The STRAIN in the Muscle Pain.

The STRAIN in the Muscle Pain

Thee other day I was working on Something very Physically,

TO this moment I cannot for the Life of me Remember just what it was doing,

YET – the Next morning when I woke when my Unhappy Muscles got relaxed and had a Night to reflect on what had happened;

I walked around sore and stiff.


This reminded me when I was training, I had the same feeling at that time when I trained – as well as the time when I recovered after my Back surgeries.


While I was training and Excursing myself or my poor Muscles,

I was using a great deal of Energy.

The body uses an Aerobic method in creating this Energy – meaning that it uses Oxygen to generate the additional energy to train or run harder or lift something heavy.


In this method, the Energy boost is only temporarily and when You’re not that fit, you start breathing much harder and faster as well as feel the strain on your body.


The further we have to push the need for Energy, the body starts to produce the Energy needed in an Anaerobically method.


The energy is then taken from stored Glucose, in a process called Glycolysis, which now breaks the Glucose down to Pyruvate – creating more energy for the body to use and even in this form, the body uses stored up supplies of energy, which in the end it will have to replace.


By now you breathe a great deal more, even if you don’t think this.

Most of the time You’ll need to be running or doing something intense, but when Your body needs the Energy for something Excessive, we don’t even realize what our bodies are doing to generate that energy.


At times, especially when you’re not fit, and there’s still a Lack of Oxygen,

The body Temporarily changes Pyruvate into Lactate; which is the process of creating a continuous energy production.


Through all of this, there’s an additional by product, which there’s currently a Dispute about.

There’s a build-up of Acidity in the Muscle cells because of the continuous Metabolic processes.

AS well, this build-up of this Acidity, Lactic Acid – is said to be the reason why We have stiff muscles and pain after Excreting ourselves during this Strenuous time…


There’s another reason why we have this kind of Irritation and Pain and Stiffness in our bodies – as the expert says.

Reading through this Argument, it could as well be possible…


When we either Train hard or Run from a chasing dog or Work harder than most of the

time while you doing something, Moving from one place to the next, Lifting something really heavy or such – we tend to OVERWORK our muscles.


While I was strength training or at the time,

Recuperating from the Surgeries,

I found that there are Muscles which Look to be relaxed,

But they’re not really relaxed – in fact, that’s just the Opposite!


Hence, here comes the Other argument for our Soreness, Pain we’re in when You do TOO much when you shouldn’t.


When you’re either Training too Hard or going to Fast,

The Pain you feel in your Muscles are an Indicator for you to know not to Push too much,

Seeing in this Particular pursuit – You’ve reached your safe limit, training or excreting too much of Yourself at the given moment.


When I was running Track back at school,

The ONLY way of either going Faster or for Longer,

Would be to Run through this barrier as well.

You cannot Go Faster or Longer if you keep on that Barrier or Pain,

It’s only After this that Your bodies are building itself Up to do more.


This is a Pretty Damming PARADOX!

Working Harder,

Training Further,

Going Longer

AND that barrier to keep you from Damaging yourself or Hurting something, even Tearing a specific muscle while You’re doing this.


That said,

NEVER EVER just do this without having something Training or working out some or having warmed up some.

Even if you do, that’s NOT to say this will stop any Pain, Strain or Damage to Your muscles or Yourself – it ONLY means that like everything else in Life, You’ll eventually reach that Barrier beyond which You really starts building your body up…


While You’re either Training or Working hard,

It’s argued that while You’re excreting Yourself this much,

You’re actually Tearing Muscle cells and Stretching the Muscles to either deal with the Load on them for the Next time OR while they’re Over-worked,

They do get damaged while you’re doing whatever this is You’re busy with.


As with Cutting Your skin or burning yourself,

When something is Touching your open nerve, You tend to FEEL that intensely and will do what you can in keeping the Tender area as protected as possible.


I would say in this way;

If and When the Muscle cells are Torn or Damaged by what we do so Intensely,

They can be Affected by various reasons.


While they’re Recuperating,

This process could be Strenuous as well OR even the Acidity which build-up with the need to Produce more Energy while this Excretion takes place,

The Experts do not know for a Fact why we do feel this Tension in our Bodies,

After Training Hard


Working intensely as we sometimes do…


It really doesn’t matter which It might be,

Just keep in mind that Your body can ONLY go that Far,

When you DO push the Limits, as guarded as you may do this,

With the help of a Coach or Trainer or whichever this may be,

When You damage yourself to that Extent,

Sometimes there’s no coming back from that…


Just be Careful and Mindful of your own limitations,

Not stepping Over the Line and unable to reel that back in,

Keeping yourself Safe and Healthy.