Water_drop_001 a

While I had this Idea, I also had the THOUGHT or Cool Phrase from a Film I’m not entirely sure if Many of you had seen it.

“The Day The Earth Stood Still.”

YES, I get it that it was a Cool Film as well.


Within the Film one of the Supporting Characters told Keanu Reeves’ Character,

“Only on the Precipices of Extremes do WE as Human change,”

Especially when WE do not have a Choice in the Change in what we’ve got to do.


Now then,

It was a few weeks in the Making,

BUT on Thursday this past week, the Geyser in the Apartment decided that was it!


It started to Leak continuously,

So much so that the water Ran down to the Geyser below mine and

Apparently, from there the water ran to the Light Fixture of the Apartment in the Kitchen,

Leaking through there and dripping into the Kitchen itself.


Not only Us,

But I suspect the Tenants in the Apartment below also Logged a Complaint about the Issue that is currently hampering them,

Thus, the Powers that be, came to see what was to be done about this.


HERE is where the Issue really becomes a Pain in the ASS!

Understandable that It affected others,

I must say this – it’s a little bit Weird – seeing that the Coldwater,

If run Long enough become warm…


Beyond that,

The water was turned off so not to Harm or Inconvenience the Tenants below,

YET for me,

I’m currently in the Apartment myself and I’m left without Running Water!


AND this is the Idea I wanted to share;

Hearing that in our Country there had been such Issues with water,

ONLY when You’re really, without it,

Do you Really understand just how Important it is for LIFE in general.


I’m not Suggesting that Others cannot Imagine how Difficult this would be,

BUT then that One saying also comes to Bear;

“Walk a Mile in my Shoes, Only then will You Know…”


In this case, that’s SO True,

E V E R Y time I want to Use water for whatever thing I want to,

I have to Stop and or Remind myself that for the time being,

I cannot just Open the Tap and Water would run from it.


In this Regard,

There’s SO much we can Loose in our Normal Day-to-Day lives,

There’s Absolutely NO way of knowing just what Might or even Could happen

For anything such as that to Take from You, which WE need.


I made sure to Stop at one of the Shops

They sell Filtered Water,

Making sure that I bought myself even MORE Bottled Water than which I normally do.


It’s within this that I know that Many People would also waste it,

Never having to Deal with the Issue Connected with the Lack of Flowing Water,

YET, when they Can do something to Save it,

They Might not care about that in the least bit!


It’s a Very Fast turn-around in Calculating what I have to do,

Planning WAY Ahead and making sure to Save and or Re-Use as much of the water I’ve gotten for Myself.

Yet, Even after the Municipality comes and Replaces the Geyser;

I’ll still NOT Waste a Thing in my life.


It’s Just that Interesting to Endure this kind of Life’s Experiment,

Having to Plan and Deal with the Lack of such a Precious Commodity,

AND even if I know just how Precious Water is,

In this situation, there’s Nothing that I can do in Helping to resolve this Faster and Easier for myself…


I’m not SURE just what else there are which Everyone else could have,

Which – not having it,

Would put You OUT really Badly,

YET – I know from Human Nature,

WE’LL do whatever we can, NOT having to deal with issues…


That is,

Until We’re ALSO standing on the Edge of Understanding.


If and when You Know there’s something to be done,

Pre-emptive Action is Much better than having to RUN around Blindly,

Unable to deal with Whichever issue that may be.


Anyone can Adapt to their Unpleasant Situation or Surroundings,


If you can Plan Way Ahead of this,

It’s NOT to say You’ll have to deal with that Issue to being with…


All the Best to You and Your Possible Issues,


HOPEFULLY, I’ll have a New Geyser before Long,


NOT Entirely sure about that one either…




Quit a While ago, while I was Heating up my Dinner in my Trusty ole’ Microwave,

For a very Brief moment, I saw what looked like a SPOT,

Something black in the Corner of the Microwave.


At the moment I placed the container with food inside, I didn’t really Catch it in its fullness and started the Machine.

When I did return, it was only Then I saw this little thing on the Other side of the Microwave,

Inside the very Microwave from which I’d removed the Container.


Whatever this was, I’d cleaned up this LITTLE spec and took out the Container.


The Interesting Idea which hit me while I was eating is, what I’m sharing here now…


When I prepare “Two Minute Noodles” as well as,

Weekly – I clean out the Microwave, Using it as Regularly as we do,

Was the ONLY reason I saw and noticed that spec inside it.


It wasn’t that Heavy seeing that I had moved from one side of the Microwave to the Other while the Machine was in use…

As I can recall it was at least one Quarter of my Pinky nail,

Nothing that big.


As I mentioned,

The ONLY reason this Phenomenon caught my Eye and Mind,

It had M O V E D!


That led me thinking of How this could have happened.

It could easily have been part of some Spices which had gotten out when the Food got that Warm and somehow ended up outside the Container.


I do eat Curry and Rice as well as a Pasta Mix regularly during the Week,

So this wasn’t the Issue at hand for me,

Seeing I cannot recall Right Now what it was when I cleaned it out,

What was Far More interesting to me was, the Method in which It was moved from

ONE side of the “Mickey” to the Other side!


This THOUGHT, I allowed to run its course,

I’m NO scientist and I’d suspect there had been a few times ANYONE reading my Posts could or would have Wondered just where the Wild Horses, sometimes Drag my Thoughts to…

The Belinda Carlisle – Wild Horses… HE, he, HE, he…


So here’s the Question I came up with;

What Actually happens inside the Microwave when It’s running.

Yes, Yes – I did write at least One Post in the Past about the Microwave;


This is a whole Different Idea!


What Kind of Action needs to take Place for any Particulate to be Moved from One side of the Microwave while it’s running to the Other side?


On more than One occasion I’ve heard the Lid pop open when the Steam pressure becomes more than the Container can Handle,

Because of the Heat as well as the Moisture or even Water which resides in the Food or such which is Warmed up,

Is released and THUS forces open the Lid.


Now then,

There’s the Turning Table – glass one in most Microwaves,

AND here comes my Interesting Idea…

It is moving continuously?


There’s the Vibration of the Movement of the Components of the Microwave as well,

Include the Food being Heated up and the Water, Vapor or Steam if you’d like,

Would Easily Fill the Microwave on the inside.


The turning Table either is Creating a wave by its Mere Motion


With the Watery Vapor escaping from the Container,

Depending on where and how it got open…


COULD it be possible that there’s a Very Small kind of Weird Atmospheric Phenomenon created inside the Microwave itself?


There could be a Wind or pressure of Some kind generated inside the Microwave,

Which allowed for that Particle to be move,

Included in this, the Vibration and the Heat inside the Microwave,

It’s is Entirely possible that all of these combined created JUST the perfect Circumstances

For what I’d seen to be possible.


I know we can SEE through the Door, mesh Window inside the Microwave;


If you’re not inside there –

Just how could we KNOW for sure if You were the Size of that Particle,

HOW would the Microwaves’ Action affect You, Me or Anyone else for that Matter,

If you were to be Caught inside a Microwave…

Rather – if you were Able to Survive it;

Just how would it feel like if the Machine was running, working?


OR – would it just be Ironic – something Freakishly funny happen,

For that Piece of whatever it was, to have moved from One side to the Other…

IF you’d read my Posts,

Short Stories


Some of the Book I’d place here,

I’d rather believe there’s Far More than Meets the Eye with this Machine…


Now there’s a far More Interesting Thought…


ALL those Mundane Machines we’re using at Some point during the Day,

What kind of Atmosphere or Effect would some of them have on us,

If and Whenever we could Experience them on a Much Larger Scale…


If we were to be much smaller…


Just think of a Tumble-dryer, a Vacuum-cleaner, what about a Washing Machine –

Automatic or the manual Double Barrel machine…


Just another One of my Weird thoughts!?

The I N F I N A T E possibilities of E=MC²


No… No… I’m not going to give you a Physics or ANY other lesson, in the equation

of Relativity to this Mathematical equation…



Yes and Yes – there is some Relevance to this Equation, though… (GO Albert Einstein)!


Firstly, If you Do like Movies,

If you want to Still go Watch;

The ARRIVAL – do not Read this Post TOO intensely!

Hope that’s a Fair enough warning.


Well; as you can Well imagine, I did go watch the Movie,

As I’m a Really Big Fan of Sci-Fi,

AN Even BIGGER Fan of FILM that is!!!

I did see ANOTHER film Preview which I’d NOT Miss as well!


YET, while we Reached the End of the film,

The Arrival – I sat next to a Man and Wife Combination;

I suspected that Neither of them Understood the Repeated Flashbacks in the Film.


YES, I must say that while I read a Few Books on either Filmmaking

OR Screenwriting, there’s was Mention made of Flashbacks,

Where and When to use them…

IN this film’s Regard I suspect it was A Bit Over the Top!

BUT then as well, Done for a Reason that is…


So much so that I got the Punchline for the Film before it was Laid-Out for the Audience,

THIS as well, Writing as I do – I cannot say that My Mind well Greased Reading Into the Story of Most Films and Such before it happens!


I REALLY Love it when I’m surprised at what happens and

Try to figure out Where and When I’d missed the Plot.

I don’t care much to find it, I suspect it Rather Fuels me, to be Better at what I do myself!


Watching the ARRIVALS,

There’s a Very Interesting and Relevant Question being asked,

IF it was Possible – if you Could see Further than Your life,

What would you change or do Differently?


Here’s ANOTHER one,

If you can foresee Certain things Happening,

Do you OR Would you tell whomever it might Impact on,

What it Is or Was that you foresee which may be coming?


If you DID know more,

Would that Ultimately Change what Could happen

OR would this just Happen in a Different manner altogether?


So here’s another Rub,

If EVER it was so Possible for US to See beyond ourselves,

Really See what could Happen AND what You could do in Changing,

Every single One of us would Probably go Really Insane!


Having Such Knowledge and Differences in Your or Others’ Lives,

What THEY might do with this New Knowledge,

OR not, do with what You’d told them?


Like in the Television Series,

Fringe – Which I Absolutely LOVE,

Their idea of Multiple Universes,

They say that when you Choose One – the other Choice will Lead off to its own Conclusion.

THUS, in the various Multitude of Universes there are things which will happen to

US, Them the Other People – which we’d know Nothing about.


Thus, for each Choice, you do Not take,

There’s a “spin-off” for what could have Happened to you,

When you don’t take it… HENCE – another Version of what Your life could be.


NOW then,

If you were able to See something,

Telling someone or Not telling them,

Able to see how it Could Affect another Person when they Take your Advice


When they Dismiss Your impute – taking their Chance,

Knowing and Seeing what Might happen…


If this was Possible,

Just how Long would we be Going without Cracking UP?


MORE Women than Men have this kind of Intuition,

Able to see More Clearly what Others OR Most Men can see,

BUT, what it This was to Reach further beyond just that;

What would MOST People be doing with such Knowledge?


It’s almost the Same Premise of the Film,

NEXT – with Nicolas Cage.

He saw what Could be Possible in his own Life with Other’s Interacting with him.


What would You do and HOW would you Handle it,

If you saw somewhat More of Other People’s Lives and in Your pursuit in Helping them,

What kind of Rabbit Hole (Alice in Wonderland) would you have to go down?


I’ve Heard a few times on the Radio,

If you were able to Have ONE Superpower,

Using it or doing with it What You’d like…

What would it be?


Imagine Knowing THIS much of those Immediately around You,

HOW would any Normal Person deal with it or handle it?


SOME days,

Being Blissfully Normal… is Bliss…



There are Others out there Knowing more than most of Us,

Hope you can Deal better with Your Gifts;

than Other people who got something They cannot Handle…

Stuck on SURVIVE…



How many times did You hear about someone, Possibly, not that Extraordinary;

But you did Hear about that Person who Could easily have been You…

That Person making the Change in their lives and Making their Dreams come true.



Yet another reminder of getting Up and Doing it for yourself,

BUT not entirely the same as some of the others either.


No matter who you are,

No matter what you’re reaching or aiming for,

All of US are in the Very Same boat at One Point or another…


All of us need someone to HELP us getting past the Proverbial DOOR.

You need that Helping Hand to Help you when You need that Extra support,

Getting where the Right people can See what You can do.


The IRONY here is this,

With our Lives being so Fast and Having become so

PROFIT driven; there’s Almost no way that Most people,

Could I say as much – Those who Deserve it,

Have or Accumulate the FUNDS in getting their Dream off the ground!


Your Dream could ONLY be to Own your Home,

Have no Debt and Possibly drive a New Car once in your Lifetime.

You don’t have to Save the World OR even Concur it with Ideas and such.


I’m speaking here in Utter Basic Terms,

When last did you have to Save-Up to do something,

PLAN well ahead of time, Making sure that things would work out?


It really doesn’t matter what You’re looking at,

If and When you don’t have the Funds available,

That’s a very clear Indication of just how much Life had brought us back to Reality,

We’re not Living… as the song states;

We’re stuck on Survive…


It’s not to say that You, Me or Possibly THEY would be Bleed Dry… like that

Good Samaritan…

It’s only to say that with the Current trend of the World,

Money is the Resource why Life goes Around the World these days.


No matter what you do,

If you ask help from someone,

If that help is in any which way Specialized,

That person can ask you that Sum of Monies to do Whatever you need be done,

No matter how much we Hate this idea – but that’s Life at the Moment for Us…


It doesn’t matter How well you Prepare for this,

The day You need to put down the Money,

Where Your mouth is or doing whatever comes to Mind,

That’s the Moment to see if you’d go Further or if You’d shoot Yourself in the

Foot – not having Planned well enough ahead.


There Could be a Person willing to Help you in Whichever way,

There could be a Wealthy Relative able to Foot the Bill,

Which You’re looking at…


What if there’s Neither?


If you’ve got Something to Dream off,

Being Stuck on SURVIVE,

That’s not going to change where You want to go.


I’m not Say it’ll really Help,

But I’m talking from Experience,

When I tell you,

You might not have the Money in doing what You’d like to Reach for,

BUT there’s ONE thing more Important to wrap Yourself around;

If you’re NOT in the correct Mind-Set,

How could you Work toward the Monies that You’ll need?


If you cannot See Yourself moving out of Survival Mode,

ESPECIALLY now, when things are Very Hard,

What will happen the Day when you do Make it,

Whatever that may be,

BUT once more for whatever Reason You’re once more Stuck

In Survival Mode and THUS,

You cannot see your way Clear of getting that Next Better position…


As I said,

For you, it Might not sound like good advice,


Do yourself a Favor – Get your Mind-Set clear and on Track,

Clearly Seeing where You’d like to be,

How the Easiest you can get out of Survival Mode


Then, just then you might See that Chance You might have been

TOO Afraid of taking!


Your Mind is a Very Powerful thing,

DO not Waste Yours!

PAYING the Piper.


While I can Understand the concept of social media and what Some People and Authors have to say about Facebook’s idea of Advertising,

I also Understand that in Today’s Life you NEVER get anything for Nothing!


NONE of us want to Pay unnecessarily for anything,

Yet when You’re doing something for Yourself,

How can that Ever be Unnecessary?


I started with a few Social Media Platforms,

Doing what I could within my power and knowledge,

Spreading my Reach as they call it – as far as I possibly could.


I used a Twitter Add-on App / Program and with this,

Over a WHILE I increased my Followers on my Account;

AND, I still paid Every Month, using this App to my Advantage.


As the SMARTER people say,

Somewhere down the Line Someone will pick-up the tab…


My Idea was that after I Reached a good Target on Twitter,

I could focus on Facebook,

I thought I could get More Likes,

VIA Advertising on the Facebook Site.


This wasn’t done on a Whim and I looked for the Best Possible Action Plan to achieve this.


The same as SO many Major Companies over the World,

They’d like to sell their Products and they’ve got Marketing and Advertising Teams within the Company to Plan all of this!


Getting Your Name out there and

Getting enough Exposure as well as making a Name,

Getting out there is One of the Many ways in which You, Me, Everyone are Selling either a Product or Themselves…


I’d say the ONLY times when we’d be Really Irritated,

Is when Our said, planned Strategies don’t work in the Manner which we plan for it to work.


We will ALL be really happy to PAY when things work out Brilliantly!

It’s only when things don’t work out in the least bit…

That is when We’re not in the least bit happy with what is happening or if our Idea didn’t Materialize in the way that we Hoped…


Paying the Piper isn’t just Directed at Paying for the Marketing or Advertising

or even paying the Company in doing this.

That can be Paying Year in and year out if you Don’t have the Best Plan laid out before you.


It doesn’t matter in the least bit,

No matter Who you are,

No matter What you’d like to do,

If you do not follow a Plan in Creating the Opportunity for yourself,

No matter what You’re trying,

You’d waste either Time or Money at the end of the day!


When we make Peace with what we Might have to do,

Reaching where we’re Aiming at,

Then at least when You’ve got to Pay for something along the line,

Getting there – wouldn’t be that BAD!


Let me ask you this,

You’re possibly Driving a Car,

On your car and possibly your House Content,

Do you have Insurance?


If you NEVER Ever Claim for a Thing,

Would paying this be a Waste of your time and money as well?

YET – the moment You don’t have it anymore,

If something happened and You’re not Covered,

What then?


The same could be said of the Various things we have to do,

Increasing our Social Media Reach,

UNDERSTANDING this: You will Never know when THAT Specific person might See You or the Possible Add or whatever it might be,


They could be the Difference between Your Plans working out or Not!


Make peace with what You’ve got to do,

Especially if it’s for Yourself…


You may Never know!


All the Best.

End of an Era.

End Of An ERA            There’s SO many things in our Lives which comes to and End.

There’s some many Different directions we go in and so Much we can actually Try,

It’s REALLY shocking as to the Fact how many People keep Holding on to that which,

Will Not anymore Be…

I must say that if you Invest,



Your Life

OR in cases,

Your Heart…

That could be why Such change May not be TOO brilliant!

The Saying doesn’t Go for No Reason…





A Window opens and gives you Other Opportunities.

Fear will Always be the ISSUE which Everyone of us will have to Deal with.

The Fear of Getting Hurt in another Relationship.

The Fear of NOT knowing if this is better than Where you’d been before.

The Fear of what OTHERS might say, Even if they MAY do worse than You! ! !

BUT most of all;

The FEAR because THIS time it Truly MIGHT work if you do Work at it…

No Relationship is EVER easy.

No other Person is Ever easy to get to know.

Even if you’ve got SO MUCH in common,

Putting TWO different People together and NEITHER is willing to Put in the Effort;

Then you’re Wasting Your time once again!

ALMOST no one Was Created to be Alone.

There’s SO Many times where we Cannot Change our Situation,


Even here this Idea is WRONG,

YOU can change whatever there is You’d Need be Changing;

As Long As You’re Just Ready For That Change!

This Idea with the Fear of Getting Your Heart and Soul Broken again,

That could be the Reason why a

GREAT many of People out there,

Never will
REALLY be Ready for Life, Luck, Destiny OR Whichever it Might be;

Brings that Opportunity into Your Life!

That Opportunity can be ANYTHING,

A Relationship,

A New Job,

A Dream You’ve Have Forever,

Meeting the Hero of Your Dreams…

The Actual situation doesn’t Matter,


Being Ready to take that Opportunity with Both hands


KNOWING that thing Will and Can get better in time.

Life isn’t just Full of the Heartaches,

BUT those are the ONES

We most of the times Change our Lives…

In Time & Out of Money…

In Time           

             I’ve watched a Cool Movie some time ago.

The Premise of it was Pretty Cool as well.

At some point in the Future we work and do what we have to,

Earning TIME itself.

            Everyone has an Clock on their arm and it runs down from the Age of 25.

THUS, some people live very long – seeing they’re Rich &

Others Clock-Out when their Clocks runs out to ZERO…


            That was a Pretty Cool idea how Money had changed to Time and if you’d have enough,

You could be Living for as LONG as you had Time on your Clock.


            Then this Thought hit me;

While I’ve paid for the Various aspects of Editing and such on my Book,

I’ve also looked at Various ways in which to Advertise and Reach more People.


Thinking about the Cost and Money needed to do what I want,

I also Thought about the Idea of this,

How easy it would be for US to go THAT way,

If You’re life-span was Calculated Directly against what kind of Money You had.


            This is as well, an ISSUE for Many People,

Looking at the Various things Many of us have to do,

Need or even Want to do for the Kids or Your Significant Other…

What you Need to do, keeping the Car running &

So much more…


            Then comes the Situation,

You’ve got a Household,

You’ve got accounts and there’s two cars maybe;

Not to even MENTION that there’s different Medical Aid additions to be paid…

            The cost of Living,

Eating and as we’re ALL running Far too hard and much,


JUST so THAT we’d DO it ALL again!


            With ALL of this that’s need to be Paid,

What IF your Life was really Calculated within the Money You’ve got in you Pocket,

AND so, Your Bank Account…

            That Feeling of Dread,

When you KNOW you’ve got things to do,

But there’s just NO Money in getting through to that…

            That Fearful Feeling of NOT KNOWING,

Where or When You’d get the Money to Pay for what You’d need…

When that Fear Grips Your Heart,

That’s NOT one of the Best Feelings in the world.


            There Had been so Many people not able to continue,

Without having the Money to Pay…


            BUT Then,

The day it comes; MAYBE,

The same as in the Movie – In Time,

When that Day does Arrive, we’ll be Really looking at your Money,

Seeing who would be Living Longer or NOT,

By then I hope I’d have Died of OLD Age…


            As much as THINGS change,

Some Aspects of the Past just Swings around,

Being used in a Different Manner or Form.