I can almost Believe or Suspect that Everyone at some Point had Endured or

Experienced this Kind of Issue coming along your way,

That would be – Someone you Know making regular excuses in canceling your plans…


I was Listening to the Radio; if I can remember this one correctly,

They spoke about that People regularly cancel the plans they’d made.

Not only that, but these would be the Ones they said Yes to in the First place? ? ?


Most of these people at the End have something to do

OR by then their plans did Change,

Yet they didn’t tell you that they would be Busy or Possibly didn’t want to come along with your Arrangements made with you, to begin with.


I cannot say that I’ve met many People in this regard,

But I’ve seen a few people who I could easily do this.


What I have encountered,

When either You’re planning something or have an Idea about something,

There are ALWAYS those people OR Friends,

Wannabe Friends who would Jump at the Opportunity in getting IN on the Action,

But when Push comes to Shove,

They’re never there in the least bit!


Not ONLY is this One of the Single Most IRRITATING things I can Imagine myself,


When you talk to them afterward – Making plans with them,

They would Act like there wasn’t a Thing wrong


That they didn’t Drop the ball!


I must ADMIT,

At times when I was Really Tired and just needed to Unwind,

AS an Example;

When I was invited to the Family for a Lunch or Such,

I went, but didn’t really have the Energy for that,


As Life would teach you –

YOU Most of the Times NEED to have that Camaraderie with OTHERS,

Helping you to Blow-off some Steam!




Family – it doesn’t really matter which one of the Two you take,

If you know that Friend who ALWAYS forfeit on their plans with you,

You might not want to Leave them Be…

They’ll Always fall into that Rhythm of keeping out of the Loop if You don’t keep at them,

Keeping them in the Circle!


Some People weren’t Born Socially Savvy,

Other’s have to Learn to do this,

SOME have to battle through this Issue…

ONE thing, We are People at some point who have to Experience that Connection,

Even if They don’t believe they need it!


As I said,



Family –

One of the things I’ve learned over the Years as well;

Seeing this Exact Premise in a Film or Two,

Having Seen and Experienced this in parts of my Own life…

People who aren’t that Socially Programmed sometimes find it hard to Reach out in this Regard.

They become So emerged in their Own Lives, Living inside their Own Heads that they don’t even Miss what Life throws their way and Lives obliviously past it…

Such a pity!


When I was Retrenched,

Out of Work for SIX Months,

I found just how Deep I got Emerged into my Craft,

Having finished more work than I’d suspect;

YET through all of this,

I was also quite Cut off from those around me.



Take it from me,

Calling a Friend,

Asking a Brother or Sister to come for a Visit,

That might Mean for more to them than THEY even can Imagine.


The saying goes;

Get out of your Head…

Head out of the Clouds…


That’s very easy to say,

It’s NOT one of the Easiest things for Most people to do,

Having Good company when there’s NO Pressure,

That would help Your



Family Member.


Just keep in mind,

There’s be BIG difference between Socially Awkward People

AND someone just being Rude to you,
Blowing you Off because they cannot be Truthful

And Other’s a bit Unsure of themselves…


I do Hope that we can ALL see and recognize those who just waste your time

AND those who just need a Little Encouragement…


Be kind when you can be.


THE Strangeness of Us:

THE Strangeness of US


This isn’t so much something that none of US had not seen or known; to some extent.

But then I know as well,

If someone doesn’t Switch on the Light in the room;

You’d very easily not see in the Darkness where you’re going.


This Strangeness I’m referring to here…

Nationally in South Africa and Internationally as I’ve come to believe–

The Oscar Pristorius Murder Case had shocked a great many people.



I’m not going to get in on this.

I’m not going to Bore you with something Any-and-Everybody can see on the Telly!


It just a kind of reference on the idea of Strange…

Hence here it comes.


Everyone wants to know the Truth.

They need to know.

They want to understand; as if any of this will Change a single fact.


But that is just the Strangeness of the Situation!


Think about it,

When last did you drive past an Accident scene?

When last did you witness an argument?

Just what is it that you want to KNOW from keeping track of the Trail?


That is the same when you pass any Accident or see a Fight or Argument…

You’re not really going got Part-take in it,

BUT inherently we want to KNOW…


What is this that you might wonder, what is it that we so Strangely want to know?


No matter who you are,

No matter where you’re from,

No matter what you’ve got,

No matter what you’re working toward–


There’s (in my opinion) TWO factors we’ve all got in common… Possibly more, but just stay with me on this one…     :- )


What we share no matter what is,

Life & Death.


If life is hard then you have a few people you can speak to about this.

Understand where someone is coming from with the “Hard Knock Life” biting at your Heals &

Have a common ‘Enemy’ that will want to knock you down.


But even more than that,


It’s so final &

It’s so uncertain…

It fascinates us far beyond what anyone would like to Admit to!


It’s something that we know of very little &

Something that everyone,

No matter who you are,

We’re ALL heading toward!


As that song state;

“Nobody Escapes Life Alive…”


We Look and try to see, Understand, Reason it out;

We Need to know,

We’ll forever Try to side-step it,


Getting that ONE more Moment, Chance, Second to be alive…


Understanding what happened, that MIGHT just help you get out of the Way from that

Terrible Tragedy which we Cannot believe took place;

ONLY when it’s Past…


The STRANGEST of all,


We actually THINK there’s something that we can do,

With SO many people around you – when the Proverbial S..t Hits the Fan –

Just what Could you have done,

Stopping this?


Ironically Funny…!