The GIRLS from a Life Past.


THIS, remind me of the two Films –

The Ghosts of Christmas (Charles Dickens)


Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (Matthew McConaughey)

Had me in some kind of a Similar position.


Ironically at that,

There are Two women by now that I’ve seen if you can say that,

At an interval far too close, making me believe this isn’t such a Coincidence,

For me NOT to wonder about this.


Listening on the Radio sometime before this started,

The Presenter asked about someone they’d known OR anyone the listeners knew,

Having not seen them in such a long time.


As curious as I was at this,

I did a Search on Google,

And very Surprised I saw the Results and the Research,

This first woman was Ironically on some Part of Social Media.


The reason I was somewhat shocked,

In the years before, possibly between 8 and 10 so far,

I never suspected Her to care much for opening any such Accounts,

Remembering this is what she told me, as a matter of Fact.


As we Most of the times do,

We get rid of Everything of that Person when we break the Connection

AND this was what I had done as well – this, while we weren’t even Serious in the least.

Still, the basic Idea was the same.


Then, when I ran the Search,

I saw the result and saw a Picture of her of at least Two Years before;

Closer to what she’s looking like now.


This I would say is Mostly also why there are Reunions,

People, in General, want to SEE and or Know what’s more or less been happening with those they’d like to keep tabs on.

For me, seeing this Image and concluding what information I was able to gather from the Two Profiles I had seen – I could make a few conclusions about her.

NOT in the Least bit sure At all how Closer or VERY Far from the truth…


So here comes Yet another Shocking Insight,

No matter HOW much we Hope, Believe and or Think;

That we’re so Brilliant – ONLY when you walk that Mile in Their shoes,

Would you and do you Know what it’s like to be them!


After all of this, there’s NO way that I can Ever believe my Conclusions are Correct no matter how many times in the Past I had been correct with them.

The ONLY thing that I’m 100% sure – her Expression in the Picture was a Sad one,

And this is something I thought would be possible.


Something I dreaded and HOPED would never happen,

But, what we Want for Others doesn’t always happen to them.

A Sad truth of life.


Even if we’re NOT personally involved with Someone We shared some time with,

You still do not Want anything Terrible for them or See that Life did not turn out that Well for them – Seeing that if this was what Happened to them, something You suspected could be,

There’s a Very Good Chance that you’d be in the Same boat with them,

If you’d stuck around…


Now I suspect that Life did Knock her around far more than I wanted.

Yet – You leave when you don’t have any Other Choice AND suspect You could have been Correct seeing them after all of this time had passed by.


Now for the Second of the Ladies,

Seeing her Mother more Often than I want to,

KNOWING this Lady smokes like a Chimney…

Myself Absolutely HATE Cigarette Smoke…


Thus, when I Least expected it,

I saw the Second Woman walking toward me, at the Apartment,

Walking to the Main Large garbage-bin,

Walking down the stairs behind her a bit later,

Either She had picked-up her Mother’s bad Habit of smoking

OR Her mother smokes so Constantly that no one would Survive there!


There’s no Answer to this Conclusion,

Except for the reaction from her,

Not in the least saying I’d have Dated her OR she might have been interested in me,

But the Lack of Communication from her side,

Leaves me to believe that some Ships sail for a Reason.


You, ME, All of Us at some Point Grasp onto the Idea of keeping that Person in our Lives when there’s Possibly NO factual Reason that this would Work out correctly.

Yet – as the saying goes;

If you let them go and they come back to you,

They were Yours to being with…


Just remember to Leave them Be when they Never come back to you.


We as a People don’t like to Lose,

BUT – take this Little Conclusion into account,

If they’re Never supposed to be Yours and You keep on Pushing,

How many Other Chances will then Slip through your Fingers,

Before You could Really find the One who is Really supposed to be Yours?


No matter what the Smart people say,

Letting go of Anyone at any Point in time for Whatever reason that may be,

I suspect it’s NOT in our Human Genetic Code to let Anyone go which You’d connected Deeply with.

Even worse than that – Accepting Life as it comes while we’re getting Over that person,

Living as You do or Have to,

Never such an Easy feat to pull off.


The Silver Lining here,

If you’re Willing and Open,

There will Always be a Chance at another Relationship,

ONE which is Yours to have and One which could Chance your life forever…

Just be Mindful of the Chance which could Present itself.



The Girl in the Pic isn’t one of the Two I wrote about, it Just Looked Nice.




I DON’T believe in New Year’s Resolutions,

I do believe, making your Plans and working toward Your Dreams is a Priority.

YET, there are so Many people who do make them

And Possibly before January is gone, they’d Abandoned the Idea or Forgotten what Resolutions they’d made to Being with.


I cannot tell you just what kind of Time waster this one is,

IF and When you do Stick to them,

That’s all good and well…


Not saying that If and When other people make them,

This isn’t something which does not work out for Other people,

I’m just saying that when the New Year arrives,

Many a Person Hope and Believe this would be the Year or the Moment they’d Reach that Plato for their Plans to Materialize.


Ask yourself this question,

In the Year past,

How many of Your Ideas, Thoughts or Plans had fallen by the Wayside?


Yes, it’s really Good if you do Keep with your New Year’s Resolutions;

Never saying NOT to work at them,

Keeping them alive and Changing your life along the way…


I’m Just saying,

With many of Us, It’s so easy to Dream Big and Never to really work on the Idea and keeping it going Until you actually reach the Actual Goal you’d set for yourself!


It’s Almost like Myself when I’m working on something on the Home Computer,

When I really get into it, with Lovely Cup of Coffee right next to me,

The first few Sips of the Very Hot Coffee is really nice.

But the Busier we get, the MORE life holds us by the Hand,

The less we concentrate on our Plans and Dreams,

Like me – when I finish saying with ONE page of Literature,

When I turn back to the Lovely Coffee…

I have to Reheat it, seeing it went Cold.

LIFE regularly get in the way of Our Plans!


If our lives,

Reheating that Idea, Plan or our Dreams we had such High hopes for in the beginning of the Year, that turns out to be really difficult.


Here’s another idea,

Take the First of the Ideas you did have as far back as you can Remember,

Think about it for a bit and See if this was only Done, having Something to say when People

around you ASKED what you’re Aiming at or Working toward…


Think about this Idea, Plan or Dream;

Is it really Attainable and if not,

Was it something of a Comfort in Choosing this,

Seeing You’d never Succeed in it?



If you’re Honest with yourself,

What is there that You’ve Always been Wondering about and

In the back of your Mind had always been Secretly Planning,

Seeing if ONE day you could Set this Idea Alight?


It just needs to be ONE idea, thought or plan you have,

Even if it’s so Old and Dusty,

As long as you Remember to keep it Alive,

Then you’ve got a Reference Point a Target which You can Aim at.


Life isn’t just a Sprint,

It’s a Marathon, for many of us,

Seeing that You’ve got to Work for Long and Harder than You want,

Seeing the Moment you stop, when you do not turn the Corner,

You may lose that chance reaching your Goals.


If and When your Idea, Thought or Plan eventually turns out,

Impossible to succeed –

That is the Moment when we Shift over to Number Two,


You’ve got the Right to leave it all be and just Continue like this forever,


If you’ve got that Fire burning in you, it’s Time to move on to Option Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten…


If the First of Many don’t Pan out,

You’ll need to choose where to go from there.

Hence – New Year’s Resolutions, for That Year Only could work,

But Your Idea, Thoughts or Plans for your Life,

Those are the Difficult ones to Really Reach!


Best of Luck to You!



I must admit that I’ve seen this a few times – various places all over…

But the other day Waiting to unlock for Work,

I saw something that once more Pulled the Dread through my Heart.


I can suspect that in All aspects of our Society there are Idiots and Morons,

People who behave as they do,

Believing that They’ve got some Profound Right to treat other’s Horrible!


No, nothing happened to me in this instance,

But while I looked at this happening and Can recall at Other instances where I’d seen something Similar to this,
I once again Realized something here are well.


MOST People’s Fear of the Unknown, dictate a Great Deal of their Actions!


So here it is, and I can tell you that it’s None Specific to Race either.

Yet, as I sat in my Car – waiting for time to Pass me by AND the other Part of the Day to start,

I saw an Older Black man, standing against the Curb, waiting to see if the Road is Clear and safe enough to cross it.


Then I saw a Black Taxi Driver coming past him,

Not in the least worried, passing the Older man too Close,

BUT – while he came up to the man;

Continuously blowing the Taxi’s horn while he came at the man and well past him.


Having an Infinite LOVE for the Fringe Series,

IN this Series Doctor Walter Bishop was placed in a Psychiatric Hospital for the Character’s Background…

BUT seeing more than One film where a Character is in some kind of Trouble in this Regard,

You can well Imagine yourself just How Horrible such a Life can be!


I cannot say that the Old man who crossed the Road as fast as he Humanly could,

Was or Should be in an Institute – but he Did look like he was Living on the Streets,

As well as the fact that I could see there was something amiss with the Poor man physical condition – making Crossing the road so Much More Dangerous to him!


ON ONE can ever just say that Me, You, They might be Responsible for This kind of Disease – they could have taken Something OR their Bodies just react in a Specific way somewhere down the Line and Life just kick you in the Groin!



Excluding what happened to this man,

Leaving him in the Position he’s in at the Moment;

What caught My eye and mind, thoughts –

The Actual Action I’ve seen taken against People like him…


I can say that I’ve seen White Men in general who had Behaved like this as well,

ESPECIALLY when they’d have something to drink;

Allowing their Inhibitions to leave them and DO what they actually Want to do,

In this case – Especially when they’re in a Group… Doing the Same thing as well,

Harassing someone who should receive our help!


Hence the Idea that What we Don’t understand,

Scares the Living Daylights out of us!


I can Imagine myself that Most General People would be Fearful,

Having worked at the Correctional Services with one Man who didn’t have the Ability at controlling his Own Outbursts, when he got Really Upset or Drunk –

In my Mind’s Eye, I can Clearly see how he’d behaved that Early Evening when the Member in Charge of the Shift confronted him,

Why he arrived Drunk at work…


In this case, the Alcohol numbed his reaction to those around him.

Yet, there was something off about this man and

Here’s the Rub – he would Physically Assault anyone who, In his Mind, was a Threat to him!

YET, in all his actions he was already Perceived as a Threat to everyone around him,

When he acted as he did.


THUS, there are instances where things goes Really bonkers and I can imagine myself as well – if you’re not Trained at dealing with Special Needs People,

It would Upset and Scare Most People around unstable people.


While I was Watching this Older man Crossing the Street,

I also could see that he wasn’t Angry in the least – He might not have Registered how the Other man had behaved toward him OR

It so Regularly happens, it’s like Water of a Duck’s Back and he just goes on.


I saw that with his Physical Impairment, he clothes also spoke of a Very Hard and Difficult life he’d been living so far…

With his Age and Possibly NOT getting the Correct or Necessary Medical Assistance,

Over time something which had broken, maybe healed incorrectly;

It looked Almost Impossible that he would Receive the Correct help along the way.


Mentioning all of this,

I suspect that the Man for the most part of his Day and Possibly Life,

Is content at Living a Life where a Little Help here and there would be Nice –

BUT mostly, not being Harassed as Often as it might happen,

Would be Infinitely Better!


Remembering the One lady from when I was in Primary School,

Everyone called her “Mal Martha”

And this I can Promise you – at the Age we were then,

13 and less, when ANY woman screams at you on your way Home from School

Looking as terrible as she did;

You crossed the Road,

Especially when Even the Adults didn’t take any Action against her Rantings…



There’s So much we can Most of the time do in Helping Someone who Might not want the Help these Days,


What is a Definite Possibility,

How we Behave towards those How might Not be able to Help themselves,

That we can Do for sure!


Jumping out and Fighting with that Driver or even Those Drunk men might not be a Good idea in the least,

BUT – showing that Person some kind of Kindness Might BLOW their Mind or just Show them that the World at Large don’t want them Gone,

Even if there are some Asses out there,

We can choose to do something more,

Helping where we can…


Seeing that No One ever can Know when Something as Terrible MIGHT happen to anyone of us?!

FOUR Points For Change.


Some time ago I joined one of my Sisters,

Attending a Church Sermon.

What I took away from there, is what I’d like to share here.


The invited Speaker that night, having spent some time in the Vicinity;

Dr. Gustav du Toit


The Ironic fact is, most of what he told the Congregation were things (Points) which I’d been working either toward or using as stepping stones in reaching further than where I’m at this very moment.


Thus, this is my little part in helping or supporting or sharing this Insight which I’ve been living; without having put it into Words – STRANGE at that,

Seeing that I’m a writer after all…


To make a Change in Your life, if and when you’d like to do so;

YOU need to be the Person working at it, doing what you can in making this Happen.

There’s no easy fix to this and like Most of the worthwhile things in Life – require hard work!


Within this, there are Four points or steps you can use as Guidelines to make Your plans or Change, work out better for you.

I may not remember them in the Correct sequence, but you need to do more than just Remember them – You need to use these Ideas, if they Can work for you…


Try Something New in Your Life:

This one would walk Hand-in-Hand with fear. As doing something new in your life also constitute taking that Risk of doing something other than what you’re used to OR getting out of your Comfort Zone and doing the hard work at doing something New – as well as dealing with the Positive and Negative Consequences.

Positive consequences – very much so, If and when you do Reach that milestone or whichever plan comes to term; you Could lose yourself and forget where you’d come from.

Anyone can fall prey to such a situation.

But NOT trying is Much Worse!


Never be Fearful at taking a Chance:

No matter what you’d like to do, if You don’t put on the Pants and dress of that Success, No matter what you’re aiming at;

Just who would do that for you?

I cannot Ever promise you that if you do take the Chance, doing something New – that it would work out and You’d have Everything You’d wished for.

That, no one can say. Not even sure if that’s where Your path would lead. But, at least you’re doing something More with your life than just the Normal Mundane Existence…



Never be Fearful of making Mistakes:

Every single Person around you, in your life and who you’d Ever met so far, have all made Mistakes. Got fired, lost a Client or so many other things had happened.

The Question isn’t IF you’d make them, but what would you Learn from your Own Mistakes?

Even MORE so, if you know of Someone who had Reached where they’d Aimed to go to,

What can you Learn from them in Reaching Your new path or dream, laid out for you?

Only when you get up, get Going would you Know and See where this Path of yours would lead to. Then as well, You’d Never Ever know who it is out there, who would One day be Looking at Your Journey and learn from how you did it…

It’s all Relative.


Never Back-Down under Pressure:

This one is also part of the Fearful situation. AND yes, I cannot even Imagine what the next person Might be going through.

Nor would they know what You’d experience and what Trials You’d be going through.

But, if you Do give-up under that Pressure and allow Your fears to dictate what You’d be willing to do, Giving-Up will never allow you to reach your Full Potential.

Pressure, Suffering, Hard Work, being Tested – that’s all the things which happen to Prepare you for what will come After this Test, you may be enduring, going through…

We’re Always confronted with something we can Deal with AND if it does get the Better of you, Learning to Ask for help from those you Can lean on – that’s a Test in humility in itself.


There they are,

The ONLY thing that can help with all of this,

If you are Willing and Ready to help yourself.

Looking to Others for Help can be a Possibility –

The ONLY issue here, if they do Help you and You’re Unwilling to put the Effort in for Your own Life…


Change is Scary,

BUT for me, Not taking that Chance If and When it does arise for you,

THAT the Worse kind of Fear a Person can live with.


Use Your life and talents to do something more,

NOT saying You’d Change the World,

But show the Others, Rest of the People around you –

LIVING is far More Important that just Surviving…

staying there, because of Your Indifference to your own life…


It’s a struggle for each and Every one of us.

Never Ever give up on what is Worth to You!

Stuck on SURVIVE…



How many times did You hear about someone, Possibly, not that Extraordinary;

But you did Hear about that Person who Could easily have been You…

That Person making the Change in their lives and Making their Dreams come true.



Yet another reminder of getting Up and Doing it for yourself,

BUT not entirely the same as some of the others either.


No matter who you are,

No matter what you’re reaching or aiming for,

All of US are in the Very Same boat at One Point or another…


All of us need someone to HELP us getting past the Proverbial DOOR.

You need that Helping Hand to Help you when You need that Extra support,

Getting where the Right people can See what You can do.


The IRONY here is this,

With our Lives being so Fast and Having become so

PROFIT driven; there’s Almost no way that Most people,

Could I say as much – Those who Deserve it,

Have or Accumulate the FUNDS in getting their Dream off the ground!


Your Dream could ONLY be to Own your Home,

Have no Debt and Possibly drive a New Car once in your Lifetime.

You don’t have to Save the World OR even Concur it with Ideas and such.


I’m speaking here in Utter Basic Terms,

When last did you have to Save-Up to do something,

PLAN well ahead of time, Making sure that things would work out?


It really doesn’t matter what You’re looking at,

If and When you don’t have the Funds available,

That’s a very clear Indication of just how much Life had brought us back to Reality,

We’re not Living… as the song states;

We’re stuck on Survive…


It’s not to say that You, Me or Possibly THEY would be Bleed Dry… like that

Good Samaritan…

It’s only to say that with the Current trend of the World,

Money is the Resource why Life goes Around the World these days.


No matter what you do,

If you ask help from someone,

If that help is in any which way Specialized,

That person can ask you that Sum of Monies to do Whatever you need be done,

No matter how much we Hate this idea – but that’s Life at the Moment for Us…


It doesn’t matter How well you Prepare for this,

The day You need to put down the Money,

Where Your mouth is or doing whatever comes to Mind,

That’s the Moment to see if you’d go Further or if You’d shoot Yourself in the

Foot – not having Planned well enough ahead.


There Could be a Person willing to Help you in Whichever way,

There could be a Wealthy Relative able to Foot the Bill,

Which You’re looking at…


What if there’s Neither?


If you’ve got Something to Dream off,

Being Stuck on SURVIVE,

That’s not going to change where You want to go.


I’m not Say it’ll really Help,

But I’m talking from Experience,

When I tell you,

You might not have the Money in doing what You’d like to Reach for,

BUT there’s ONE thing more Important to wrap Yourself around;

If you’re NOT in the correct Mind-Set,

How could you Work toward the Monies that You’ll need?


If you cannot See Yourself moving out of Survival Mode,

ESPECIALLY now, when things are Very Hard,

What will happen the Day when you do Make it,

Whatever that may be,

BUT once more for whatever Reason You’re once more Stuck

In Survival Mode and THUS,

You cannot see your way Clear of getting that Next Better position…


As I said,

For you, it Might not sound like good advice,


Do yourself a Favor – Get your Mind-Set clear and on Track,

Clearly Seeing where You’d like to be,

How the Easiest you can get out of Survival Mode


Then, just then you might See that Chance You might have been

TOO Afraid of taking!


Your Mind is a Very Powerful thing,

DO not Waste Yours!

The FEARFUL Success…



I suspect that I’ve written Quite a bit about Our




And for Us who have them,

Needing to Work as Hard as we can in reaching them.


At times I suspect that I’ve even Sounded like a Pompous A…..

while I sit here before the Screen,

Jotting down all the Ideas and Thoughts running around in my Head.


Well here’s another Aspect on those Thoughts,

I cannot remember within all the Posts I’d accumulated over the Years,

YES – Years, whether if I’ve written something about this before.


The fact is, It is really Important to know and Understand this idea,

Seeing that I’ve come Across this far TOO many times in the past,

Having in some way Experienced it Myself as well.


The First time I heard anything like this,

If I can remember this Correctly,

Was on the Oprah Show when Dr. Phil spoke to someone about it.


You see,

It’s not Enough to have this Hope, Dream or Aspiration for us to Reach it;

You need to KNOW that You’ve been given a Desire which is only Yours to Succeed.


LIKE so many Ideas I’ve had over the years,

Very FEW I missed,

Because when I do have something that Sound Really Cool in my Mind,

I will stand up in the Middle of the Night or Wherever I am,

And I will put it down on Paper.


That Should be Our Passion with which We, YOU, I should be Chasing Our Dreams and Successes!


Now then,

Getting back to the Human side of things,

Looking at the Various People around you, who told you over the Years

That you CANNOT do what You’re dreaming of!



Not even talking about your own Self-Doubt,

But just thosePeople that you have met,

BLOWING them out of the Water with what You’re attempting!


A little reminder in this regard;

One of the girls from Primary School bumped into me


And we spoke a little.


I Thought that she would be Open-Minded,

OR that’s what I suspected or what I might have Remembered from School…

YOU cannot Imagine how fast she made herself Scares when I told her that I was Almost finished with my Way-Back-Then First Book…


Now comes the Question many might ask,

What Gives me the Right to believe that My Ideas are worth any kind of Mention to the World at large?


So that brings me back to the Idea I got from the Oprah show with Phil,

Asking the Artist or Whomever it was that day,

WHO gives Us the Right NOT to do whatever We have to,

To Reach that Star – Aiming for whatever or whoever we should be,

Allowing Ourselves not to take the World in a negative way,

Doing what may be Burning in Our SOULS Year on Year!


I’ve been working on My Screenplay course for the past few Months,

Struggling and Working to not ONLY get the Hang of it,

But Aiming to Rewrite the Screenplay a 6th Time!


This I mention because I Just began yet again,

Noting the Story Line for the 6th Book of the World of Imagination Series

AND, seeing just how Interesting my Ideas and Thoughts were from Day to Day,

Made me Realize that when You IGNORE Your Passion,

You could Eventually Lose it altogether!


AND that is the Danger, Amongst OTHERS,

In Not Finishing whatever it is that You Know that You were Blessed with.

NOT ONLY this, but Showing and Helping and just Getting there is Also Part of Our mission to let the rest KNOW it’s possible!


To say the least,

Over the past few Months, I felt my Fingers talking to me,

Very Subtly… ALMOST as if to say,

You NEED to Tap or Pound that Keyboard,

KNOWING that it is my Finger exercises, my creation release

Each and Every Day!


If you’ve got that Unshakable Blessing in Reaching something,


For Fear of Change can Stop us from Doing something



AND Yet,

How Do you even Know if someone out there isn’t in need of Following

The Brave,

The Free,

The Strong,

The Passionate,

The DREAMERS (P.S.: Tomorrowland… A Very Cool Movie!),

Even if You Never reach there, Trying is as Important as it is in Getting there!


The Journey to Save and Free Your Soul is the Most Important Journey I believe,

For ONLY then to do Know what Your are made off.


My Fear,

Letting Life slip by,

Not at least Trying – blowing up maybe sometimes,

And I’m NOT sitting on the Sidelines!



Typing enough makes my Fingers Smile as well,

IRONIC this kind of Therapy!

End of an Era.

End Of An ERA            There’s SO many things in our Lives which comes to and End.

There’s some many Different directions we go in and so Much we can actually Try,

It’s REALLY shocking as to the Fact how many People keep Holding on to that which,

Will Not anymore Be…

I must say that if you Invest,



Your Life

OR in cases,

Your Heart…

That could be why Such change May not be TOO brilliant!

The Saying doesn’t Go for No Reason…





A Window opens and gives you Other Opportunities.

Fear will Always be the ISSUE which Everyone of us will have to Deal with.

The Fear of Getting Hurt in another Relationship.

The Fear of NOT knowing if this is better than Where you’d been before.

The Fear of what OTHERS might say, Even if they MAY do worse than You! ! !

BUT most of all;

The FEAR because THIS time it Truly MIGHT work if you do Work at it…

No Relationship is EVER easy.

No other Person is Ever easy to get to know.

Even if you’ve got SO MUCH in common,

Putting TWO different People together and NEITHER is willing to Put in the Effort;

Then you’re Wasting Your time once again!

ALMOST no one Was Created to be Alone.

There’s SO Many times where we Cannot Change our Situation,


Even here this Idea is WRONG,

YOU can change whatever there is You’d Need be Changing;

As Long As You’re Just Ready For That Change!

This Idea with the Fear of Getting Your Heart and Soul Broken again,

That could be the Reason why a

GREAT many of People out there,

Never will
REALLY be Ready for Life, Luck, Destiny OR Whichever it Might be;

Brings that Opportunity into Your Life!

That Opportunity can be ANYTHING,

A Relationship,

A New Job,

A Dream You’ve Have Forever,

Meeting the Hero of Your Dreams…

The Actual situation doesn’t Matter,


Being Ready to take that Opportunity with Both hands


KNOWING that thing Will and Can get better in time.

Life isn’t just Full of the Heartaches,

BUT those are the ONES

We most of the times Change our Lives…