The ACHE in the Mechanical.


Today I’m more than a little bit late,

To say the least, I wasn’t even going to Post this thought,

Yet – After I once again struggled my Rear off, I thought I’d actually Ask the next Question of Everyone…


This morning I planned to sort out Two issues on my car,

The one I had no idea, how Difficult it would turn out to be,

Knowing only after I had finished I would know just what the First would entail.


On my car, on the Ignition – when I start the Car, the Kilometers / Miles and various trip information don’t show Immediately when they’re supposed to show.

So I found out what this Cause could be and got a hold of the Part.

Which is the Rear Plastic unit in the back of the Ignition, which didn’t make the correct Contact and so, there are small issues because of this.


Never before did I Replace the Rear of the Ignition on My car;

So there wasn’t any certainty of how to do it or how difficult I’d find, it to do this.

The other Issue I had on the Car,

Both the Dim-Lights on the car started giving me trouble again.


Both of them I did Replace before and KNEW very well that neither one of the Globes in the Headlight casing was in any way easy at all to replace.


I’ll not bore you too much, but the Rear of the Ignition was really fast – one of the items I’d ever fixed or replaced on the car;

Which was done this Fast!


After the Ignition, I lifted the Car’s Front wheels,

I systematically started with the work, knowing that there are Various issues with getting the Work done and once again,

Really struggled with TWO screws, which were placed well out of the way,

Making it a real pain in the Rear to get this done.


This issue for the Day let me think back to the various Times I either Tried or Did fix something.

Then you should Look at the issues and the Design of what you’re working on.


Like the Car, I had to replace the Globes on,

Have you Ever Thought or Wondered, if the people Designing the Cars or Most Other Things;

If they worked on them – or struggled with the Item YOU struggled with;

Would they have designed or built it in a Different way?


Only when this Specific Item is Second Hand, in most Cases;

When You have to Or want to Or believe you can Fix it,

It’s only then when you started to stubble with whatever it is,

Do you really see just Horrible it’s been Designed…

IT’s at this Point in time You want to Scream and Hope that at Some point the Designer did in fact, EVER themselves struggle with the Item they’d created!


I doubt this would Ever happen and I know for a fact,

We’ll Fix, Repair or See about something or another in the Future

AND the Smart People wouldn’t much care for what we’re Struggling with,

Even if it was them who Designed it Far Less good than any of us would have Thought possible…


I REALLY Hate to have to Replace those bulbs…


What is there you Hate doing, having to do them over and over,

Struggling because someone Else thought their Idea was far better than it really was…


Just some Food for Thought.


The UNNATURAL Disaster…


While I was writing this Post,

I checked up on the Information on this Specific Area,

Trying to see just how much of the Info I was using is correct.


I cannot say for sure if what I’d heard was correct either,

But You’d possibly know about natural Disasters in your own area,

BUT, when it comes to the point and there’s Suspect that any Disaster wasn’t Natural,

That makes such a Massive difference!


Knysna, located in the Western Cape and part of the Garden Route,

Had been ablaze for the past few weeks and still, there are Fires which had been chasing the

Fire Brigade around the Town.

The population is Estimated at 51,000 or so people.


As far as I spoke to one of the People at work,

It’s been reported as far as I know,

Some or in part, fires had been STARTED in the area.

I cannot say for sure and with the amount of Devastation there had been left behind,

I cannot think that it’ll be that easy to ascertain for certain what had happened with this massive Disaster hitting that Town.


I’m quite sure that





And the likes do not have a Human hand in as a Fire would or could have.


What got my Attention even more so,

Was the number of People all over the Country who jumped at the Opportunity at Helping with the Disaster Relieve which was arranged for the affected Area.


As the saying goes, I’d read in between then and now,

See something – Do something;

And if this was caused by Someone,

I’d really Love for them to Answer to this – not perpetrating this once again,

BUT – what was very Impressive,

The number of People who were willing in helping out as much as they could.


Not only on the Radio did I hear the People raising money for the Disaster Relieve,

But there were various Trucks heading down to this Area,

Taking along much-needed supplies to the area as well.


The Wind and the Cold of the area and with Nightfall,

All of this stood against the Fire Fighters and Emergency Services Personnel to help out where and who they could.

Making the whole area very Dangerous when You were faced with a Run-away Fire.


I’ve never seen Anything as bad as what those Poor people had to endure,

I did, however, have to burn down the very Tall grass on the Small Stead we’d lived on once,

Chasing the Snakes away from the house,

Seeing they looked for a better place to Nest and that wouldn’t have been that safe for us.


The grasses stood over a Meter tall and almost all of them were dry-dead.

When we set the fire, we have to keep an eye on what was happening.

Having old bags and heavy rags would only help that much.

Watering the grass close to the house makes it harder for the Fire to jump, but this isn’t Foolproof either…


While we were busy here,

There came a very light wind and blew the fire along so fast that you’d Only Pray that nothing bad would happen along the way…


With this, the Heat and the Power and the Speed at which the Fire burnt were far more intense and so we stood well out of the way of the burning grasses.

The wind changed direction fast and before you’d know it,

The Smoke was surrounding you, catching you off-guard!

This with the massive heat and anyone caught off-guard, the Dehydration can very easily leave you in a very dangerous position!


Burning eyes, fear, and shock prevent you from focusing on getting yourself out of harm’s way,

Without sufficient Oxygen, and being Disorientated,

That would leave you in a very dangerous position!


We mostly kept clear of all of this and the LUCKY fact was,

The grass around the House was still very much Green and didn’t burn,

It could and would have been far More Dangerous if something were to catch alight!


If ever you need to Burn some dead grass anywhere,

Firstly start with the Shortest and Smallest of the grasses.

You create a Barrier a Meter and more, between the short and the longer grasses.

Possibly the Fire will not easily jump this barrier – but that’s NOT a Given!

As well,

Never do something like this in a Residential area OR when OR where you’re alone!

If you Have to or Need to clear some weeds or grasses,

Get the Fire Department to come help you when They can assist you.


There are so many Factors which can Impede our control over Aspects of Nature,

Believing Yourself to be more Cleaver than You really are,

Could end up being your downfall!


There had been a great deal of Help supplied to the People of Knysna,

But the end of the day,

The Little bits we can do for Each other Each and Every day,

That would make such a Difference to more people than You or I could even begin to Imagine!

a Change, as Good as a Holiday…?


Firstly we had the Departure of Britain from the European Union,

THEN there’s been the International Converge for the build-up of Elections in the USA

LASTLY for us here, Our Local Municipal Elections, here in South Africa.


First and Foremost,

I’m not at ALL interested in Politics!

No matter what Anyone tells you – every Person out there is trying to get Our support for Something They’d like to do.


I’d not argue this fact either;


SOME people out there do not Care about the others and


SOME of the people out there DO Care what happens to the rest…


This isn’t the Issue at hand,

What is the Most common thread throughout All aspects of this Change is

What happens Before and After the Vote or Change.


Even if it’s just Within the Restructuring of a Company,

The Change in a Marriage


Like the Political Landscape changing around the Globe;


The impact of such Changes is Far-Reaching most of the time!


It’s not for Nothing that Most People have a Really Hard time at Changing,

It’s in Most cases not the Easiest of things to do or Accomplish,

We are being Pulled or Forced into a direction we don’t want to be in.


Within this Change, we’re Unhappy with,

There are Additional forces working on us,

Knowing that the Next person in Power might not in the least

Worry what happens to you OR what you may want for yourself.


The Ironic thing within all of these Changes is,

We cannot Know or See how good or bad the Change might be,

BUT one thing I can tell you for a Certain fact,

The longer and harder Everyone fight against Allowing the Change,

Being Positive or Negative to take place,

The more Difficult such Changes would become.


This is the Time and Place within the System,

When things go Really Bad and we get News Reports on the Television,

When people Refuse to take the Chance – making things Being Better,

This is the time the Up-Risings arrive right at our Doorstep…

You can Always afterward Shout it out,

That the Change whoever tried – Didn’t work;

But then, being that





as we can be –

Even IF this Change in someone else’s ideas, Could work,

THOSE people unwilling to Accept something Better,

Will forever stand in the Way of someone Trying to Improve lives.


Thus Another aspect of Politics,

If I cannot make things better Myself and take all the Glory,

Then I’ll stand in Your way not to Reach there…


No matter who is Changing the World,

Those who believe THEY are the Ones who should do it,

Will Forevermore, Not allow Someone else to do this,

Especially when that Other Person can get Rich in doing this as well.



The question should actually be Asked,

HOW many Politicians would be in Office,

If there was NO way for anyone of them to make One sent from their Elected positions.

How many would Really want to Help and Serve the People…

What would the Chances be for an Idealist Thought like this to EVER take root and

Those Politicians to Really work for the Betterment of the Peoples…


I doubt that We’d really Ever see something like this come along…?


Change, will Only happen when They do not have Choice in the matter anymore.

The 112 Phenomenon.

unnamed (1)


Oh Hell… what is coming, this time, Around?

He’s gone and Lost his Mind once again!


I cannot believe that most of you have heard about this Idea, NOT too sure where it comes from, BUT if you do look at it, there COULD be some kind of Truth to it… I have Absolutely NO idea to this fact.


On Facebook, I’ve looked at some of the Most Popular Authors over the past few Years. Researching their Names on this Site and Ironically I stumbled upon this Link to this Idea… Page 112.


This Link I saw Ironically on J K Rowling’s Facebook page.

As the Link States that when You OPEN a Book to page 112,

You read this Page and it’s a Good Indication of how good the Book really is…


Just another Issue we Writers have to deal with,

SO, I am quit sure that this Rendition of my Page 112 and that of the Image I’ve put up with this Post might very well differ to some extent.


THEN As Well,

With this Knowledge that I’ve got to Re-Edit the Entire book, THIS page could very well NOT be in the same position as it is right now…

BUT, this is my page 112, NOT too sure what anyone else would make of it.


I just know, there’s more to a Book than just a Page–

VERY Lucky for me,

I write for Myself and getting the Idea, Thought and Story out of my Mind…

IF Not… I’d struggle to see Reality around me.


See for yourself…

There’re about 315 words on the page, so You’d get through it pretty fast!



None of them knew exactly, not that they’d the time to figure it out either. By now the fatigue and hunger were starting to get to all of them.

They’d better be following me,’ Timmy thought to himself, stopping and seeing that it was only Herbert behind him at the moment; ‘Great! What now?’ Timmy thought, waiting for the two to get to them.

Before Donald even had the idea to walk over to her, they heard there were a few splashes. They stood far enough away from the river, not getting splashed on. They saw and heard there was something falling into the water. The moment there were more splashes, they heard the most bone-crunching squeal which should never exist.

The two of them wanted to move closer to the water, when one of the red ants fell right through the web and landed on the riverbank they stood on. It had bright blue eyes and only when it turned around, looking at them, did they see it didn’t care about the heat. They were coming after their meal.

The moment it saw them, it set off its sent, calling the rest coming down. It opened its jaws and was coming at them slowly. The two were stunned and just couldn’t believe that there was something that wanted to eat them so badly.

Timmy aimed, not really played baseball or even partook in any physical fitness––unable to hit about anything with a ball or anything like that, throwing the rock at the ant which was coming at them.

Ironically, even here Timmy didn’t hit the ant––in fact, he didn’t even hit any of them as the rock whirled by, distracting the ant for only one moment. Just then a single strand of the web dropped and touch the ant’s body. That was the last that they saw of the highly aggressive ant.




Not too sure what Anyone can see from this,

But then IT might be an interesting Concept…


Keep the Passion,

Whichever it might be!

Sleep Deprivation!


Some time ago I wrote a peace on Insomnia.

Just so you should know, there’s a Big Difference between Insomnia which happens a few times a Month and an Issue you might have with Sleep Deprivation.


I’m not going to Argue that there’s aspects of the Two which Co-inside either.

But then, here’s the Kicker…

The Sleep Deprivation which Someone, POSSIBLY Me can experience;

There are various Researched Disorders connected to Sleep Deprivation!


This Problem or Disorder is such an Issue that I know for a fact,

It’s been used quit frequently as a means of Torture.


For those Poor people who suffer from this, not being Diagnosed, they’re not having a Ball and most Importantly of all – do not Get Sufficient Rest either!


The Lack of a Regular normal night’s sleep during the Week, or the Month and this Continuing over the Year or even more could affect you in Various ways,

Which possibly most People do not know about…


The very lucky situation is that Sleep Deprivation can be treated and with the Prolonged lack of a Good Night’s Sleep there are Medical Problems which are connected to Sleep Deprivation…

You could suffer from the next in Due Time:

  1. High Blood Pressure
  2. Heart Attack
  3. Heart Failure
  4. Stroke
  5. Psychiatric Problems – Depression or Mood Swing Disorders
  6. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
  7. Mental Impairment
  8. Fetal & Childhood Growth Retardation
  9. Injury From Accidents
  10. Disruption Of Your Partner’s Sleep Quality
  11. Poor Quality Of Life

These could all the issues which You, Me or Them could be facing in the Long-Term if what ails you in the Sleeping Department.

The very BIG Luckily aspect as I mentioned, the Problem can be Addressed for better Results from what you experience right now.


There are a few issues which you can look at, Which they call the Short-Term problem associated with Sleep Deprivation.

This if you’ve been having the issue for at least a Month or so, I’d suspect…


  1. Decreased Performance & Alertness
  2. Memory & Cognitive Impairment
  3. Stress (In Relationships As Well)
  4. Poor Quality Of Life
  5. Occupational Injury
  6. Automobile Injury

As soon as the Possible Disorder had been Identified, the Cause or Reason behind it can be Addressed and You may have a better chance at a Good Night’s sleep.


The Experts say that we should have at least between 6 & 8 Hours of sleep.

That’s said if you are so lucky in sleeping as much.

Any Disruption in your Patens which take away any Sleep between 1½ and 2 hours on a Regular basis should be something to look into.


There are People Born with a Gene in their Bodies,

They can function on less sleep and feel Refreshed – but then I doubt that’s many people who are so Lucky after all!


When you Need some rest during Your work-day and Especially when you Don’t feel Revitalized after a Night’s sleep,

You might want to Consider looking into your Sleeping Paten’s and see what You May find out.


I Myself isn’t SO interested in the Idea of a Power Nap.

Not to say that Do not work, BUT the Once or Twice I did manage to take one –

Not at Work though;

I made me MORE Tired than Refreshed me in any which way!


There’s SO MANY reasons why You might not have Good Sleeping Patens,

BUT if Your issues with this can be Treated,

Why not seek a Possible Solution and Enjoy more Sleep than which You’re Use to?


This Morning I woke about an HOUR before my Regular Time,

WHY you may ask…

Having a Brilliant Idea for a Novel – which Hopefully ONE Day see the Light of Day…

BUT that Occurs very Seldom…


Have an Awesome Nights’ Sleep

And be Well Rested!

Holding Sway Over You…


For those who Do not know what this means,

It’s really simple.

That situation,

That person,

That event,

That part of life which hasn’t yet materialized so far…


In MOST instances what Holds the most Sway over US,

Would be the Monies which we need to Live our lives with.

The Monies we need to use to change our lives or Use to Reach our Dreams with.


While each of us live each moment – second of our lives,

You are the only one who chooses what you’d be doing with that Life You’ve been granted with.

BUT it’s a fact that there are Other aspects or parts of Life which do not share Your ideals that You should have the Right to do as you wish.

AND it’s herein that we have our Little Dilemma…

Now you’d ask yourself,

What kind of Sway would be Held over you.

Just think of that thing which is bearing down on You like a Stone weight.


It could have been Your choice at some point,

This could easily have been a Honourable choice at doing what You’re doing,

BUT, You do not have to LET this Choice Govern the rest of Your life.

Monies, Life itself or even People;

It’s NEVER to say that we will Not be facing issue,

But You can make plans at getting around Most of the Issues and or Problems which Might plague Your path.


The Fact is this,

If you would Still believe there’s Nothing in Your life which cannot be Improved,

Then You’d be ONE of the Very Lucky Few…

I do not believe Everyone is that Lucky,

Which comes down the This,

If you cannot even Accept and Admit, to what it could be,

Which is Draining the Energy or Dreams from Your life,

HOW would you even Begin to Change what You wish,

When you Cannot even accept there’s Something to be Changed.


Taking the First Step at getting Past this,

Would be to Accept that there’s Something WE Need to Change.

This CANNOT ever be Easy.

ALTHOUGH, it’s Entirely Possible to Chance Your life,

If you are Willing to Work at it,

Know what You need to Change,

So the “SWAY” or that Governing Force can be Shattered…

This could be that Person standing in your way for that Promotion,

That BONUS which You do not Plan well ahead of time for,

OR even when there’s Choices on our Path and you Do Not listen to the Friends and Family in making the Best Choices at the time…

YOU can as well be the Problem at times in Your Own life…


There’s Very few of us who do not have Something which Could feel as if it’s

Suffocating us,

Within this as well – Knowledge of this problem is the Power for us to Move Out from Under it and Change,

Start Living the Lives which We Hope could be possible


Once there’s Nothing that Damning to Stand Against You,

You take the Time in teaching Others how they’d Live better Lives,

Having Nothing over their Heads or Hearts…


The Most Difficult Step in such a Journey,

Would be that First Lonely Step,

Seeing that MOST of us would walk into a Direction of Uncertainty…


As LONG as You at least Try it!



It’s been QUIT a LONG-LONG time ago that I spoke to someone,

About issue, in regards to someone We BOTH knew.

As to EVERYONE out there,

Having either Family OR Friends who has got



Personal Issue,

Everyone of us KNOWS someone who Behaves either



Creating Problems for Others in the way they Conduct themselves.

I am NO Profiler,

But then I do tend to THINK far too much,

Seeing that I’m an INTROVERT when I’m working on my Books,


Even when I do write these Little Thoughts of mine…


While the Issue of Personal Traits,

Personality ties AND Actions of these people were Discussed;

There was NO Clear way for Understanding


Coming to a Solution, helping ANYONE who does as they do.

NO Said that Everyone NEEDS Help,

But there are THOSE who do Need our Help…

ESPECIALLY when they Affect You


Their Loved Ones around them!

The MOMENT when another Person’s Actions or their Behaviour

NEGATIVELY Affect those around them, then they Purposefully act like


Then You, I or Anybody Else has the Right to start asking Questions–

Especially when their Actions or Behaviour doesn’t make ANY kind of sense…

Before I continue with a little bit of Background of the Various Personality traits,

It would be ONLY Fair to add SOME of myself,

As You CANNOT point any Fingers at Others without Examining Who and What You are Yourself…

If that is, Anyone have Read a variety of my Thoughts,

I’d have NO Idea what most would think of my Thoughts, Ideas OR even Possibly Ranting…

STILL, here goes…

I am a Border-Line Person in Regards to Star-Signs–

YES, just hold on…

This Means that I’m right in the Middle between

Aquarius AND Pieces;

Which means that I’m LUCKILY, Driven in getting my Work done.

BOTH of them are as well Creative, Passionate and Also Daydream…

That’s also Part of being a Writer.

THIS was Also helped out with the Fact of the Divorce.

So, I spend Quit a LOT of time delving in my Own Mind and

Imaginative world…

WHEN I’m at Work I’ve got to be an Extrovert,

Running around and getting DONE what I need to do,

BUT, when I’ve got MY-Time, I have the Time Recharge my Batteries for the

NEXT day’s Craziness…

We just NEED to Unplug at Some point and I Suspect that Everyone

Needs getting to that.

THEN as well,

Not in a Relationship right now,

Seeing that I’m STILL getting that Publishing Contract Done…

BUT, I’ve not Met Her so far…

Which would be NICE at some point…

I am Eccentric, Weird and Strange;

Which I KNOW for myself – KNOWING that we’re All Strange to someone.

WHAT is the THING,

Not Negatively affecting those around You at being You…

Just a bit of myself.

There are ( 3 ) clusters of some Personality Disorders.

Within these there are Sub-categories which can be Looked at,

Understanding whoever Person we’d like to Know more about Their actions.

A – Odd or Eccentric Behaviour

B – Dramatic, Emotional OR Erratic Behaviour

C – Anxious Fearful Behaviour

Under Cluster A there are additional sub-categories:

  • Schizoid Personality Disorder:

Some are Introverted, Withdrawn, Solitary, Emotionally Cold and Distant.

  • Paranoid Personality Disorder:

They could be Untrusting, Unforgiving, prone to Angry or Aggressive outburst without Reason – fearing other People’s actions or intentions.

  • Schizotypal Personality Disorder:

These people could be Strange, Outlandish or Paranoid beliefs and Thoughts. Have difficulties with Relationships, Experiencing Extreme Anxiety in Social Situations.

Under Cluster B there are additional sub-categories:

  • Antisocial Personality Disorder:

They Characteristically Act out their Conflicts and Ignore Normal rules and Social Behaviour – they’re Impulsive, Irresponsible and Callous.

  • Borderline Personality Disorder:

They’re Unstable in Several areas; Interpersonal Relationship, Behaviour, Mood and Self-image. They have Extreme Mood changes, Stormy Interpersonal Relationships, an Unstable and Fluctuating Self-image – Unpredictable and Self-destructive traits.

  • Narcissistic Personality Disorder:

They have an Exaggerated sense of Self-Importance, Absorbed by Fantasies of Unlimited Success and Seeking Constant Attention.

Under Cluster C there are additional sub-categories:

  • Avoidant Personality Disorder:

They’re often Hypersensitive to Rejection and Unwilling becoming Involved unless they’re Sure of being Liked.

  • Dependent Personality Disorder:

They may have a Pattern of Dependent and Submissive Behaviour, Relying on Other’s making Decisions for them. Needing Excessive Reassurance and Advice, easily Hurt by Criticism or Disapproval.

  • Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder:

They’re Conscientious and have High Levels of Aspiration. Striving for Perfection. Never Satisfied with Achievements, taking on More and More Responsibilities.

These are ONLY but a Few,

That said––I am at NO means an Expert at ANY which way whatsoever in Examining, Understanding or Diagnosing People OR Issues related to them.

If you did SEE something that Might explain a little why SOMEONE You may know,

Have some kind of Destructive OR Negative behaviour towards You or Others around you,

Especially WHEN their Actions Affect those around You,

Then Seek the help of SOMEONE Trained in helping with such Issues or Problems,

Helping those in Need of this.


The First step for ANYONE

Is accepting we’re Fowl-able AND that there’s Something Wrong…

That’s also VERY Hard to do,

No matter HOW Small that Issue might look as well…

Try to stay strong.