed or wanted Help or Monies –

Never knowing what they Really need or want.


We’ve Seen all over, some of these People NOT using the handouts for something Good and doesn’t care what they Look like and how they Present themselves to the people Wanting to help them.

THUS, We’ve become REALLY weary to Some of the People asking for the Hand-outs.


THIS to such an Extent, You cannot Know which of the People really needs this Help if AND when you can do so.

BUT most of all, You don’t want to keep on feeling at the end of the day as if So Many of the People asks for something – also is willing to Use you…


Another Problem exists here,

I cannot say it’s so Immediate – but if you were to Hand out what They’d like to receive,

Just how long would it take for You to have to ask someone else for help in the very same way?


I’m NOT Arguing the Fact that there are Some People who really Need that help,

I’ve got this from First Hand Knowledge;

Having Driven with my Second Oldest Sister;

Dropping off an Older Man at a House for Helping Homeless People,

If I can remember correctly – Within a Week after dropping the Man there, he was out and Once more back from where we’d picked him up, so Others could help him further.


IF you Don’t want the Help,

No matter Who you are or What Help you need,

If you don’t want to Help or Change your Own life –

There’s Absolutely Nothing anyone can do for you…


All we can do if our best, Making sure You do what you can for Your own Family and those around you who Also may need the help,

Beyond that – when you can, Do what you can for That person you May be able to help…

The HU-MANÉ Condition.



This I suppose can be a General Feeling or Idea for almost ANY person out there,

Not that it should be THIS, but then as the Heading states – our Condition…


What do I mean by this Human Condition?

It’s really simple,

If and when, either You help another OR they help You;

Would the Other party Expect something in Return?


It doesn’t matter what we Might think,

If someone goes out of their Way in helping you,

How many times does that Person expect something in Return;

SAYING – more than just a Thank You?


In the World and Times that we Live in,

I can almost say it’s a General Given,

ESPECIALLY when someone does something out of their Normal Routine,

While they’re helping you with Something which You cannot do for yourself,

That person might Expect something more from you in due time,

Than just the Normal Thanks…


You, I, We might not consider this in the Same way,

But then,

When last did You step-out and Assisted someone you know,

Doing something MORE than what you normally would do?


Would a Normal kind of Thanks be sufficient?

AND the reason I mention this,

We should, if it’s possible, Help another if and when we can –

Especially when it’s No Skin off Your Back,

Doing it with No Expectations as well…


YES, we’re not Entirely built like that,

We don’t Live like that

AND our Lives do not work in that way anymore.


YET, what is the Alternative,

We simply do not help another when we Can,

Suspecting that they’d not Return the Favor.


Have you even thought about it,

What if they Cannot just do that

AND what if this is something that Haunts them?


Yes, it could be Easy if they don’t Care,

But if we ONLY do something for someone,

Expecting something Back and You lose out on that,

Would that Eat away at you – to the Point that You’d like to take it OUT on them, when You do see this person again?


That’ll ONLY make the Situation much harder than it is.

KNOWING there are those People able and willing to abuse your help,

NOT what I’m talking about here.



If we help another, NOT risking something from Your side as much,

What is the Harm in Assisting another,

NOT saying You’ll receive a THING in return –

If done in this way,

If you don’t Expect something back,

What would it matter if you did Help that person?


It makes me Think of that Song,

Money for Nothing…

I believe what You send out in the World, Life, Universe OR whichever You feel comfortable with;

If and when YOU need that help,

It’ll come back to You when You need it the Most.


The Question remains,

Are you Willing to help another out,

Without Ever getting something in Return


Will you be okay with Just helping and seeing at the time,

Just how much it Meant to that person?


An interesting thought I might say.

The Politeness within the REFUSAL…


It was a while back that I’d witnessed this situation,

It was to some Extent very Uncomfortable,

But then, I did think about the Other Point of View to understand what I witnessed.


There’s a VERY Big difference between Helping someone whom you Know needs it, AND being used for your kindness, those ones who are More than willing to Use You!


So Now,

The Actual Idea that started to intrigue me, is something Entirely different…


Have you Ever encountered that situation;

You Politely asked someone,

A Friend

A Family-member

A Colleague

An Acquaintance

For something that you needed or for assistance?

You knew they would be able to Help you out…


I suspect this isn’t as Far Fetched for any one-of-us to imagine or to remember.


What if that Person you so politely asked,

Just as Politely refused to help or assist you?


FIRSTLY, You didn’t expect something like this to Happen!

NOR did you ever think that this person would so Blatantly Refuse Your request,

For them to Assist You or Help out in whichever way.


This could happen At First Request

Much later when You’ve asked a Few times down the Line –

AND Yes,

As you suspected this is the IDEA which intrigued my



Strange mind…


HOW would YOU react WHEN someone CATCHES you OFFGUARD with SUCH a REFUSAL…


Everyone has got the Right to Say No,

But then, have You ever thought about the After-Effects of such an Action.



You’ll ONLY know how someone’s life is Turning out,

When you walk the Proverbial Mile in their shoes,

But then – there’s also that Humane thing in doing,

Helping out Where you really Can and where you’re really Able to.


I suspect that there’s also People out there,

With such Personalities who wouldn’t Care about this in the Least bit,

But – those of us, Mere Mortals who can see the




Unfortunate Lives which some People may live,

For US it’s Worth the Effort to HELP those who Need it.


NOT to Say,

You should expect help in Return,

But that’s also the Kind of Humanity we should Strive for.


You help Me when I’m in dire straits,

When I’m on the Up,

You ask – then I’m able to Support You and do what I can,

So you can help yourself out…



This was the Strangeness in my Mind,

What if that Person did say NO,


Without any Thought or regard For You, and didn’t care what the Situation was.


How Terribly Awkward would such a Situation be for you,


Anyone else for that matter?



The ONE thing I’ve Learned and Saw over Many years,

You might have Thought that Children and Kids in General are

Rude, Terrible and Mean when they are speaking some kind of Truth…

When Grown-Ups believe they are Allowed to speak THEIR truth of the Matter,

Just how BAD could that turn out for that Poor Soul who didn’t expect such Insult to their Person or Ignorance for their situation when merely asking for help?



Asking for Help when

You Can help out

That person Asking

It’s NEVER Ever easy to do that on a Regular basis OR at All!

This isn’t the People wanting to USE you,

But those who Dearly Need Your Help for a Short duration of time…


Just TRY to walk that MILE in their Shoes.

Hoops & MORE…


I seriously didn’t know what would be MORE interesting, to have a say about, this week.

That was UNTIL I’d opened up the Package and looked inside,

What I’d BOUGHT today.

I had wrote about My ideas or thoughts to Aspects of Client Services…


What does Happen when that proverbial SHOE is on Your foot?

That’s a Pretty different situation.

ALTHOUGH this, it’s a Horrible situation to be in at TIMES!

I bought a Vacuum cleaner. Each time Either I forget where I’d put the SLIP,

For the Guarantee OR with my Luck some days,

The Damn thing seizes just after the Warranty had run out…

Needless to say,

I’d bought one Yesterday.

THIS time I choose to go with a Brand name,

Believing that I was buying something Good and worth the Price.

THIS I have to tell you as well,

NO Matter if you do by a Brand Product,

The MOMENT that the Product is Run through the Production-Line;


Are at fault with the idea of Mass Production…

When you Do find a Defect, Remember there are Others as well who want the Product Faster and in Our hands as soon as possible.

THIS, THIS isn’t the best Policy to have the BEST Product available out there…

Just Some Times this Policy CANNOT Ever be Side-Stepped and we do Tend to have

Brilliant Products and Good Quality.

Now this Purchase of Mine wasn’t Anything like a Factory Fault,

I had not even switched it on,

BUT as in the Picture if you Look at it,

You’d see that there’s actually Dust inside the Box.

NOW THEN, if there’s Dust inside the Box, what could the Chances be that ANYTHING else could not go Astray…?

It MIGHT not even, I do know and Understand that.

BUT, what Exactly do the guys of Quality Control LOOK at when a box passes them by,

WHICH might have been Used in Vacuuming…

FAT Chance, but I’d rather NOT take that one.

I will however Exchange the Unit and HOPE that the Next one will be better.

NOT to say it would be;

So here Comes the Kicker!

When you DO have a Legitimate claim why they Need to help you,

Can you Remember the Last time you did hand something Back to them.

I GET that they need to see if there’s something Wrong


Knowing that there are THOSE out there,

Who would Lie and Cheat the System,

BUT there are More out there, Genuine Clients who are Honest…

AND even So,

At the end of the day,

This doesn’t Matter to the System, Seeing that ONLY after the Product had been Tested and it’s been at least Six Weeks or so,

Would “THEY” tell you what they’d found…

The WORST part of this,

They’d TRY and fix it,

Which I get as well;

ONLY, you’ll have to Return it at least Twice more,

The LAST time Kick up a Fuss for them to Really believe you Don’t care anymore.

The Idea is this,

Not Everyone wants the Products so Fast to the Hand.

Rather take the time In making it better


Learn the Wisdom at having Patience,

Valuing it more when You do eventually Receive it…

The Best advice,

When You do have to hand something Back-In,

Those people who are out there,

Trying to help you,

They’re just trying to help,

If you help them, being just Polite enough,

They MAY shock you,

When they’re actually Willing to Help you deal with this Issue…

Very Hard I know,

Seeing that I’ve not YET so far have Exchanged the Unit I had bought Yesterday,

While I finished this sentence…

Good Luck To Me As Well!