Ice, ICEBERGS, Ice-sheets…


Ice, ICEBERGS, ice-sheets…


You’ve got that party which more than a few People would attend.

You’ve got that Barbecue (Braai) next to the pool.

You’ve got the Final of that Sports Event you’re Absolutely Hooked on…


In all of these, we need ICE for the Cool drinks OR Mixes for various Alcoholic Beverages which most of Everyone enjoy.

It doesn’t really Matter which it would be, we Need ICE to cool all of it down,

ESPECIALLY on that Warm Weekend Afternoon!


So Either you make your Own ICE with a Machine – meaning You have a Specific machine which Makes ICE or you could always go BUY the Ice in bags from either the Filling Station OR there could be Shops which Supply it…


The Fact is, You make a Plan at getting the ICE,

Knowing that the Cool Drinks and Such would be Cold if they’re not placed into

Cooler bags which Your Guests would probably bring along.


H²O have Three Stages.

Namely, Water as a liquid, then Water as a Vapor (burning HOT) and lastly Water in a Crystal form,

Which is ICE – which we ONLY happen at 0º ( C ) Celsius OR 32º ( F ) Fahrenheit.


As your Freezer is Possibly set to a – (Minus) Temperature and thus it’s good to Know, Water freezes at 0º C at normal pressure.

That said if the Water itself isn’t Disturbed OR if there are ANY Impurities in the water itself…


There’s a Great Debate on Just how Long it would be for Water at Room Temperature to Freeze into it’s Crystal Form.

So here’s some kind of Estimate – Depending on the Volume of the liquid, Seeing that we’re using Water then you can Look between 15 minutes UP TO 3 hours.


Be SURE not to Freeze any Water in ANYTHING Glass.

Seeing that when Water Freezes, it Expands and thus,

When You use any kind of Glass, the Expanding Water will Crack or even Cause the Glass to Burst!


My Late Father knew how to Freeze a Glass Bottle of Coca-Cola 1.25 Liter…

He’d Obviously timed it and Knew just when to take it OUT of the Freezer when the Carbonated Soda ALMOST became Crystallized.

I can tell you, Drinking that Soda with the Bits of Ice inside it;

VERY-VERY Cool and it was Really Awesome when he did it… Not Breaking the Bottle I might add!


Another aspect of ICE and Water,

At the Polar Icecaps, you find not only the Water but as you might Imagine,

There’s a Great Deal of ICE.


You may know this,

But at Antarctica (South Pole) – the Ice we See above the Waterline is only 10% of what the Image looks like below the waterline.

There’s a MASSIVE amount of Ice out there!


The Arctic Ocean (North Pole) – Freezes over and then parts thereof breaks away. But then I can promise you, it’s as bitterly cold as the Arctic can be.

Without the Proper protective wear, you’d have a Problem!


Another interesting thing I didn’t know,

Mostly the water in Winter Months freezes Mostly from the Bottom of the Stream,

But then the Ice do form on top, it mostly Drops below the waterline and there the rest of the Ice accumulate and steadily the Stream freezes over.


Since after the Maritime Disaster of the Titanic,

16 Nations have been patrolling the North Atlantic and send out information to ships of Icebergs drifting away from the North Pole and the Ice-sheets from Greenland.


These Icebergs have been observed over 2000 miles or (3200 kilometers) away from their Origins.

Water when becoming Frozen, sets out so much that in the right Circumstance, it can actually break metal because it expands…

NO WONDER water is also such a Big Part of Erosion…



A luck-warm or Ambient Temperature Soda CANNOT ever taste Good in the least bit,


Add a bit of ICE to the Mix and You’ve got something to Really Stem that THIRST!