The PAIN in the Sinus.


As Everyone would realize by now, every Now and Then I hear something,

See something and Learn something which I didn’t know,

This time It’s NONE different either!


If I can Remember Correctly,

I heard this over the Radio and Was wondering just How Possible this could be.


So, here’s what I found and just what Impact this could have on Either,

Your Sinuses


Your Teeth!


Although on This one I cannot tell you how Regular this is;

But most or any Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist would tell you –

As far as I know, Your Eyes, Nose, and Ears are linked… in some ways…


Now, this one, May be a TALL Tale,

But I’ve heard Many years ago that someone – Hence, not sure;

Would have died when this Person was Smothered with a Pillow,

Their Connections was active enough, they could barely breathe enough through the Connection to their Ears and Survived the Attack on them…

NOT entirely sure… about this one!


Yet, the connection and tubes between the Sinuses and your Teeth had been Documented.

To such an Extent that when You’ve got issues with Your Sinuses,

This could affect your Teeth, making you believe that You need to visit the Dentist.

Your Maxillary Sinuses are right above your Molar Teeth Roots…

Especially when there’s Pressure on your Teeth’s nerve endings, which also could feel like toothache when it’s not really your Teeth at fault.


The same can be said as well,

When You’ve got an Irritation or even an Infection within your Teeth,

Because your Sinuses are so closely located,

This Infection can affect your Sinuses and most of the time Block them,

Creating a Double Impact on You; feeling awful…


You may ask why do we Need Sinuses –

Which I can tell you I asked that Same question when I started reading up on this…

So here it comes,

We breathe Mostly through our noses as either we don’t Speak OR Concentrate on work OR do something additional.


THUS, not only does the Hairs in your Nose Tracts catch dust but as well as the Sinuses generate Mucus.

OH, my Goodness – You’d say; HOW awful!

This is done to Actually warm-up your Breath when Inhaled.

Within the Mucus, there are chemicals which affect the Foreign bacteria trying to Enter your body via your Nose and dislodge the possible Bacterial molecules.

With the help of Your Nose hairs, not only do the Dust get moved but as well;


Other bacteria,

And viruses are caught and moved to the back of Your throat.

They’re then deposited into the Stomach.

There’s a Brilliant name for this function – Mucociliary Clearance… Imagine that one!

The stomach acid destroys the foreign parts, which is part of your Bodies’ defense mechanism in keeping you healthy.

The ONLY issue would be, when there’s a problem, infections or you’ve got a Virus; the body’s already fighting against.

The tubes are blocked and movement of the bad particles take longer to get destroyed and you can ALMOST feel the Onset of a Cold or something more than that…


If you don’t go to a Doctor in dealing with the Sinusitis OR a Dentist in seeing about your Teeth;

There are a few things you can use or do, helping yourself out.


  1. Drink lots of fluids and or use Steam:

Water helps with a number of Body functions and helps with the Sinuses, smoothing out the mucus and helps with drainage. Thus keep hydrated and as well, get additional Electrolytes, they’re very helpful – ones important would be, Magnesium, Potassium, and Sodium to acquire additional. These help with your bodies’ immune system as well.


  1. Most people will not like this – but eat some Spicy Foods:

You do not need to Burn yourself into another Blood-group; look only for something a little stronger than usual. Something like Horseradish or some Chili Peppers, even use a bit more Pepper on your food if you are willing to go that way. The properties within the warmer food can unblock the Sinuses to the point you can almost feel them free-up; Just remember it’s not a Permanent fix and You’ll have to deal with problem…


  1. Use an expectorant:

You can buy some medicines over the Counter, helping you to elevate the Symptoms of the Sinusitis – some would work fast and you’d feel it over a short period of time. Others may work in a Different way and be SURE to Read the instructions. Some of the Medicines dry up the Mucus in the Sinuses – but I’ve heard that if and when the Sinuses are burnt in this way, it can even Worsen the Sinus issue, thus be really Careful, not to worsen your Predicament.

ALWAYS speak to your Doctor about Medicines, it could have an Allergic reaction to you, something You may not Realize, but may affect you in the Long-run.


  1. Hummmm… Yourself to sleep… Okay? ;-}

I do understand to Vibrate the Sinuses loose and hope things goes better from there, but I’ve never done this before myself. I cannot say for Any kind of Certainty if this would actually work…

Rest is Very important, within your Sleeping cycles your body generate more White Blood Cells and Cytokines which is your Natural Immune Cells and would obviously fight off any possible Infection.

With the Humming and when you can tilt your head correctly, the sinuses could drain more easily And this also would help you Sleep better – giving the body the chance at healing itself.


  1. Positioning your Head for the best Drainage:

This would be Hard, when we’re already sleeping, you cannot easily control what your body will do – Ironically, I’ve found this to be true;

When you make any drastic Movements while you’re sleeping, you’re actually wake-up and do whatever you’re up to, so when you’re awake like that – see if you can manage to improve your position so as to allow better flow of your Sinuses…

I’ve NEVER done this – here I’m at a loss as well!

The best I can tell you would be this; whatever the Problem or the Issue for you, if you cannot Fix it yourself, with Medicine AFTER speaking with the Chemist,

Go see your Doctor OR the Dentist and find out where Your problem may lie…


I’ve had NOT only Sinus blockage, Pain; BUT I’ve endured that my Sinuses have brought on Migraines as well,

Those I feel coming and KNOW there’s little I can do when they do Arrive, Help yourself out and see what You can do if you do endure any of the abovementioned!


All the Best to You!

Pain – the UNFORTUNATE name of the Game.


As of very recently I’ve had the UNLUCKY situation with one of my Teeth,

Obviously, you can Imagine that I’ve been having Toothaches


Again I looked at pain in general.


I do get the idea that when Nerves gets Irritated or even Damaged,

We know of the pain.

You might even have Physically injured yourself to feel the Pain or get that reaction from your body.


Yet I have a very Disturbing question,

This has happened to me over the months and years, gone by and it’s just a very Weird way in which OUR minds and bodies work.

With the Tooth, I’ve been woken by it, the Pain I mean, Especially when I have to visit the Toilet and I’m sleeping so Deeply that my Brain and Body works together in waking me…


In the Other instances, I’d dreamt that there was Someone in my Place and I’d wake Lightning fast from whichever dream I was having!


But now,

Coming back to the aspects of Pain and what we Feel or what You suspect could be coming.

Yes… that’s a Thing as well!


It is Called the Psychology of Pain.

We know it might be coming; For instants, those amongst us would HATE needles or when you go to the Dentist, that Drill they may use.

This causes you Additional stress and feelings of Fear for what will be coming – ideas and feeling which can fall in these Categories: vicious, nauseating, nagging pains, burning, irritating…


THUS, pain isn’t just the Physical aspect thereof,

We in our Minds makes this even Worse when we KNOW something is coming and it could Affect us in a Physical manner or way.

THEN the pain would be so much more Intense for you.


Most of all the Systems in our Bodies are the same.

They don’t Change over time in their Function,

The Brain

The Spinal Cord

The Dorsal Horn

The Sensory Nerve

The Nerve Cells

The Neurotransmitters

Our Motor Nerve…

All of them must stay the same and work in the very same manner,

Sending message up and down the Spinal Cord and the Nerve Sensors,

BUT when you Feel anxiety – Everything would be So much Worse at the end of the Day!


In most instances, the Body reacts and through the use of Long Nerve Fibres, the Brain sends messages, that the pain in the various areas to decrease.

Our bodies have the function to heal itself and also stop the pain, BUT in many instances, the various Medications just assist the Pain or Damage to be repaired faster.


Some time ago I’d injured my Elbow and found that the percentage of Chemical my body would disperse would in due time heal itself.

I’d try to buy the Medication with the same Chemical quantity included in its make-up,

That didn’t work because it wouldn’t have helped.

I did take some Medication as with moment with my Elbow I got a reminder not to Over Exert myself.

Well enough, and yet – I cannot tell you when it did happen that I didn’t feel the Irritation in my below go away.


Our Bodies are made to Heal itself IF you give it the time it will need to do so.

Then as well, IF your Doctor tells you to take it Easy and You don’t,

There’s not Medication for Stupidity…

I KNOW, I did listen to my Back Surgeon – Specialist,

Was it not for my Osteoporosis I’d have only ONE back Operation.

Taking the Prescribed Medications and doing what He told me to do,

I’m Still going strong and not possibly in a Wheelchair!


In many of the Films, they do say,

“If you still feel the pain, it’s a way in which Your body tells you; You’re still alive…”

And yet, doing things correctly, you don’t have to be Burdened by that pain and Can do what the Specialists tell you when you can – to live as Normal life as possible.


Physical Pain is like Physical Problems,

We can deal with them…

Mental Pain is like Mental Issues,

The Question is this – are you going to face yours to deal with them and live a fuller, better life?



TOMMY lay motionless in the Hospital bed. There were a few people around him, but none of them said a word to each other. They did what they could in keeping themselves warm while the ice-cold snow storm once more picked up force outside.

Everyone was looking at the other, each remembering what their own part, which lead up to Tommy ending up in Hospital.

It was only Tommy, who was lying there, in a coma, doing what he could in retracing the events which almost led to his demise.

If he was to stand tall, waking up out of the coma and knowing what happened, it would be very important for him to work through what happened before…


WALKING into the loft, from the University Library, Tommy remembered only then to switch on his phone. He wasn’t a straight A’s student, but knew that he couldn’t waste his parent’s money and not finish his studies either.

Annie and he hooked up a while back. She wasn’t an immediate distraction to his studies, but then she was doing everything she could in making sure that he never could forget her for too long either.

“Okay… at last, a message from Annie.” Tommy thought, never being too worried about keeping connected with everyone all the time.

“Have you heard from Annie yet?” Billy asked, the moment when Tommy heard the sound on his mobile’s message alert.

Tommy looked at him, not too sure why he of all people was more worried about Annie than Tommy, her boyfriend, was.

“Didn’t you guys have another fight before she left for the Holiday Resort?” Billy asked, “I’m just looking out of you brow…” he reacted fast, not sure what was going on in Tommy’s head.

“You’re the one that told me that I don’t know her that well. Still, you know her better than I do and you’re not willing to lay some of that knowledge on me either. Brow… that doesn’t sound like you’re really looking out for me or her.” Tommy told him, not too happy with this situation.

Both had their own issues with this. Billy didn’t want to ruin the chances Tommy could have in getting to know Annie. Still, he wasn’t willing to tell Tommy any of what he knew.

Having mentioned far too much, but couldn’t take back what had been said already.

“I know you don’t care for my thoughts on this, but then I still believe you should get to know her in your own time.” Billy said, looking like a cat on a hot tin roof – “Are they okay? I heard from the weather channel, there’s an icy-cold storm heading our way. It might not pass them, so if you wanted to get up there; find out what she said and pack, you better get cracking, getting there before the storm hit.” Billy said, feeling far too uncomfortable with the situation.

“With Tara and the rest there… I would only be a nuisance to her. There are other girls there as well. Can you imagine, with me there and their boyfriends not allowed, they

would have a fit.” Tommy told him, only then looking at his phone.

For a moment there was silence while Billy wondered what Tommy saw.

“Is something wrong?” Billy asked cautiously.

Tommy didn’t react, just looked at the phone and then dialed into his voice mail. He didn’t look at Billy, just walked to the window – seeing the steady change in the weather.

Billy could do little, walking over to the Television and flipped to the weather channel.

“Hi Tommy, this is Tara. Yes, I know that you would have hoped that Annie would have called you by now, but this is not the case. If you’re not alone, then just listen.” Tommy heard the message so far; “If you come up here, I don’t want Annie to know that I’ve left you this. If you’re not coming up here – then we’ll have to talk about this when I see you again. Do not mention this to anyone or you’d not know the truth of the matter. Let’s talk and then you can choose what you’d do yourself.” she told him, cutting the message off, not having more to say than that.

Billy still stood there, unable to read Tommy’s face or his actions.

“Are you going up there or what?” he asked really curious.

“Apparently… I am going up there,” he said, plastering a fake smile on his face when he looked at Billy; “Women… you cannot live with them and you cannot live without them. What the hell is wrong with us in most instances?” Tommy asked him, hiding the message very easily from Billy.

“Did you get enough studying for the exams in next week? You do know, if you fail any one of the tests, your parents would not pay for rent and we’d be on the street?” Billy asked, knowing Tommy knew this very well.

“They’d at least allow me to re-write if that is possible and then, they do know it’s my freshman year; it’s not High School anymore. Thus, things are a little harder at the get-go…” Tommy told him, “I’ll pack and then get going. I want to reach there long before the weather turns really fowl.” he told Billy.

“Yeah, you’d better hurry. Unfortunately, I cannot go with you. It would have been a blast… some of the girls might just like to fool around… But that would only get me into more trouble.” Billy joked, while Tommy started packing in his room.

Tommy didn’t react to this and just got his things together. Still, he realized that Billy wasn’t himself in the least.


TOMMY made sure to fill the old faithful Jeep’s tank to the brink. Not too sure what he would have to pay for, at the Resort and what not. Thus, being stuck there without transport to get back would be bad, especially if Annie wasn’t able to score him some freebies while he was there.

“Man oh, man… you look like you’re ready to go camp in a blizzard.” one of the men said, seeing the fully stocked Jeep.

“Yeah, well, going up to the resort and there could be a chance I’d have to camp out at some point. You never know, need to be prepared.” Tommy told the older black man, who looked through the window and walked off.

Paying for the fuel, Tommy got in, taking along some snacks – he drove off, not having to race the weather; but keeping an eye on it, though.


ANNIE walked hastily all over, looking for her best friend, Tara. The resort wasn’t crowded at all, but there was still work to be done. There were a few guests who enjoyed the snow and would stay around for as long as they could.

“Have any of you seen Tara?” she asked some of the other girls there.

“Isn’t it her day to work at the sauna?” she asked, not sure herself.

Before either one of them could say a word to her, she bolted away from there, heading to the sauna. While she was on her way there, the phone rang. She stopped and looked at the caller identity.

Not sure she wanted to answer, it wasn’t Tommy.

“What do you want now?” she asked irritated.

“Hi to you as well… what’s eating you?” he asked.

“What is eating me? What is eating me?” she asked very loudly, walking past some of the guests.

Keeping the phone in hand and did what she could in apologizing, not wanting to get fired for being rude.

Just when she walked out of their sight and earshot, “You’re the one who is supposed to make sure that we’ve got enough time! I have to get a text from Tommy that he’d be seeing me in due time… What happened to our plan?” she asked, going a little crazy on her way, down the hallway.

“That is exactly the reason why I’m calling you. He got a message, I have no idea from whom, but then choose to come up there.” Billy told her, “I had suspected that it was from you, but the way you’re going on, I can just assume that you didn’t call or leave him a voice mail?” he asked her.

Hearing this, Annie just stopped. She looked up and down the hallway, seeing there was no one there. She argued at what Billy had told her. Not that she could make too much noise and once more looked up and down. There was no one coming, only Billy on the other side wondering what had happened.

“I’m still here. You had better pray that he doesn’t know and that he’s not coming here to ask me about… You’d better just hope he doesn’t know!” Annie told him.

“Who do you think would have told him? Who would even know?”

She stood there, not sure, seeing the sign for the sauna – “I can think of a few, but I’m going to the one I suspect would be right at the top of the list. I’ll call you when I call you.” she told him, dropping the call and steamed off, even more frustrated!


TOMMY was well on his way. Still, while he drove he kept a close eye on the approaching weather.

“Just what is going on that I’ve got no idea about?” Tommy wondered, not getting any kind of good feeling about it.

By now the road had four very distinct tracks up and down. Tommy played some old music which his grandfather taught him to enjoy. The Jeep had an old radio and tape deck. Thus, even his parents’ tapes were used – in a manner of speaking, keeping all of them close to his heart.

“I really hope that Tara isn’t just getting something started which could have stayed.” Tommy said loudly, concentrating on the road ahead of him.

Tommy had more than ample time and was halfway to the resort already. Without much traffic and nothing standing in his way, he would be there by lunch at the latest.

Just then, he saw that there was light snow starting to fall. The weather had changed over the last month, but this was a storm of note, which was heading their way.


EVEN at the sauna, Annie didn’t find Tara. She was running in circles and everyone she found was in the dark about where exactly Tara was. When Annie walked into their room she heard the water of the shower running.

“You must be kidding me, showering this time in the day?” Annie said, boiling in her skin.

She had built up a sweat over past hour and Tara was getting herself refreshed.

Just then, while Annie tried to find Tara’s phone, she stepped out of the shower, walking into their room. She stopped, not suspecting anyone to be there and got a pretty good fright at that. Tara looked at Annie, seeing that she was standing far too close to her things.

“Okay… what are you doing?” Tara asked, not covering any part of herself.

“Do you mind getting dressed; I’m really not interested in girls in the least.”

“Why would you then be bothered? Not only that, what are you going through my stuff?” Tara asked, looking Annie in the eyes – making sure she didn’t get to anything else.

Acting really kio, Annie moved out from between the two beds, putting up her hands up, boiling even more so.

“Now then, what’s going on that you’d want to go through my things?” Tara asked intently.

Annie didn’t look at her, trying to find the best way out, covering herself in this; but getting to the truth as well. Only then did she turn around, trying very hard to come up with something really good. Tara dressed slowly, knowing that she bugged the life out of Annie when she was naked.

“You really do like to irritate me like this, don’t you?” Annie asked, not playing it cool after all.

“At least you’ve got the balls, as little as they are – but then you’re not going to play it cool or nice, you want to ask me something?”

“Well then, if you suspect something is coming…” Annie started, “I might as well suspect that it was you then.” she said, not seeing any reaction in Tara’s face, eyes or actions.

“What are you accusing me of, just so I’d know?”

Tara was a cool customer, finishing while she waited to see what Annie would do.

“There’s a massive blizzard coming our way and now Tommy is on his way here. If he has a good journey, then he could arrive here in short time.” Annie started at her again, “But then you know he’s on his way here don’t you?” she asked, boiling and willing to physically assault Tara by now.

“I know for a fact that I’m no psychic, but then as you said – suddenly I know that Tommy is coming here? Just how would that be?” she asked – “I could suspect… Would he come visit his girlfriend? But then I would have guessed that he’d come here sooner. So now, you don’t want to see him? Would there be a reason you’d not want to see him?” Tara asked her, enjoying turning the table.

“I know it’s you that called him, I’ll prove it as soon as I get your phone and then we’ll see…” Annie said, then seeing that Tara walked closer to her.

She took her mobile and handed it to Annie. Standing there, looking at her, not making any other move.

“Firstly, I didn’t call Tommy. He’s coming and would probably be here in time.” Tara said, smiling happily – “Secondly, I’d like to know what you’d even try, but worse for you. When he’s here, you’ll have to act as happy as you possibly could be; seeing that you don’t even want him here.” Tara told her, “I’m really happy that I’m not you… So then, have a look and you tell me how I could make a call from that phone when it’s… broken?” she asked Annie, seeing that Annie turned pale.

Tara grabbed the phone from her and threw it on the bed, finishing up to leave. She made sure that all her things were nicely packed away. Just if Annie had the idea of doing anything else, she would know if the slob had been there.


SINCE last that Billy had spoken to Annie, he’d called three more times. Neither time did Annie answer him. The only thing he could do was keeping an eye on the weather.

It was well past twelve and almost one o’clock when Billy did get a text from Annie – Tommy just arrived.

Pulling the Jeep to the back, where he’d only once before parked. It was the last time he was there, coming to visit Annie, that time as well.

The moment Tommy got out of the Jeep, one of the girls, the youngest among them walked up to him.

“What… are you crazy?” she asked him almost hysterically.

“Did Annie send you to me, she’s a little busy getting her facts straight?” he asked, not in the mood for their foolish games.

She just looked at him, not sure if she wanted any part of the brewing trouble.

“Of all the places you could have been, you choose to come here?” she asked, turning around and walked into the building.

Tommy didn’t stay outside, there was an icy-cold wind which almost lead him the last part of the way. Pulling his jacket tighter, while the cold was doing all it could at injecting itself on the young man.

The moment Tommy walked into the door, there was a night to day difference between outside and inside.

He didn’t stand on snow anymore. There was a thick carpet, the width of the hallway and enough light to shine all the way. The most obvious thing he realized was that it was much warmer inside than out. There was no wind, pulling at his clothes, he could actually hear himself think. The cold was kept at bay by the doors.

The few people he saw inside the resort; they didn’t even take any notice of him. There were only a few guests and those he saw, knew what he was wearing and where he stood – he wasn’t one of the guests.

“Talking about crashing a party.” Tommy thought, “I just wonder where Annie would be.” he asked, walking deeper into the building.

The young girl who spoke briefly to him, she wasn’t insight and just as he arrived at the front desk; there were a few more girls walking past him. He saw none of them cared for him, to say the least; they only concentrated on the guests.

“Just what do you have to say for yourself, Mister?” Annie asked Tommy, standing well away from him.

The moment he turned, she reluctantly walked up to him and kissed him. She had to rapidly change over into girlfriend mode. She had to act very convincingly, not dropping the ball and allowing Tommy to suspect her at all.

“I wanted to see you, what… Should I not have come?” he asked her, suspecting everything from the moment she heard his voice.

“No, I didn’t say that. But then, you do know that I’m working here. It’s not like I can leave my job, entertaining you.” she told him, holding onto him for as long as she could – not wanting to look into his eyes.

“I’ll maintain a low profile. To say the least, everyone here must get ready for this storm. Thus, I cannot believe that the Manager would let you guys not prepare…” he told her, pulling away and looking at her – “If there’s nothing to do… you and I can spend some time together. Even if it’s only sitting, looking at a fire, in any one of the many fireplaces.” Tommy told her, looking intently at her.

He would be reading her actions and her face implicitly for as long as he was there.


TARA came walking up to them. She knew very well how mischievous Annie was with everyone she wanted to use. It turned her stomach to see just how she played everyone around her.

“Hi there,” she said, not giving any thought to Tommy at all.

“Hi, aren’t you supposed to be at your job or something?” Annie shot at her, not trusting Tara in the least.

“I would have been, the only problem is this;” she said, looking at them – first Tommy and then Annie; “There’s something you did or didn’t do. But then, the Manager is looking for you.” Tara told her, turning to walk away.

For the shortest moment, Annie stood there. If the Manager saw Tommy, she would lose her job. There was nothing else for her to do…

“Tara…” Annie called her, seeing that she stopped and looked at them, “I cannot take Tommy with, I know that you’re busy, but can you take him back to our room?” she asked, “Just show him where we’re at and then you can go to work.” she asked, looking as uncertain of this, as Tommy was of her.

She looked at Annie, not acting as if she was in the mood for it.

“I take him there. I do not entertain him and I’m not waiting for you to come back either.” she told Annie, waiting for them to get going.

Tommy looked at her and then back at Annie.

“Would Tara’s fiancé know about me being here already?” he asked, not really worried.

It was now that he’d speak with Tara, finding out what it was that she wanted to tell him.

“I’ll be there as soon as I can, just maybe if you behave… we could share the room.” she told him, looking at Tara, not trusting her in any which way – “Just drop him off and that’s it… you hear.” she made sure the message was clear.


THE moment the two turned, walking away from Annie; they heard the wind was really picking up. The cold was affecting even the building and it sounded more like they were on a huge wooden ship, the building was cracking and pressing against the wind.

“Your message sounded very vague and strange.” Tommy started, feeling the tension between them.

“Yes, I had no idea things would turn out as crazy as they did. But yes, when we do have that time, we do…” she wanted to when Fred walked out of the connecting hallway.

Immediately Tara stopped and looked at him.

“Hi there… who is this? Where you’re off to?” he asked, not looking happy at all to see Tommy with her – “You said that we’d finish our conversation, when will that be and what are you doing with him?” he asked very jealous.

Tara looked at Tommy and then back at Fred. She didn’t even smile at him and didn’t care what he was doing.

“Tommy… Annie’s boyfriend – this is my ex-fiancé. He’s been demoted to the position of less than nothing,” she told Tommy, looking at Fred and making sure he understood what was going on – “We’re leaving and when we speak, you’d better be up to the task!” Tara told him, boiling.

Tommy looked at him and then saw her walking. He didn’t say a thing to Fred and just walked faster in getting to her.

“And no… you’d not want to know what is going on back there.” she told Tommy, even before he got a chance at asking any question.

Turning into the next hallway, the cold had seeped into the building slowly. Everyone was dressed warmer than Tommy was and even so – it was still cold inside the building.

“I really hope you brought some warm clothes. I doubt that you’d get out of here when you suspected to get out.” Tara told him, opening the door to their room – “There’s her bed, you might as well make yourself comfortable and we’ll see just what takes place within the next few hours.” she told him, “We’ll see just when we’ll talk. What you make of it, which would be your own issue.” walking from the room before he uttered a word.

Tommy placed his bag on the floor and lay on the bed. For the time he was still okay, then the cold even reached in there and he could feel the temperature dropping.

“Why do I get the feeling that this wasn’t such a good idea after all?” Tommy asked, getting up and getting something warmer.

Before he found what he was looking for, there was a knock at the door.

“What would the odds be?” he thought, smiling and walked to the door.

Before he opened it, he tried looking more business-like, suspecting anything.

It was Fred who stood there. This Tommy suspected and looked at him, just the same as he looked at Tommy.

“I have no idea what you’re doing here, but I do hope that you’re not thinking of making a move on Tara.” Fred said, happy that he got the first blow in.

“Seriously, you do know who I’m here to see. Just what are you thinking about, I’m with Annie.” Tommy told him, seeing that Fred was looking for more of a confrontation.

“I know guys, I’m one of them!” he started again, “I know that if you can have something more, especially on the side – most guys wouldn’t think twice getting themselves some… Just so you’d know, if that was to happen… You and I would go a few rounds and I know that you’d not walk away from that!” Fred said, feeling a man with the threat that he left.

“Would that be all?” Tommy asked, already bored out of his mind of the idiot before him.

“You’d better check yourself or I’ll do that for you.” Fred said, not worried what Tommy said.

Tommy just looked at him, waiting to see if Fred had more to say. Just standing in the doorway and waiting to see when at the soonest he could close the door.

“Luckily they’re sharing a room; otherwise it would have been really weird that he was able to come here, knowing where I’d be.” Tommy thought, seeing that Fred wanted to say more, but there was nothing he could play off from Tommy’s side.

“You better watch yourself or it would be you and me…” Fred said, willing for there to be more.

Tommy wasn’t in the least bit in flexing anything, especially for Fred of all people.


JUST then Annie walked around the corner, seeing once again, Fred was behaving like only he could.

“Great, what does that fool want now?” she asked, walking even faster in getting to them.

Out of the corner of his eye, Fred saw someone coming and when he saw her, he almost jumped.

“Great, who is coming now, someone he’s clearly afraid of.” Tommy smiled, seeing that Fred didn’t like the way he enjoyed the situation.

“Be really careful, I’m not done with you yet.” Fred said, facing Annie full-on.

Tommy popped his head out, seeing that it was Annie heading their way. It wasn’t all that good, but he clearly saw their reactions toward each other. It was like a living soap opera that played out right before his eyes.

Annie saw him looking at her and then he looked at Fred as well.

“You boys are playing nicely?” she asked, doing what she could in getting Fred to play along.

“Yes, just came to see if your boy here has settled in.” Fred said, playing along very nicely – “I know we’ve got some terrible weather coming our way.”

Annie looked at Tommy, not sure why he didn’t speak at all and then moved past Fred – not allowing him to touch her at all.

“You packed something warm, did you not?”

When Annie walked past Tommy into the room, he smiled at Fred and slowly closed the door.

“So happy that I’m rid of that idiot…” Tommy thought, seeing that Annie was really drawing his attention now.

As far as she walked into the room, she got herself undressed and when she stopped at the bathroom door, she was butt-naked. Knowing very well that if she got his attention off everything else; she might just save the situation.

“What are you smiling about?” she asked him, “What? Don’t you like what you see? Do I not do it for you anymore?” Annie asked, not sure what was going – stressing more about it than she should.

“I just remembered the first time your parents found out that you’re not a little girl anymore… When they found us in the Jeep, without a shred of clothes on… When you found out how intensely fun, fooling around could be…” he told her, smiling – “This could be our last time together, why would I not enjoy the fruits one last time.” Tommy smiled still, walking over to her and allowing her to help him get undressed, moving slowly into the bathroom.

The shower was running by the time that Tara walked into the room. They’d been in there for almost an hour and they had no idea in their minds, at washing themselves. For only a moment Tara stood there, listening at the two and then walked out of the room.

“Whatever I’d tell Tommy, there’s no way that he’d believe the truth about her. I might as well leave it alone, see what’s going to happen.” Tara thought, closing the door behind her.

Just then Fred walked up to her and saw that still, she was in no mood for him and his antics. Tara knew very well that he wasn’t looking in on her. Fred was afraid of what Annie was doing with Tommy alone in the room, not suspecting they were in the shower.

“What do you want?” boiling at the very sight of him.

“Sorry that you’re still angry with me,” he started.

“You’re only sorry that you got caught! To say the least; if that didn’t happen then you’d have been in the Heavens – having your bread buttered, jammed and eaten from both sides.” Tara told him, not allowing him any room.

“The manager told me to round-up everyone in the resort. The storm might pass in the next day or so, but until then; everyone is sleeping in the main dining room.” he told her, not sure if she would believe him – “There’s going to be a constant fire and he’d like to know how many heads we are.” Fred said, not even aiming to move closer to her.

Tara looked at him, smiling happily at this. Then she just walked off, not worried about a thing he might come up with any further.

“Where is the stiff and Annie?”

“You’ll have to call them out of the shower, that is if you’d have the balls at going into the room!” Tara shouted while she kept on walking.

There was a great deal to do before the main dining room could be used for their sleeping arrangements. Thus, Tara knew well enough that she had a great deal to do with the rest.

Just around the turn, Tara stopped and looked back. She saw Fred took a hold of the door, but he didn’t dare walk into the room. He was totally stunned, not sure what he was to do. He couldn’t stay there and he couldn’t go inside. He didn’t knock on the door, but then moved back to the other wall and leaned against it.

“Yeah… that could happen when your piece of ass, on the side, has her boyfriend to deal with…” Tara thought, seeing that Fred was beside himself – “If you do the wrong thing, Tommy would know what is going on and your little secret would be out.” she thought and kept on smiling at the sight of this; “Long gone are the days that I’d care for you or worry what might happen to you…”

Happy with the situation, angry with Fred for using her and intent in setting things right – Tara left there. Walking faster now, knowing that they’d be looking for both of them. She didn’t care for this much, but they were undoubtedly stuck there for the time



THE moment Annie and Tommy walked out of the room, she saw that Fred apparently just arrived.

“Hi there,” he said, not sure how to act around Tommy.

“Fred, Tara’s not here.”

“I know, she’s busy with the rest in the main dining room.” he said, behaving jittery, “The manager wants everyone there. He’s counting all heads. So, if he didn’t know your buddy here was coming, then he’d know it now.” Fred told her, “There would be a constant fire and as soon as the storm passes, we’ll see just what we’d need to do, getting the resort back into business.” he told them, unable to make eye-contact with Tommy.

“That’s actually a good idea. Making sure no one wonder-off and no one freezes to death.” Tommy said, “But then, you might get some lip because of me.” he told her, pulling her closer, hugging her with one arm.

Tommy had felt the tension between the two. Seeing that Fred had already acted so strange. Then he felt that Annie wasn’t really as happy to see him. Before she would have hugged him almost constantly, but he could feel that she was uneasy around both of them.

“Do we need to take extra bedding or something?” Tommy asked, “Are they moving beds in there and do you guys have double-bed we can use?” he asked, “I can almost see what it is that Tara wants to tell me, the only question is this – how deep does their little secret reach?” Tommy wondered.

He took Annie’s hand and pulled her long, walking away from Fred and felt that she wasn’t too happy at this either.

She stopped dead and Tommy allowed her to pull her hand clear of his.

“What is the matter now?”

“Fred and Tara are having trouble. I don’t want her to know that I’m talking to him, seeing if I can help out. She is there and if you can see to keep her from coming here, then I can see just how well their issues might be smoothed over.” Annie told him, “If they are still upset with each other, the atmosphere in there wouldn’t be good for anyone.” Annie told him, doing all she could in staying.

Tommy smiled at her, slowly walking up to her.

“Sure, I did sense there was something strange with each of them. See what you can manage.” Tommy told her, kissing her as passionately as she would allow him to.

Knowing that Fred was looking, knowing that if he was right and Tara told him – it would be their last weekend together.

Once more he took the breath from Annie and left her just there, wanting more. Not that they could, but this was something that Tommy knew about her. If he got her going, there was no stopping her…


TARA was busy with the staff when Tommy alone walked into the main dining-room. She didn’t see him looking at her, but she could clearly feel an intense look on her.

She stopped and saw that he walked directly to her. She saw that he had more than suspicions and there was no more fooling around with the truth.

“How long?” he wanted to know.

She didn’t dare lie to him, knowing the way she found out, it was bad enough.

“I really don’t know… but they’ve been going on with this behind my back as well.” she told him, then seeing that the two came to a running stop inside the door.

Tommy didn’t even look around to know.

“This has just got worse…”

“I really don’t care about them. You could have told me more on the phone and I’d not have been stuck up here with the two lying assholes.” Tommy told her, furiously.

“I walked in on them,” Tara started – “She swore to me that she’d tell you and decides what exactly she wanted to do.” Tara told him, with tears just welling in her eyes, “I don’t care for Fred anymore. But then, as you say, for more than just the time being, I’m even more stuck than you are.” seeing neither walked closer.

Tommy turned around, looking at the two, seeing that they moved into the room, making sure to stay clear of them.

“Yeah… for her to choose what she’d like to do. That might take a year if she can draw it out that long…” Tommy said, watching the two – “She could have stuck around until my inheritance paid out, that might be part of the deal here. Having as many flings along the way and keeping me going. Then at the right moment, she’d been waiting for, she could do whatever she could do.” Tommy said, “Getting what she was really after…”

“You believe she’d go that far?”

“I’m here and you’re her roommate. She’s got no issue at having your fiancé or cheating on me either.” Tommy told her, turning around – “She would do absolutely whatever she needs to do, getting what she wants or believe what she can get. That I can promise you.” Tommy told her, turning and walking out of the main dining-room.

Tara turned and kept on helping. Doing everything she could, ignoring them. This while the two were so worried about Tommy, they just stayed clear of both.

“What do you think will happen during the night?” Fred asked, being a little coward.

“I know him well enough, if he was going to do something, he would face you head-on. He’s not going to sleep in here and there’s nothing anyone can do in changing his mind.” Annie told him, holding onto him more fiercely than he expected.

“So, for the time being, we keep out of their way. What happens when the storm is over?” he asked, still worried sick.

“Just don’t get in his way. He could just out of the blue, if you’re not here, knock your light out.” Annie told him, “But then again, here – we’ll be safe from both of them.”


BEFORE anyone knew what happened, Tommy walked into Annie’s room, taking all his things and walked out of the resort itself.

The snow was falling hard by now and with the wind blowing constantly, it was hard for him to get to the Jeep.

Tommy was as warm as he could. Getting into the Jeep and getting it started, was the easy part.

“This would be a tale to tell if I get myself home through this storm.” Tommy thought, pulling away and taking it easy.

The heater was running full blast and he could just about see enough, getting away from there.

“I just wonder how long it would be, before anyone would figure that I’m not there anymore.” Tommy thought, using the GPS navigation and what he could remember from the road up; “Not that she’d care; but then why in the world didn’t Tara help get this issue sorted out when she found out? I could have done so much by now…” Tommy thought, listing to the music while he took it very carefully on the road.

Concentrating hard on the road, Tommy started to smile. At least he survived Annie, not sure what kind of antics she could have gotten up to in time.

“Billy was so worried… Who is there that she might not have had a thing with? Which of my pals did she not take on a wild ride?” Tommy wondered, gripping the steering, his knuckles started to turn white – “There would be far too many of them who would stand in-line enjoying something on the side… Not that one of them would tell me, why would they? She’d enjoy herself too much with everyone willing to jump on her!” Tommy said loudly, the further he went the louder he got; “At least, she’d clearly get the picture when they cannot find me there.”


JUST before twelve the night, Fred walked in from the cold. He had to man-up and knew very well that Annie wouldn’t let him touch her, if he didn’t make sure of it.

“Tommy did leave. I have no idea, but if he’d left when we got to the dining-room; he could be off the pass by now.” he said, not knowing how they’d react.

“I’m sending a text to Billy, as soon as he sees Tommy, killing him on my behalf!” Annie said, only one tear rolling over her cheek.

“What? You’re still with him?” Fred asked.

“I don’t want anything to happen to either one of you. That is it,” she told Fred, seeing that Tara walked up to them.

“He left didn’t he?”

They didn’t have to answer her, she could clearly see the truth in their reactions.

“Have Billy heard from him?” Tara asked next.

“If the message gets out, then we’ll have to wait and see.” Annie said, not sure if Billy would react – she was after all not there with him as she promised.

“Wow… this is just another one of your fine messes! For as long as we’re here, neither one of you better give me any grieve!” Tara told them, “Thus, just so you’d know, we’re through!” Tara told Fred, aiming to hit him when he got out of the way.

Walking away from them, she headed to the manager’s office, getting his satellite phone. The manager walked up to them, seeing that Annie and Fred had no idea what to tell him.

“What do I hear about someone coming here to see you and now… Now he’s gone out in the horrible storm?” the manager asked, looking very displeasing at them.

“There’s been a little hick-up…” Annie said, worried for Tommy’s and their sake, while she frantically tried her best in contacting Billy.

“Why did you let him leave?” the manager asked, while Fred became her shadow; “What? Did you guys have a fight and now I’ll be the idiot who allowed someone out in this weather! Not only that, if he dies… What would I tell the owner?” the manager asked, seeing that Annie had no idea what to tell him – “Are you just going to stand there? You two are sleeping together, aren’t you?” he asked Fred, seeing that the young man didn’t react at all.


“I DON’T know just how far down or up he might be… That is the reason why I’m here, his girlfriend told me that he’d left there well before twelve at night. By now, he should have been down from the resort. Only, I’ve not heard a word from my friend.” Billy said, looking at the man from the rescue unit.

“I know you’ve told me all of this three times already. We cannot go up on that road, no matter what the situation, we cannot see what is going on.” the older man told him, seeing that Billy was really stressed – “With this kind of storm and with what you’ve told me. When we go up there… we’ll be looking for his body.” he said, seeing the news left Billy sitting on the closest chair to him; “If he got stuck, in this kind of storm, we’d only go retrieve a body… very little chance for something more than that. I’m really sorry to tell you that.” he told Billy.

He poured Billy a strong cup of coffee and handed it to the pale looking young man.

“As soon as the storm lets up enough, we’ll go see what we can find.” he told Billy and walked into his office.

Looking at the computer and the weather report for the next few hours.


WELL PAST midday, the wind calm just enough. The men of the rescue unit got ready and lastly woke Billy, for him to come with them.

“The weather has calmed down enough?” Billy asked, when they pulled out of the base station.

“As I told you, we truly pray that we find him alive. But with the temperature dropping as it did, I cannot even say that we’d find him or the old Jeep you say he’s driving.” the man told him.

They got going and only after the second turn on the winding road, did they have to stop.

“What is going on now?” Billy asked, looking from the back seat.

Everyone got out of the rescue vehicle. Only now did Billy see that there was a tree which fell on the road.

“I’ll be damned!” the leader said, walking up to the tree.

“What do you see?” Billy almost shouted too highly pitched, worried out of his mind.

“There’s the Jeep. You friend must have gotten here and couldn’t see that the tree was blocking the way. If not, then he might have stopped at our station or even driven to your apartment.” the tallest of the men told him.

Walking up to the Jeep, they saw that it was covered entirely with snow. No one could see inside and only after scraping some of the snow off, were they able to see better.

Then the door was opened, which moved easier than they could imagine.

“I cannot believe this, he’s still alive!” the leader shouted, seeing that Billy got to the open door really fast!

“We need a medical evacuation here immediately!” the leader shouted at the rest, moving a few things to get to Tommy.


IN hospital Tommy slept for two days straight. Every now and then, someone came to see how he was. Still, between all of them, Tara was the only one who stayed with him

longer than the rest.

He woke and saw that she was sleeping awkwardly in the big chair in his room.

“She’s been here more than anyone else.” the nurse told him.

“I take it,” Tommy started, “I didn’t… completely… get off the road… into town… on my own?” he asked her.

“You can be really lucky. There are a few people who have been really worried about you. She… most of all… Why would you let your lovely girlfriend worry over you so much?” she asked him, walking out of the room.

The moment the nurse walked out of the room, Annie walked in there. Seeing that Tara still slept on the chair.

“I’m really happy that you’re okay… You scared the life out of everyone.” Annie told him, not moving too close to him.

Tara didn’t move, she did hear what was going on in the room.

“I wouldn’t have expected to see you so soon.” Tommy told her, lifting his hand show her to stop – “Before you left for the resort, you were sick…” Tommy said, looking at her – “So, the question is this, who is the father of your child then?” he wanted to know.

She stood there, shocked out of her mind, that he’d puzzled everything out, so soon.

“It’s neither Billy nor Fred is it?” he asked her, “Not to mention, it’s been a while… seeing you’ve already conceived… there at the resort? So, now what?” he asked her, seeing that Annie had not a word to say.

Tommy looked at Tara, realizing she was faking it.

Then he looked at Annie, “I really do hope, for the best for you. But for now, I’d really love it not to see you for as long as it takes for me to feel much better.” Tommy told her, seeing the shock in her eyes.

“I know this means nothing to you, but I’m really… really sorry that things didn’t work out between us.” walking out of the room, closing the door quietly behind her.

Tara got up and walked over to Tommy, “You seriously want to tell me that she’s pregnant? Neither one of them suspects that they’re not the father?”

“Hi there, don’t you have someplace better to be than keeping me company?”

“Yes I do, but then if I have to be there, without anyone I like, being there with me… it wouldn’t be good at all.” she told him, kissing his forehead.

“Aren’t you engaged to be married?”

“My ex… thinks he’s the love of her life and I’m not wasting my time on someone like that. So then, it appears that you and I have some time on our hands… Time to get to know you, what do you say?”

“That would be good, but just let Billy know when you leave here; he’d better get his things out of my place… If you can do that for me?” he asked.

Tommy reached out and took her hand in his, smiling for the first time in a long time.

An IRRELEVANT Disappointment…


I had this Post in mind for a while now.

Having a few Others in-line to be Shared – gave me a bit of time,

Getting the Idea just Right…


THEN it Mutated in the time I re-evaluated it!


So here’s where it Began.

I was Watching the Television Series,

The Last Ship

As well

Fringe Season 5.


In the Last Episode of The Last Ship (Season 2),

What the Creators choose to do,

I suspected Affected MANY of their Fans in a Terrible way.


To say the least,

Since I’d bought Season FIVE and the last Season of Fringe –

I found a Terrible situation within the Storyline in the Season,

So much so, Having had this Last Season,

In Six Months I’ve not Finished it…

Not even Passed by this Episode I’d really HATED what Happened!


This is REALLY Interesting if you Think about this,

WHY is it that Television or even Films Affect us as much as they do,

For the Better / Good of all of us OR for the Worst / Bothersome on the Opposite side of the Coin?


I’d say that IF and When the Film Makers,

Creative People do their Jobs well,

We see ourselves OR Imagine ourselves in their Possible Prediction.

We ENJOY that those Characters do what they do

Succeed when they DO and Enjoy what they can do,

When our Lives Might be Limited in some ways…


It REALLY doesn’t matter in whichever way this fall Short for us,

What I again Thought and saw,

When Our Idols – Heroes or Influencers FALL from Grace,

In whichever Arena they are in;

We Regard at this Fall from Grace; Very Personally!


In some ways It’s Understandable,

Parents most times Lives Vicariously through their Children…

What not to say, Living and Dreaming through the On-Line lives

Of Our Heroes and Beloved Characters?


This lets me Think back on a Movie of

Clint Eastwood – Trouble With The Curve…


The Youngish Mexican-American boy told Eastwood’s On-Screen Daughter,

It’s Just a Game.

She smiled and agreed.


Thus, here’s my Other thought on this;

Yes it’s Hard and Necessary to find out Why things had gone Bad,

Never Knowing if the Person Disappointing you,

Dragged Anyone else down Along with them?


Not only this,

When Someone,

No matter Who they are,

Betray you and Lie… that Shatters our Ideas, Thoughts, and Hopes Connected to this Person!


We want to KNOW how this Could have happened,

SEE if this could Help Others not Falling in the Same kind of trap,

HOPE that nothing could Break the Heroes and Idols still Untainted out there.


But ONE thing everyone else Forgets,

We’re ALL Only Human and that’s the Long and Short of this.

ALL of us can Make Millions of Mistakes during our Lives…


NOT saying to Let Em’ off the Hook!

BUT, when Things aren’t REALLY directly impacting You, Me or Them;

What gives US the Right to believe that we Should take their Fall so Personally?



We cannot believe what We just Heard or what this Person had done,

BUT the One thing we Regularly forget –

Walk a MILE in their Shoes and You’d SEE their World from Your Own Perspective.


Everyone can make Mistakes,

Everyone can Fall from Grace,

But as long as it doesn’t Affect You directly…

What gives US the right to Believe it’s an Injustice, Directed at US Specifically?


IF Only we Learn from the Mistakes of Others,

If ONLY we See what their Lives are and What we didn’t know,

If ONLY we didn’t ALLOW this Situation in whichever way it is,

Affect us At THIS Level –

We’d SEE just how many Mistakes we’d make-a-long OUR own way.


IF only we didn’t Believe, Feel and Imagine that their Mistakes

Are Directly Related to US,

THINKING that them being Human is SUDDENLY not Possible for Them to do something Different from what We Believe “them to have to be…”


It’s THEIR Lives,

Their Mistakes,

Their Choices and

If they TRY to make Amends,

THEIR Right as well to Change their ways.


The Same goes with the Creators of whichever Program, Movie or Series,

Our Heroes or Idols –

WHO is out there, trying to do the Right thing?

Even though that doesn’t Compute and Eventually becomes Wrong,


Are their Own Persons,

LIKE all of Us,

Having the Chance at Making Mistakes,

Don’t have to Take this kind of Issue as a Personal Attack on Us…


The ONLY reason we May know about this,

It’s General Knowledge either for US or THEY may be Known well Enough.

BUT that still Do Not give us the Right to believe that Their Mistakes, Choices or Plans should REALLY Affect us on THIS Personal Level.


IF that Person or Choice Slapped You in the Face,

Then it’s just something we’re Privy to,

Seeing they’re Known on the International Level.


Being Human can Lead All of Us in making Mistakes,

THE only time we can REALLY be upset,

When this Issue or Mistake they make, don’t lead THEM to ask for Forgiveness,

ACTING as if, when found in the Wrong – they still believe They’ve NOT made any Mistakes or Try to Rectify their Errors…


If we see them Human Beings as Fragile and SEE them having Remorse,

Understanding that We weren’t the ONES in control of their Lives,

BUT see they can Make as many Mistakes –

We Might see it as a Learning Curve; “It’s Just a Game…”


Then we Could far Easier Accept Their Failure and

Learn to see Issue for ourselves, Way ahead of time,

The Question of it All would be…

What Would YOU do?


If Others takes Your Mistakes as Personal as some Fans take these from their Heroes – JUST how hard would you say would it take

NORMAL People, getting past this and start dealing with what MIGHT have Happened,

Learning to make Better Choices in the Long run?


Life isn’t easy in the least bit!

It’s worth it, every Moment, Second and Chance we get,

Being better than we were before….

The STATIC in the Shock.


It was a few Weeks ago,

NOT entirely Sure why it was,

But for at least a Week I’d been Really Statically Charged!


I didn’t do Much of anything Different than before

AND Yet, I got Statically Electricity Build-up which You’d not believe;

So much so that I’d SEEN the sparks jump now and then –

To say the Least; I actually FELT the Spark burning my Finger!


As my Research showed me,

On Average, when You’re Shocked with Static Electricity,

There can be between 3,000 easily up to 25,000 Volts involved!

VERY Lucky for us, there’s No Amps involved – with that much Voltage,

If you added only ONE Amp; It could be Fatal or even send You to Hospital.

LUCKILY, that doesn’t happen easily; not to worry about that one.


The EXPERT do say that it depends on what Clothing you’re wearing

AND I can tell you when I did take some of my clothes off – the Hairs on my Arms would stand on Ends.


This Phenomenon is due to the Hairs are trying to get away from each other as far as possible.

When the Hairs on your Head is standing on Ends as well;

Your Hairs are reacting like a Magnet – Positive pushes a Positive away.

A negative and positive pull each other closer – hence the Magnet can Stick to other Metals.


THIS same principal works with us and Static Electricity.

Your body takes the Negative charge from the Electrons of the Materials around you,

SAYING, for that time – Your body can accommodate them; store them in the same way as a Capacitor is working.


THUS, when you come across another Material or another Person,

Who is more Positively charged,

You get the Shock of your Life when you least Expect it!


The weather has got some to do with this Phenomenon as well,

But I cannot say for sure if it’s Really such an Impact,

MOST of the times I got myself Shocked was at night and

Didn’t Concentrate on the Weather outside…

But, We’ll keep that one in consideration.


What I know is this,

Friction and as well, the Materials which Your clothes is made from,

That’s Definitely got an Impact on the Charge Accumulated,

As well, if you were to Rub your Shoes, Feet in shocks over the Carpet;

Heading to somewhere else – you could Generate that Charge!


When we were Young,

Someone would get themselves Shocked and

THEY would see if they could Recharge themselves in Shocking someone else in the House as well, that was Kind of Funny.


My situation,

Not so much!

Especially when You’re in bed and you can Feel the tiny sparks jumping between the

Bedding and your body…

WONDERING when the Big one would come!


Be sure to KNOW,

Some Electronic Devices aren’t so Happy to Receive such a Shock,

So much so that NASA has taken steps to Ground their Workers;

Having STATIC Free rooms where Components can be safely worked on.


That little Spark which Shock you into bewilderment,

If that can happen when You’re working with Gas, Petrol or Fuel,

That can be REALLY Bad for you!

Touch your Car when getting out, If that is, You suspect you could once more

Generate some Static Electricity, can help – keep yourself as safe as you can!


Be VERY Careful when you’re Opening up an

OLD CRT Computer Screen,

As well as Any OLD Televisions,

They have Capacitors inside and can hold on to their Charge for Weeks on end!

LIKE me, not having any Idea what they might Look like – that might give you a Really Shocking Jolt when you Least expect it!



This Static Electricity Phenomenon can shock you and it’s Used in conjunction with

Capacitors, Computer Screens and Some Television Monitors.

They’re also used in Laser Printers and Photocopiers,

Some are used in Security Gates, release mechanisms.


AN interesting one, in Electrostatic Spray Painting –

The Paint itself is given a Charge and thus,

When the Spray Painting is done;

MORE of the Paint actually falls or is attracted to the Surface being Coated.

Less Paint is wasted and the Finished Job looks much better.


YES, Yes… that Shock isn’t the Nicest of Feelings,

Being Shocked at least Five times each day for a Week wasn’t that Cool either,

But, MOSTLY with everything in Life we know some about,

There’s a Positive side to Everything…


We just need to see it… Not So Much FEEL It!


P.S.:     Just to know, Lighting would also be a kind of Static Electricity – the Major difference there is this; there’s easily 300,000 volts involved.

The reason why a Lighting strike is so Bad, Dangerous and Deadly to us.

Tunnels Of Torture…


As of a Week or so ago, I found that one of the possible Issues with some part of my Health might have had an Adverse effect on me…

Not as Serious as it sounds – I do promise.


The last time I visited the Dentist,

Which there had been Quit an Adventure incurred,

I saw the Specific Placard with Specific information on.


Not only can I NOT remember the Specific name –

Which I’d not Really even Tried to Remember,

But I’ve got no Idea, having searched the Internet to some Extent,

Able to find the Name of this Specific Disease connected to Teeth…


NOW then,

The other aspect of this precise Issue would be the next,

I do know and have Osteoporosis AND know that the Current affected area would be in my Low back,

Hence, the Nutrients are Systematically taken from Other parts of my Healthy body to Supplement the Areas of Greatest Need.


Not sure which one of these has the Greatest Impact or even if they really DO have such an Impact,

But that’s also the Interesting Predicament I’m currently in…


As I mentioned, probably more than a Week ago,

I found that one of my Teeth’s Mantel decreased in its density and probably with age

Or possibly my Osteoporosis – it systematically decayed in its own strength and form.


Before I knew what hit me, the specific Tooth cracked,

I cannot say from the Top to the Bottom,

But I can feel that it’s not Healthy anymore.

One of the reasons why I suspect that My Osteoporosis is helping along the Specific Degeneration of the Teeth along;

Having a Possible Generic Disease where my Teeth’s mantel is thinning right on the Gum-line and eventually would break there as well.


Not all of them have this “line” on the same level,

But them, many of them do have this


Having spoken to the Dentist Way-Back-Then,

I know that there’s definitely such a Diseases which does Affect the Teeth in this manner.


Thus, this last one Cracked more than a Week ago and steadily I found that it started to slowly irritated me More and More over time…


Now I know that Everyone at some point had visited the Dentist


If you were that lucky, they – He or She was able to deal with your Problem.

But I wanted to add a few pieces there and there,

Maybe it would help in due time…


Before I’d go visit the Dentist,

Possibly having to Pull the Tooth,

Seeing that it’s been Compromised,

I read-up about some Aspects of Teeth and something I suspect we’d really

NOT want to know or be Confronted by.


I suspected even with the Brushing,

With the Tooth being cracked as badly as it did,

It gave way to Bacteria, getting in where it shouldn’t have and

Created some infection in the Tooth itself.


If you find any of the Following symptoms, you might have an

Infection or even worse than that – An Abscess in that Tooth.

Luckily you can Treat this problem before you even Get to the Dentist.

  1. If you feel a Fever, not sure why it is – could be your tooth.


  1. When you feel any Pain while Chewing anything.


  1. When your Tooth feels Sensitivity to either Hot or Cold.


  1. There’s a strange and or Bitter taste in your mouth.


  1. You either realize or someone tells you there’s a Foul smell to your Breath.


  1. If you feel or realize some of the Glands in your neck are Swollen.


  1. You come have a General discomfort, Uneasiness or even feel ill for no apparent reason.


  1. If you notice any Swelling or Redness in your Gums.


  1. Obviously, you’d feel some kind of Sensitivity of your Gums or in your Mouth.


  1. At some point there could even be a Sensitivity to even Speaking, meaning that the Cold air entering your Mouth affect some sensitive or irritated part of your mouth.

At any moment we can Have or Find there could be a Problem.

I’ll have to keep a better Vigilance over my Teeth as there is TWO possible culprit

Gunning for the Healthy minerals in my Teeth.

If you do find there’s something bothering you,

Rather make hast in finding out what this could be and the Best as well as the Fastest Manner in which to Safeguard the Little Okes which Assist us so much.


If you do not do this,

As I’ve read and found,

The Body can even Create its own Drainage Tunnels,

Effectively, trying to drain the Poison from the Tooth or your Mouth,

Which would be the Reason why you Taste or Smell some kind of something Horrible in your Mouth or on your Breath.

This could be Painful as well and really Sensitive.


Rather find out what is going on,

Because even if the Pain does subside – it’s not to say that the Problem would be dealt with as well;

Most of the time a Dentist and a visit there,

Would be needed to deal with whatever Issue or Problem you may have with your

Teeth, needing some help to Heal…


The Visit to the Dentist may sound Pain now,

But the Pain and Spread of this Problem would incur far more Issues

And Pain that what anyone may want to endure.


Take care of those Little White Soldiers,

Constantly Standing Guard where they always are.


All The Best To YOU!

The Infinite Insight into the Windows of the Soul…


When last did you have that Scratchy feeling,

Either when the Wind was blowing badly or

You could have been around a great deal of Sand or Dust?


When you least expect it, and That particle finds its way into your Eye!

That Damn painful feeling when something gets in there

AND whatever it may be, it’s big enough for you to feel every Damn second of it!


There’s very Little you can do about it,

We Only know that the longer it stays in our eye,

You cannot use your eye and the tears forming to get rid of it,

That really doesn’t help that much in using your Eye!


I’ve for a VERY long time wondered just how it was when those bits did blow

Or fall or float into My eye – if they were bigger than I suspected,

How would they even leave my Eye OR if I was able to maneuver them into a better place – where was that place actually?


Well then, it’ll be Really good for you to know; Reading on the Internet about Eye care and Treatments of such issues of the Eye –

A foreign object that lands on the front part of the eye cannot get lost behind the eyeball, but they can cause scratches on the cornea.

This one had me worried for a long time, Especially when the Foreign Object getting in my eye was So big that I wondered if it’ll not press right into the Eye itself!


Wherever you may be, if You’re alone and suspect that Whatever it is in your Eye is only but a Dust Particle or such,

What I have done in the past have helped a Great deal in getting this Object out of there.


You may know this one,

You take your Top Eyelid and pull it over the bottom one.

When you Blink while doing this – discomforting as it is, it will change the Pressure on both the Lids and could potentially release the object and with Tearing up of your eye,

Help to move the eye to your Eye ducts.


I Wouldn’t Recommend this kind of Action with something that You feel Impacted on the Eyeball itself.

When you have to blink and you find that either your Vision or the Pain or the Scratchiness had increased far too much – then Seek Medical Assistance immediately!


When a Medical Doctor examines the Eye they could also use Fluorescein Dye,

which glow under special light.

They apply this to the eye, not only seeing where the Damage is but they can find the Object to see what it is in your eye.


Whenever you’ve got something in your eye, If you’ve tried or Someone with you had done the same and You still feel discomfort – it’s time to see Additional help.

The longer the Object is in your eye, the more Severe your Symptoms become,

The More severe the Object is affecting your Eye and the Longer it will take to Remedy this situation.


Even while we don’t Realize this,

In our Everyday lives there’s A great deal of small Dust particles which Impact on the Eye and although we might not believe this,

Our eyes secrete just enough tears to wipe this from out Eye-balls.

THIS is only my conclusion.


The reason why I suspect this does happen and Found the correlating connection,

Our eyes and Nose are Connected with each other.


Just Think about this one,

When last did you Use some Eye-drops,

AND miraculously You got the Taste of this Medication when there was an

Excess of this from Your eye.


In the Image, You’d see there’s a Tube which drains excess Tears to the Nose.

NOW then, think about this one as well,

Within those Tears, you have dust Particles –

Which means that the More dust which accumulates on the Eye,

The more of these Particles gets to our Noses.


With Sinusitis and Flew and Hay-fever,

Affecting many of us,

The dust which gets into your eye,

Some of that gets to your Nose and this also affects our reaction

To the three I’ve mentioned.


Your Eye needs to be Moist to Function correctly,

Your nose as well,

But then Combine these two and You’d see just how Interesting this becomes

For us, while things go Bonkers for us

Which Affect us throughout the Day, Month, Year…


This ONE-way street helps not only getting the Excess tears from our eyes,

But it’s the Eye’s garbage disposal route,

Meaning – when you sneeze and cannot sometimes understand why that is,

This Could be the excess build-up of Dust particles coming from your Eye-balls…


“Grandma, what Big Eyes you got;”


Keep Em’ Safe To See With!