That damn AEDES (mosquito).

buzz (1)

Anyone who had been following these Posts would know that I Really don’t like those Damn Buzzing little insects.


I had written another article about the Mosquito some time ago,

Honestly – I cannot remember my Idea back then and Know, Suspect

If you cannot, it’ll not be an issue at reading what I’m sharing here.


Now then,

I’ve read some of what had been shared on the Net and I’ve got a few Questions about all of this AND

My very own Conclusions on what I’m thinking of here.

YES – there’s no way of knowing if at all, Any of my Thoughts could ever be correct!


Okay, if you’re still here you’re Probably interested in some of my thoughts;

So, here’s a really Cool thought;

As I read the Internet Pages’ information,

I read that the Scientist said that All Mosquitoes make that Buzzing sound which we Hear when they’re Hunting us, Flying in really close to our Ear…


Here’s the Thing about this,

When I’ve been home during the day, not working, at the Apartment and saw Mosquitoes throughout the Apartment, fly-off when I can close to them.

There wasn’t any additional Noise and I could clearly see them flying close enough

OR they flew past my Ear – at this time during the DAY I didn’t hear Any of the Insects make their Normal Regular = Irritating sound…


VERY TRUE I also must admit, the Mosquitoes are small and I must say, it’s not to say you’ll always hear them at that.

AS WELL, during the Night when we are in bed, with all the silence, relaxing and trying to rest,

The sound of their Wings would almost be Amplified.


Here I have another Idea actually,

As I had mentioned in the Previous Post, Mosquitoes do Zoom in on use because of Carbon Dioxide – the breath you Exhale.

The Further you’re away from Sleep and you hear the Buzz – I suspect your Subconscious almost is forced not to sleep.

We HATE when we get bitten and itches – so I suspect this is possibly One of Nature’s ways of keeping us going so the Mosquito can Zoom in on us to bite us.


The Buzzing sound helps them to find a Mate,

If they can Buzz at the same Frequency,

Which both the Male and the Female change when they fly close to each other.

They can hear each other at a distance of at least 45 Meters,

Making sure they can mate.


Another reason why I suspect the Mosquito Buzz,

Our Skin sweat, not that much when You’re relaxed, just enough for the Mosquito to use with Your breath in pinpointing the Person the Female need to hunt down.


The reason why the Buzzing seems so strange – they fly in a Zigzag paten, trying to find the Person they’d pick the breath from.

Then with the little bit More Sweat they pinpoint you much better,

Lastly, when they find you, they start to search for the Blood they’re looking for.


Using Heat and the Sweat they now have Receptors in their Long Mouths,

This helps them to locate the Blood and find the perfect spot for biting you.


My theory, as I mentioned above –

None of this would be that much Easier for the Mosquitoes to do,

If you were Relaxed and already Asleep.


So, the Buzzing sound is the Weapon which they use in keeping us out of Sleep,

Just long enough for them to move in and have a little drink from us,

Before we Relax too much and their window Closes…


I myself had heard more than One of them in my ears,

At the time I also had drifted deeper into sleep and with this,

The next Morning I didn’t have So many Bites than what I suspected there should have been…

AND again, not sure this idea of Relaxing really play into this Issue so much.



The various Deterrents within we Use with the various Insects,

Especially those damn Mosquitoes,

They use Chemicals which disrupt the various Sensors of Mosquitoes.

Yet – the one I’m using does not Kill them that fast and strangely,

I doubt there’s a Mosquito nest either, still where do they come from So regularly and why it is with the Poison or Deterrent I’m using – they don’t stay away completely.


One thing we much understand very clearly,

As Determined as we are at days,

Doing what we do – making our plans and seeing how to get to where we need to go to,

NATURE is as Determined and the Instincts of any Creature is as Intense as our own would be.


One on One with Nature, Very Few of us would be the Winner;

Especially when we’re WITHOUT anything we’ve designed over the Years to help ourselves with…


In the Name of ME.


I’ve seen this quite a few times, to say the least, strangely as I might find it,

I myself to some Extent have had a Weird runaround with this.


O K A Y, what I’m talking about?

I’ve seen over the Years some Women enjoy their Own Beauty,

Which is 100% brilliant for them.


The One idea here I’d like to mention would be One aspect of their Monthly or longer stints of that;

Their Routine where various women enjoy Fluffing up their Nails.


As I mentioned,

There’s absolutely Nothing wrong with ANYONE looking their Best and Enjoying what You can do in making Yourself feel even better than Normal.

Doing up your Hair, Dressing in what you Love to Wear, Working out to keep your body… So Nails is just One area I share in some weird way!


I ABSOLUTELY Hate Shaving and even more so, HATE Growing my Beard.

To say the least, I’ve only ONCE let it go – Suspecting it was when I got Retrenched, not entirely sure of this – being such a long time ago,

BUT, what I can Remember Very well; the Longer my Beard grew, the more my Skin React to the growing hairs and I literarily have a Problem with something like Dandruff or something like that when my Facial Skin becomes either Irritated OR I lose too much moisture because of the Hairs growing continuously on my Face.


Mentioning this, I just want Everyone to know that what Most Women do,

Not everyone else can get to Or enjoy doing,

Thus – coming back to my Original Idea,

I’ve seen many of the Women – enjoying their Redesigned Nails and how Happy this makes them feel, the ONE thing I’ve seen with most of them – when their Artificial nails are too long;

It makes working with their Fingers a bit of an Issue.


Now, coming back to Myself on this,

I like my Nails SHORT enough not to Actually Cut into my Skin,

When I wash my Hands and do it Too intensely…


I have also for some Strange reason found that,

If and when I sometimes Don’t get to the Keyboard enough,

Maybe not even that – Only One of my Fingernails becomes Irritated.

That is even After I had cut my Nails before and the Finger’s Nail in Question is already Short,

Still, it gets Irritated as if I’ve not Cut it.


This led me to Wonder some days just how Frustrating it Could or Might be,

Either when the Women, wearing Artificial Nails either get their Own Problem with them

OR hurting that much, When the Nail breaks and cause such a Great amount of Pain when it’s ripped off with some kind of Accident.


I cannot Remember which Movie it was,

But the ONE older Lady told the Younger one,

“There’s a Price you’ve got to pay for Beauty…”


I can clearly believe this one,

I can clearly Understand how Irritating the Women’s Nails could end up being,

Seeing that even though I shouldn’t have an Issue with my Own Clean cut Nail,

On One of my fingers – there are just Those days that I can forget,

It will bug me Throughout the day!


Everyone Enjoy what they do, how it makes them feel,

I’ve seen the women Adjusting what they do and how they do it,

For the Issue, they may experience – there are Mostly answers to what they endure and know possibly what they need to do in getting past this feeling or issue with their Nails.


I cannot for the Life of me Understand why it’s Continuously only One finger on my Hands which the Nail Irritates me like this,

Even if I, Very Carefully Cut the Nail even further,

I sometimes I feel the Pain when I cut if Too far

OR the Irritation when this Irritating Feel will not Subside…


Most Women I suspect, may not have this kind of Irritation at times,

But I can Imagine myself when there’s something that’s Bothering the Fairer Ones,

I’ve NOT yet figured out why it is that This One Finger Nail is irritating me at times…


When Women Enjoy their Beauty Regiment and something goes array,

They know why that may be and they can take Appropriate actions because of this…


Myself, why this is happening, One finger alone,

That’s possibly another Part of My Strange, Weird, Different Eccentricities –

Not a Dull Moment Ever…


If and When You Feel Good about yourself and what You enjoy doing for Yourself,

When “THEY” have an Issue with that,

As long as you deal with any Irritations along the way,

Don’t MIND what anyone else Say or Think –


Do what makes you feel Beautiful!


If only I can now Figure out why this Damn nail Irritate me so much at times…?

Winter is Coming; NO – It’s already HERE!


I’ve heard the Phrase,

Winter is Coming… from the TV Series,

Game of Thrones.



This is a Post at what I’ve read on a Site,

A few things WE as a whole can do for Ourselves in building up a Stronger Immune System to tackle the little Viruses which Attack us during the Cold Months of the Year!


That said, no matter what we Most of the time do, it happens that we do Fall Prey to this little virus called the FLUE…

Here are only a few things which Might help you along the way.


Everyone might know this OR You’ll read it here,

BUT – there’s a Lot to be said by what We eat and how it not Only affects us but what It’s got to do with ourselves as Human Beings.


It wouldn’t be a Leap then to Understand and Realize that when I’m mentioning this,

One of the First things I’ll be Mentioning here would be,

Take care of your Diet and the additional Supplements which You consume.

Eat Whole Foods;

From the foods Our Bodies use some of the Following Nutrients:

Vitamins A, C, D, and E – there are Minerals such as Selenium, Zinc and Omega 3s which support your Immune System.

Look to whole foods such as Animal Proteins – if you don’t like this, eat Legumes, Whole Grains, Nuts, and Seeds; with this, you can supplement the Whole Foods with Fruits and Vegetables.

There are Superfoods like; Camu Camu, Reishi mushrooms, and Micro Algae.


In this, you should avoid the following, Seeing they Suppress your Immune system –

Processed Meats, Friend Foods, Soft drinks, Processed Baked Goods or Products with Artificial Sweeteners or Refined Sugars…

We cannot side-step Everything, but keep what you can in Moderation.


What helps a great deal, with the Flue and with your Immune System, that would be Vitamin C.

This would be really good, getting the vitamin from Fruits and Vegetables; which include – Berries, Citrus, Kiwi, Bell peppers and dark green Vegetables.

ONE thing I’d found out over time. As with Oranges – if you either just drink soft drinks with HIGH contents of Vitamin C, what most people don’t take into Consideration;

the Regularity of taking this Supplement is as important as taking it at all.

AND here’s just another idea for you – make SURE to eat the Fruit itself when you’ve got the Chance as the raw material of the Fruit helps your Digestive tract as well…

Good all around!


It’s important to use the Strong and Healthy Herbs and Spices.

When preparing food, take the time in using some of these in your meals;

Onions, Garlic, Black Peppercorn, Cayenne pepper, Allspice, Curry, and Turmeric.

All of them contain nutrients which help Boost your Immune System.


Keeping yourself well hydrated is very good. The water assist in the production of Lymph, which in turn help with White Blood Cells and help out your Immune System Cells as well.

For an extra boost, Use Lemon with your water or in the water some Vitamin C additive.


Our bodies need sleep to rejuvenate itself.

Yes, in our busy lives there’s not always the time in Resting and Relaxing as much as we should; YET, the more Regulated your Resting is, the better your Body would deal with any Potential Viruses AND with Stress being such a High Factor in our lives – Rest is Far More important today that we think!


A great deal of our Immune System and response, fighting against Foreign infections takes place from the GUT.

THUS, our Digestive tract is very important. That’s a very good reason to keeping the Good Bacteria where they need to be. If you have to, add some Probiotics as well, found in Whole and Fermented foods –

Raw sauerkraut, Miso, Yogurt, Kefir, Kimchi, and Microalgae.

Always consider the Supplements to take, making sure of their quality and positive impact on your Health.


I’ve got you a CATCH 22 situation for you as well.

You KNOW when the Doctor Prescribe you a Treatment of Antibiotics when there’s an Infection which your body is struggling to Beat…

Just remember that the Antibiotics, helping your body out – It also attack the Good Bacteria inside your body as well.

At all times See what is the best for you AND consult with either Your Doctor and or Chemist when they issue you some Medicine.

Find it there’s something better you can take, not creating more Damage than being good…


If and when You do get the chance, Keep yourself not Only Physically busy but make sure that You’d break a sweat.

Exercise if good for the body and help increase our Immune Functions, it also Improves the Quality of your sleep and make your body Stronger.

So, do a bit more than normal – don’t OVER do it either… Everything in moderation!


Getting some time in the SUN, which in turn would mean that you’re getting some Vitamin D is a really good Idea.

With this in mind, having some FUN in the Sun sounds as good,

Which in turn would help with Your relaxation and enjoyment of your time.

Allowing the Endorphins to run Wild in your body,

Generally making a Good Positive impact on you…


BUT most of all,

With everything I’ve mentioned here,

Taking care of yourself and then Your Loved ones,

That’s the Most Promising of all…

The Tasteless Displeasure of TIME…


WOW… if you were to say this a Few times TOO fast,

It could, might just as well Twist your tongue faster than You’d like it to.


Ironically for this,

Seeing the Representation of what the Idea portray here is also as Irritating!


This specifically had happened to me more than Once and I cannot for the Life of me understand why someone, Whomever they may be,

Will – Willingly waste your time as they sometimes do!


The Major issue I found shaking this Thought loose in my Mind was when I had the Issue with the Car I’d found myself in a Bit of an Issue with,

When we managed to walk away from the Freak Accident with the Car I’m driving with!


Yet, this can be Directed at as many places as there are Those who as well,

Waste Your time in the



Or the



So here’s the Rub,

When I got into the Freak Accident with the Car,

The Insurance was called and was Notified that there was something wrong…


I don’t know if there had needed to be an Injury or if there had to be Excessive damage to Either my Car or should there had been another Car involved,

BUT – until Now there had not been Anyone coming to see about the Incident which Transpired.



I do get that there needs to be some kind of Follow through from the Owner of the Car’s side and I get that clearly – but this Situation just reminded me Just how often it is that Our time gets wasted because the next Person or even the Institution do not care in the least bit!


Either the Person or Peoples do not Realize what they are doing as they are,

They might be as Busy as You are

OR You might just be on the Short end of the Stick,

Not mattering much more OR enough to Justify for them to Respect your time as well!


I might have to Tell you this as well,

In my Experience, I’ve seen and known that Whomever it is that’s wasting your time,

When THEY feel wronged by you,

Not pitching up OR if you Dare miss that Payment OR if there’s some Other reason they need Information OR help from You – I can Promise you that they’d be on Your case so fast;

You’d Never suspect what hit you along the way!


I can promise you that Everybody at Some Point experience this same issue or situation;

There’s just that ONE person in Your surroundings

Which do not care at all – doing their own thing and Everyone else just have to fall in-line with that…


It could be a Company which don’t have the After Sales Service or even care about that in the least bit,

Either they could be TOO busy to get back to Your grievances, thoughts or your problems –

OR they just don’t care about you!


In the same Breath,

People do the very same thing.

AND there’s the Cherry on the Top;

MANY Men do this to Women they’re not Interested in them as well!


The Ironic aspect of this is,

Those people, whoever they may be,

Wasting Other’s time –

They are either Totally Oblivious to this
OR if they know or think about Your time which Might or Might not be wasted,

They just don’t care at Letting anyone Know that something had changed…


Even if you do corner them,

Speak to that Service Consultant,

Wanting to know why Your issue, problem or concern had not been Dealt with,

HOW would you even know, if you did take their Name;

If this was the Original Person who helped you with this – which had been forgotten and

Effectively now wasting your time…


If and when in General you speak to that Person who does this to you OR those around them, They’d believe you’re climbing into their Character and believe You’re attacking them

On and Unnecessary PERSONAL level.

Not dealing with the Lack of Empathy towards the way Everyone else might be Treated,

They’d ONLY see that You’ve got an Issue with Them…


We find this even when You stand in a Line,

Awaiting the other Person to help or serve you,

Remember that that Person is just doing a Job –

One which Very Few of us are Lucky enough to Enjoy,

Situated in Our Dream Job and so,

They also make the Best of it as you may be doing…


The Problem comes when You Know,

Feel and Experience those People who Clearly don’t Care whether they do this,

Especially when it Happens so Often that it’s become a Constant,

There’s the time and the Place where We should deal with this,

YET as I mentioned – trying to deal with any kind of Issue today;

That Might turn out that You’re the One with the Vindictive Issues on Your plate,

My Advice to you, whatever You do or Feel like doing;

Make sure that You don’t sound like you’re Attacking them,

Making the Topic at hand even more Problematic…


Dealing with People and dealing with Personal issues with those People,

That’s one of the Hardest things do handle and deal with.

In most cases, there’s almost on Right way at doing this –

seeing that they may take Offence at any moment…


The Ironic Question here is this, what about the Offence you take when Anyone, Unnecessary waste your time and they Clearly do not care about that?


P.S.:     The Insurance had NOT to this point called me, found out where the car is or made any kind of arrangements to come see it.

Use your time wisely and take care of yourself…

Expect the UNEXPECTED!



Over a Weekend a bit back, I had to jump in my Car,

Drive to where the Person was, STUCK next to the Road,

Helping them out with this Issue of a Flat Tire…


The IRONY here is, they’d had more than Enough time to get their Current Spare sorted out AND then the Wheel which they were using… as well…

ONLY as Life would have it,

We don’t always get to Everything we intend to get to!


I had to Pick-Up someone they were on the way to go Fetch,

THUS, I got a Passenger showing me the Way in getting to the Collection.

While we were doing this, at the Filling Station, I started there, asking if Someone could help us out with the Flat Tire.


ONE Major Issue that I found very fast and easy,

This Wheel wasn’t as Normal,

It wasn’t a Tubeless wheel on the Car…


There was a Tube inside the Tire like a Normal Bicycle You’d ride at some point!


This now Created me Yet Another Problem which I had to deal with!

Not only is it NOT that easy to take a Car Tire off the Rim under normal Circumstances,

BUT as well – If I wasn’t able to change the wheel from Tube to Tubeless,

There was very Little for me to do in helping out with this!


Then, the Next issue was this,

At almost 10 o’clock at night, 22:00 –

There are only So Many places open which Can or Would help you with something as Tiresome As sorting out a Flat Tire on a Passenger Car!


We stopped,

After Picking up the next Set of Passengers,

At no less than ( 5 ) Garages – Filling Stations along the way Back.


We were Very Lucky at last finding one Man willing and Able to help us,

IRONICALLY – at the beginning, he didn’t care for any Assistance,

But the LONGER we were busy,

The later and Busier they became at the Garage,

He Finally needed me to Help him out with some of the Work on the Tire / Wheel.


There were numerous Questionable people at the Station,

Drinking and being Happy on a Saturday Evening;

BUT what I found and Picked up on very fast and Easily,

The THREE gentlemen – Probably having had something to drink,

Were Holding-up (sitting) the ATM.


While I waited to see what this Man could do for us,

I realized that the Three men sat there –

Effectively Blocking the Way to the ATM for anyone who needed money.


I Heard one of them Say they would Negotiate TERM for the Clients of the Bank to withdraw Money from this Machine,

IF they got their Cut.


They didn’t get ANYONE to “Bite” on this and

Neither did the Tire / Wheel look that Promising to us either,

Yet – this man willing to Help us was still Looking what he could do.


The Three idiots at the ATM got Chased off by some People,

Bigger than they were and More in Numbers…

I think they just Tried their luck at seeing what they could manage,

Not that it really Helped them in the least bit!


AFTER we tried Patching the Tire itself,

This man told me that we needed to See and try to Fix the Tube itself;

THUS – he got busy with that and found there were THREE punchers.


By now I was pretty Tired and kept a close eye on what was going on around me at this Filling Station.

In all this time the Man had to Assist their Clients as well,

Still doing his Job while we waited.


Luckily for Us,

He worked Faster than I would have!

Not only that – I now saw what I’d have to do the Day I had to check something on such a Tire OR if needed be – do what I needed to,

Taking the Tire from the Rim to Replace it with another.


That’s all good and well;

JUST Remember, If you don’t Have the Correct Tools to try this,

Well, GOOD Luck with that one!


The Tire itself had FOUR Punchers and at Number TWO we weren’t able to Seal up the HOLE – which led the man to Patch the THREE punchers of the TUBE itself.

We had to discard the Valve he’d Fitted as it wouldn’t work with the Tube.


Now the Tube was inside the Tire and we needed to Look and be very careful,

Not to Pinch the Tube itself,

Then only steadily did the Man inflate the Tube itself inside the Tire.

I once more heard the Popping off the Tire-Wall jumping into its Groove – Which there are two

of them to Hear pop.

That was a Good sign!


He inflated the Tire more and My Goodness,

The Pressure and the Air inside stayed!


It wasn’t a Cheap Ordeal and it wasn’t Easy in the least bit!


So do make sure that Your Emergency items in Your Car are okay,

Seeing the car got stuck on the Highway at Night!


HELPING someone out is one thing,

Such Adventures at Night,

Witnessing other People’s Actions,

Unsure of what Could happen
AND Being Responsible for those with you,

In a possible Sticky Situation…

That’s NOTHING anyone should Have to OR Want to Write home about!


Do whatever you can in Keeping Yourself and Those around You Safe.

The CONTINUATION of Human(ASS)ness…


I’ve come to realize with the Number of Clients, either I’ve worked with

OR seen OR hear about,

That there’s just that Situation which You’d read between the lines when You least expect to see it.


You might have Endured this when You’ve been a Client of someplace as well,

Things we WANT to do and GET done as fast as Possible,

But the Fact of the matter is this –

No matter how much we want sometimes;

Want to Force something to Happen or be dealt with for Us, it takes its own time!


YES, I know I’ve been in the Position myself where I waited to see what will be;

BUT here’s the Rub,

As much as You, Me, We want the Problem dealt with;

Everyone also Expect that issue to be Dealt with Correctly and NOT to have any Issues about it when the POWERS that Be, had done what they Had to,

Sorting out Issues for us…


Either YOU have done this OR

You might have Heard someone Getting upset with the Problem at hand,

KNOWING or Seeing that there’s actual Progress,

BUT – there’s another Side to this,

When even the People set out to help you – get Hampered in doing what they Can in helping you…


I’m not saying that We should Relax,

But I’ve seen that sometimes Clients and People, in general, can Really go Overboard,

SUSPECTING that when they Threaten You or the Company,

They’d get things done Faster,

That may not Always be the Case.


The ONE thing most Clients don’t Understand,

They’re also Speaking with another Person,

WHO most of the Time, really want to Solve this Issue.

Yet, they MIGHT not be in the Exact position to Manage all of it,

Doing just that…


THUS, it’s so Interesting to See people going to that Excessive Over-reach,

To the Point when they find that there’s OTHER issues or Parts solving their Problem; out of Everyone’s Control.


When this Client or Person, Understandably had Reached the End of their Rope,

Client Service might not be able to Immediately solve the Problem and had been Communicated back and forth,

You find that there’s just THINGS out of Our Control,

You Sometimes would see these People – Wanting to Change the World


Make those Ready and Willing to help them, KNOW they can Do more than they really can,

FIND it far more Disconcerting that finally things just Turns out of Everyone’s Control.


You, I, We know there’s People most of the times Willing and Wanting to help,

But when You’re in the Position you See the final Reaction from these Clients;

Realizing that If they do not allow the Time to Pass,

So they could be Helped and Assisted –

There would be Nothing more to Force.


I’ve Felt really Irritated with Companies and Places seaming

UNWILLING to help Me,

But the Fact of the Matter is this – when We blow-up at Someone,

Just doing their Jobs, that Person needs to Absorb our Irritation and

IF ever you’re NOT in the Position to really have to Suck it all up;

You’d NEVER know just how Continually Irrigating and Terrible that can be!


This is a Lesson as much for Me as it could be for Joe Public,

ESPECIALLY when we Don’t See ourselves going on like this –

If you Could EVER stand Neutral, Looking at How you Behaved when going OFF at someone Willing and Able to assist you –

How would we React any Different seeing ourselves from Another’s Eyes?


IF ever someone was to Jump at their Own Family or Children in this way,

I wonder how Often would we get Out of Line when Speaking to that Company’s Assistant,

Who really want to help Us out with our Grievance…

Would most People Jump at the same Person in the same way,

If they weren’t really Unrelated to us…


A little Humanity could go so much further,

Stopping to think about it…

Treat Others the way You’d like to be treated –

That said if they are Willing and Able to Help you.


The Other side of this Coin, when they DON’T want to help…

That’s for the next time, possibly…



There are Regular incidents where we have Issues and Problems with Insects which come and Disturb us in our Homes, Apartments or places of Work.


The IRONIC fact is this;

There had been Natural and Instinctual areas for these Insects to live and thrive,

Long before we arrived at the SPOT where We decided to Live and Build our Homes…


So, as a Matter of Fact;

We are the Ones who First came to Invade their Habitat and became a Pest to them before they could Ever become one to us!

The ONLY difference is this, They cannot kill all of us as We use various Poisons to deal with the various Infestations of these Insects…


I’m living on the First Floor of an Apartment Building,

We had a few years ago,

A Cockroach problem, when One of the tenants Died.

As far as I know there were a lot of insects in their Apartment on the ground floor and from there, the insects became an Issue for most of the other Tenants.


I eventually Found the Correct Poison and combination of how to deal with this Infestation and Until Now I’ve not had any such issues with them.


I do have the Problem with Ants at this point
AND there are small Red Ants between them!


I’ve been bitten by a few Ants and over the past few Weeks have tried a few things in getting this Current Problem under control.

In the Picture I’ve taken, corresponding with this Post – there’s the Antrap and Blue Death,

Having some Sticky kind of Poison inside it.


As you can see, when You do open the three holes,

Placing the Containers where they Could be the Most effective is a very good idea,

That as well as Not moving them around too much –

Even if they work within a few hours, when You do move them, the Ants which had been dealt with in the Previous area, Could and Would Probably come back…


As with Animals,

I’ve come to once more Realize, even Insects have their own Natural Instincts.


This I’ve seen as you’d as well within the Picture.

The Ants comes along, taking the Poison to the nest – BUT,

When the Ants, in general, Realize that there’s a Problem,

They do all they could – especially those NOT affect for the time being by the Poison,

DO what they Can in blocking the holes so that the Other Ants which don’t know about this


Cannot get to the Poison and doing so,

They save as many Ants as they could.


I received Two of these white Containers with the Poison in,

Sticky and Sweet to them I suppose,

And I can tell you that I’ve opened both Containers even more so that they’d still be as Effective as they can be,

Seeing that this closing and blocking notion happened to Both the Containers…



When you are dealing with Whichever Infestation,

From whichever Insect it may be,

Remember, they as well as Animals also use Instincts and or Even Inherited Knowledge or Information from their Species which had died because of the Poisons We might have used.


In the same way almost a Virus inside the Human body and mutate and become resistance to the Medication which we use in Treating the Infection.

I cannot say that there’s Knowledge or such passed on to the Insects to come afterward or not,

But I do know that not ALL the poisons sometimes work on the various Insects.


Either they’re might not be Affected by it,

OR they might even steer clear of this Problem facing them.


I do know that sometimes we do Struggle to find the Best way at dealing with the Infestation and the Question I’d like to ask here;

If the first Treatment A,B,C Poison worked on the Infestation,

Why is it NOW that You have to look at X, Y, Z to do the same trick…


Coming to the Second Item in the Picture,

I’ve heard about this one from one of the Ladies working with me,

Telling me that this would work in getting rid of the Ants as well;

This had an effect on them, but I cannot say that the Nest is still intact and they’d not return again…


LASTLY, When I spoke to my Mother she told me from what She’d learned from her Mother, that Ants dislike the Smell or Taste of Baby Powder.

I can attest to this IF there’s not Baby to have this Powder used on them,

Smelling this without Reasonable understanding why –

It COULD do the trick on the Ants…


By now I’m at Full Blast War against the Infestation,

NOT entirely Sure which of the Three would work the Best,

But I also KNOW that there’s a difference at the Migration of the Ants into the Rest of the Apartment… We’ll just have to see!


I might be Grasping at Straws,

So here’s the MOST important Idea of all;

If and when You’re dealing with some kind of Infestation,

When You find something that works,

Make SURE to kill the Entire Nest,

Because when they come back and have that Immunity,

Their Offspring Could as well


That would Become REALLY hard in dealing with them,

Than you’d have found beforehand…


Just something to think about.