The UNWANTED Opinion.

warning opinionated

This one is Kind of Ironic (that said; > IF < I’m using Irony correctly – blame Castle the Series for this issue… He… He… He…),

Seeing I was busy writing the Post – M i l K… while I heard something on the Radio which got me SO Peeved, I changed the Radio station, just to get this Idea or Thought out of my Mind!


I’m not Mentioning the Radio Station Name,

Neither am I telling you Who it was that I listened to, in this regard,

As well As;

The Person they were talking about.



It got me thinking about the very same Situation I was Witness to,

Yes – it does sound Far more Tedious than what You may or may Not think.


Still I listened to this Person talking about an

International Celebrity at will,

Throwing their Opinion out there.



There’s NO way they can Know what anyone else may be thinking or Planned in doing with their Lives,

No matter what their Lives did look like before.


Then as well,

If that Person We’ve got an Opinion about,

Is well and far out of our reach,

There’s no way of Understanding their Lives as it is now,

What WE may see and what they’re going through…


Another issue there,

When You’re on a Much Larger Social Media or General Media Platform,

Issuing Your own Opinion on what You many think of another Person’s Life,

It becomes a much different Situation, when You spread your Opinion like you will.


When You’re with Friends or even Family,

Having a get-together, and You’re telling everyone what You’re think about,

Regarding Anyone out there – that’s a totally different situation.



There are So many people around the World who believes they’ve got the Right to issue any kind of Statement on anyone’s lives,

No matter how Little it’s really got to do with them.


When You’ve got a Massive Platform from which you can Share this,

Probably not Illegal in doing this,

Not to say it’s the Way to go in any case!
BUT, that’s not to say We can Abuse this position in Mentioning our Opinions of Other People’s lives – Especially when they Defer from what OTHERS believe they should do with their Lives…?


I KNOW it sounds like I’m preaching,

Possibly I am.


So, here’s another Issue I have with what I heard,

I can Understand if You, Me, We are Confused at Someone’s Actions,

What they’re doing with their Lives – not that it should,

Unless their Lives directly Impact yours… which I doubt it was or would EVER happen here!



When this person on the Radio continued over and over and on and on about the Changes the

International Celebrity was doing For themselves,

It got a Bit Much for me –

It almost sounded like the Radio Presenter was Upset they didn’t Show more Suffering through their Life’s Sadness, not Suffering further and more before they Saw the Light Everyone would be Lucky to see through the Darkness.


This Presenter like so many Other People cannot Stop Gossiping in Public,

If you spoke to Only your Close Friends and NOT willing and Wanting to Spread it Wide and Far,

That’s Your Personal Opinion,

Not TRYING and willing to Influence others in Your Ideas and Thoughts.


Yet, we all know this doesn’t Happen.

Yes, I can Imagine myself what the

International Celebrity must have gone through

AND Still I’m not even Close!

Their Careers may be in the Public Eye or Domain,

But their Lives aren’t ours to Dissect and Believe Us to have the Right to whatever we think.


Everyone gets Spoken about,

That’s part of Life and it’ll never stop.

The ONLY issue here is,

When You put Your Opinions out there,

Make sure You don’t unjustly influence Others who didn’t Care about this in the first place.


Then as well,

Ironically – it doesn’t matter in which way this may happen,

But those who Usually utter their Opinions,

They’re also the One who get SO Upset when the Roles are reversed!


Growing a Thicker Skin is also so a good Lesson here.

The Problem with this is,

Even if Someone is in the Wrong,

They believe they’ve got the Right to say what they will…


So where would the Line be, between What is Right and Wrong,

Being allow to say what you think,

Even if You KNOW you’re in the Wrong doing so?


Easy to step over that THIN line in the Sand,

Ignoring that it was even there to Begin with!




The weekend over Father’s DAY – this Year, I had Lunch at my Sister’s place,

Between the Sisters, she’s the Youngest – yet she’s older than I am…

Between the Six siblings, we were Three there on the day.


It was a nice Lunch out and quit Relaxing, having a good time while I was there,

The food itself was Really nice and I enjoyed the company as well.


The Oldest Sister’s Kids arrived there after Lunch and we continued Chatting for some time.

Within this time I heard my Oldest Sister saying that she had to Change the Radio Station’s Channel in the Mornings when she Drove to work.

Talking about the change the Station or rather the Presenters initiated themselves, seeing they’d been working in their Spots on the Radio Station, for such a long time.


I was pretty Amazed that my Oldest Sister didn’t like the New Presenter,

The Very Host of the Morning Show which had Changed…


When I got home the Thought still stayed with me and I came to Realize that this has happened to almost ALL of us at some point,

Not that Someone you know didn’t see Eye to Eye,

But their Personal Preference differed from yours…


I do not care in the least bit what the Next person Likes or for that matter Dislike,

But the Issue comes when We, They or Any Others,

Like to change your Point of View or what You’d like to suit Other people’s Idea of what they believe You should like…


This is in fact what makes Life of Interesting,

Not ALL people are the Same and if that was the Case,

Life would have been REALLY Boring at the end of the day!


Over time You’re Enriched by your Experiences and if you Give that options a Chance to Test it,

OR if you Immediately see that you Dislike what the Option is,

That’s well Within Your Right to Exercise Your Personal Preference on whichever Topic You’re dealing with or facing.


I also must Admit that I don’t think that the New Presenter is that Terrible,

BUT – as well, I’ve listened to this Woman on the Radio for a while,

Knowing her Eccentricities by now as well.


I can compare this to Us watching a Brand New Movie or a TV Series,

If you’re NOT use to it and it Doesn’t Resonate with you,

It’s going to be Really hard for Us to jump into it.


LIFE it all about Trying New things,

AND when you’ve given it Your time,

No matter How much you do – at the End of the Day we ALL

Know what your Personal Preference would be…


As Long As everyone else accepts what you Like or Not,

Then things should be Pretty Okay…


Cadbury          vs.        Beacon Chocolate


Coke                vs.        Pepsi


Google            vs.        Bing


Apple              vs.        Microsoft


Apple              vs.        Samsung


Audi                vs.        VW


iZombie           vs.        The Walking Dead


There are so many, Yet I’m not going to mention all of them,

The ONLY fact we need to Understand here,

Like you’ve got Your Own Preferences,

Those around you do as well.


The Best we can do, Respect the Choices of those which are Different from Ours,

As they would in turn,

Respect Your Choices when they Differ from THEM…


All the Best with your Different Choices!