The OINT in the Disappointment.


I must say that we’re ALL dealing with some kind of Disappointment in our lives,

YET – the ones with the Greatest of Pinches are the ones which are Really Personal,

Not that they Don’t Hit you in a Personal way,

What I mean here – the People or the Investment we Place in the Possible outcome

Hit us Very Personal as the Time you may have Invested in this.


I KNOW how I’d dealt with my own and Thought I’d research once more what the Powers that be mentioned in their Blogs / Websites and Journals.


A few of these Ideas, YES –

Then again there are a Few Ideas I really don’t think will actually help you!



There’s my First and Most Important one of them all,

We’ll get to the rest in short due time…


Every one of us Deal with their Own Disappointments in their own way;

BUT what I found, helping me along in the Hardest one I’ve Felt in a Very-Very long time, is:

No matter what you Do or Plan – always understand it may Not work out the way you want; thus, you plan Ahead and Always have a Plan – B, C, D, E, however many you need!


Yes, I do know this is Much Easier said than done,

But if you don’t at least Acknowledge that Life will just Go-On no matter what You do,

And your Plans of Whichever it is, doesn’t work out;

While you did Plan ahead for something else to do – then you can at least Move on from here…


I can Guarantee you when this Disappointment hit you,

I’ll HURT or Sting you, Knocking you Off your normal Game!

There’s Absolutely NO way in getting away from that one – ONLY if you’re not Human and if you Don’t feel any kind of Emotions!

Beyond that – You’ll need to at least Allow yourself to Feel this Emotion and Accept how you feel about the Disappointment.


That Said,

Feeling it and Acknowledging it does Exist is the Actual fact,

Letting it be and TRY to understand why the Conclusion you received OR news from wherever it came, did turn out as it did – WITHOUT reacting to it!


As the saying goes,

Put a Guard before my Mouth so I don’t Spew Hell on others…

OR something like that – it might be that, but the Idea here runs in conjunction with giving yourself Time to experience the Disappointment.

IF you react toward the Person OR act out against Anyone in Your immediate Vicinity,

When you feel Wronged – You’ll be the one Empowering this Cycle of Emotional Pain and the

Roller-coaster of Disappointment which OTHERS might not have had anything to do with.

Calm yourself down before you React.


They say that Wallowing in your Disappointment for TOO long isn’t good,

Which I Second – but then, If you are willing to accept that things Might not always work out,

Then moving on to the Next option is easier in Planning ahead.

IF not, then Imagine yourself the Real and Possible Human reason if Someone had Disappointed you, WHY this could or may have Happened.


NOT every Door you Open will be Helpful to you,

Coming back to the Planning Ahead.

Resting and Relaxing some, will open your Mind again,

Helping you to Strategize in getting you back on track again.


YES, I also KNOW that when Life, in General, Hit us with something not working out,

That’s not as Much pain and Disappointing as it is, when Someone you Know or a Person shoots you down.

BUT, if you Only Focus on this Negative event, Not seeing that you CAN do something about your Situation – then you’ll NEVER see the next step in doing what you need to.


These days our Lives and Life, in general, is TOO Hectic and thus,

You don’t have the Time always to get to Your Support Network,

BUT – if you need to chat with a Friend or Family, Make time for them and Allow them to Help clear your Mind, while you’re getting ready to Jump on the Horse again.


One Positive you can take from the Last Disappointment is this;

You now KNOW that the Last Plan, Person or Idea wouldn’t work out for you and SO,

You don’t have to waste Your time by doing it all over again!

Yes, I do know, the Amount of time you May have spent on this May have been Excessive,

BUT – it’s not your Entire Life and the Time to come either.


You do have an Option for Tomorrow and You can Choose to Change the possibilities,

Making something Better for yourself and those around you.

THEN as well, Remember that Everyone around you also has their Own Disappointments and Eventually they’ll possibly need YOU to support them,

So, if Everything, Possibly not as Intense hits you – and you CANNOT deal with Minor issues,

How would you Help those People Supporting You; when all you see if Your Own issues all of the time.


As I’m a writer,

I read that it’s a Good Idea in Free Writing your Thoughts and Emotions on a Piece of Paper – Do not stop until you feel there’s Nothing more you’d like to Say when dealing with this.

This would Help you in another way as well,

When you React to Someone who Might not have Anything to do with what you Received,

It can hurt them AND if there was A Person at the End of the Line;

Can you Say for Certain WHY this could have Happened?


ONLY after you walked a Mile in their Shoes can you Imagine,

Thus, getting your Thoughts and Feelings down on Paper,

May help you Avoid making a Bigger and or Worse mess of things.


Not ONLY this,

While I’m writing my Books at times,

Even my Ideas I share here –

I find a New Interesting Direction when I’m busy,

Veering OFF my Original Story,

Because this time Writing something down,

Gives us the Chance at Figuring out what we Might not have Known beforehand.


It’s Terrible when we have to Deal with these things that STING so much,

But what Doesn’t kill us,

Makes you Stronger, Wiser gives Insight –

But ONLY if you’re Willing to Hear and See what Might be…


In all and all, All the Best to You all…


That LINGERING Second.


I once again drove a few places today,

That’d be part of what I do at work,

Yet – I do a lot of things as fast as I can,

Get them Done and Move on to the Next task…


ONE of the routes to another Extension of Our town was Blocked by water filling a Dip underneath a Train bridge.

SO, I drove the long way round and

Stopped at one of the Preferred Supplier of work for us.


At the Intersection,

It’s Underneath a Bridge which the Highway runs underneath,

I had to wait my Turn, getting to the Next road in getting to the two Stops along my way…


The LIGHT changed twice before I got even Close to drive,

WHILE this last change of the Lights,

There was a Puck-up (Bakkie) ahead of me,

The driver COULD easily have made it,

Yet the driver didn’t cross and waited…


Again I waited to see when it was Clear for Us to drive,

The Light from the Other side had changed and jumped back to RED for the Crossing Traffic,

For US, the Arrow would Blink for us to turn onto this + crossing Intersection.


Listening to the Radio and Waiting for my time,

I saw that the Green arrow blinked for the First time.

Being parked Behind the Bakkie,

I was able to see the Other Traffic as well.


The Arrow blinked possibly Three times before the Driver even moved.

Not Me – as soon as I got the Go-ahead,

I would have jumped and got Moving,

Getting done what I need to do!


As I would MOST of the time do as well,

I’d not reach Over the Line,

TRYING to get across the Intersection As fast as Possible,

Jumping the Light as it was…


While I sat in my Car I saw that the Bakkie before me Stood just a SMALL bit past the Leg Post, PILLAR of this bridge above us.

It would have Obscured the Normal Driver who would have patiently Waited for their turn…


Just as the Driver ahead of me started to Move,

I saw from my Position,

An 18-Wheeler Truck – Semi willing and wanting to Catch the Intersection,

Jumping it and trying to get Across without stopping at the RED light!


The Bakkie ahead of me Barely stopped before the Truck ran the Red light!

I didn’t even move in my Car,

Shocked at what I saw and then Realized,

If there was NO ONE ahead of me;

I’d have JUMPED into gear and gotten in the Way of that 18-Wheeler.

It MIGHT have just missed me,

Being Said – If I was able to Stop in time


More Likely,

It would have Caught me on the Nose on the Driver’s Side,

Hitting me all the way up to the End of the Wheel Arch!


If I had driven or moved as Fast as I do most times,

AND with the Support Beam of the Bridge,

Had Just blocked My vision,

I’d have seen the Truck JUST too late a… n… d…

I’d NOT have written this Post.


I can Say without a shadow of a Doubt,

My Angles were working Overtime,

Stopping me just enough for that Truck NOT to have hit my car,

As I might have been Hit on the Driver’s side too Full,

Not getting out of the Car in one piece.


What SHOCKED me even More,

The Speed at which the Truck raced through the Intersection,

That Truck would have taken out Most of anything in its way without TOO much trouble.


Not ONLY was I really happy that I didn’t move when it Could have meant my End,


With So Many people losing their Lives in Road Fatalities,

People in general Drive Really Recklessly.


They would believe themselves,

Such things don’t happen to them,

It ONLY happens to other People…


Being Injured in an Accident is one thing,

Having Others with you in the Car when You cannot do much of Anything isn’t that Nice,

Worried about how they’ll deal with anything which would affect them later one,

Makes you think a great deal!



How would you be able to live with Yourself when You Kill someone,

Driving as this person had done within this Incident…

Having the Unfortunate foresight,

I was VERY-VERY Lucky today,

Willing to Use my Time as best I can;


If and when this same Driver does the same thing Again,

When will it happen that He Might Kill or Maim someone so badly,

They’d Never been the same again…


It’s such an Unfortunate situation that People cannot Care in the least,

Believing such things Will Never happen,

Not to them or Because of them…


Be very Careful and Mindful of those driving around you! ! !


(An actual Aerial view of the very same Bridge…)

The STATIC in the Shock.


It was a few Weeks ago,

NOT entirely Sure why it was,

But for at least a Week I’d been Really Statically Charged!


I didn’t do Much of anything Different than before

AND Yet, I got Statically Electricity Build-up which You’d not believe;

So much so that I’d SEEN the sparks jump now and then –

To say the Least; I actually FELT the Spark burning my Finger!


As my Research showed me,

On Average, when You’re Shocked with Static Electricity,

There can be between 3,000 easily up to 25,000 Volts involved!

VERY Lucky for us, there’s No Amps involved – with that much Voltage,

If you added only ONE Amp; It could be Fatal or even send You to Hospital.

LUCKILY, that doesn’t happen easily; not to worry about that one.


The EXPERT do say that it depends on what Clothing you’re wearing

AND I can tell you when I did take some of my clothes off – the Hairs on my Arms would stand on Ends.


This Phenomenon is due to the Hairs are trying to get away from each other as far as possible.

When the Hairs on your Head is standing on Ends as well;

Your Hairs are reacting like a Magnet – Positive pushes a Positive away.

A negative and positive pull each other closer – hence the Magnet can Stick to other Metals.


THIS same principal works with us and Static Electricity.

Your body takes the Negative charge from the Electrons of the Materials around you,

SAYING, for that time – Your body can accommodate them; store them in the same way as a Capacitor is working.


THUS, when you come across another Material or another Person,

Who is more Positively charged,

You get the Shock of your Life when you least Expect it!


The weather has got some to do with this Phenomenon as well,

But I cannot say for sure if it’s Really such an Impact,

MOST of the times I got myself Shocked was at night and

Didn’t Concentrate on the Weather outside…

But, We’ll keep that one in consideration.


What I know is this,

Friction and as well, the Materials which Your clothes is made from,

That’s Definitely got an Impact on the Charge Accumulated,

As well, if you were to Rub your Shoes, Feet in shocks over the Carpet;

Heading to somewhere else – you could Generate that Charge!


When we were Young,

Someone would get themselves Shocked and

THEY would see if they could Recharge themselves in Shocking someone else in the House as well, that was Kind of Funny.


My situation,

Not so much!

Especially when You’re in bed and you can Feel the tiny sparks jumping between the

Bedding and your body…

WONDERING when the Big one would come!


Be sure to KNOW,

Some Electronic Devices aren’t so Happy to Receive such a Shock,

So much so that NASA has taken steps to Ground their Workers;

Having STATIC Free rooms where Components can be safely worked on.


That little Spark which Shock you into bewilderment,

If that can happen when You’re working with Gas, Petrol or Fuel,

That can be REALLY Bad for you!

Touch your Car when getting out, If that is, You suspect you could once more

Generate some Static Electricity, can help – keep yourself as safe as you can!


Be VERY Careful when you’re Opening up an

OLD CRT Computer Screen,

As well as Any OLD Televisions,

They have Capacitors inside and can hold on to their Charge for Weeks on end!

LIKE me, not having any Idea what they might Look like – that might give you a Really Shocking Jolt when you Least expect it!



This Static Electricity Phenomenon can shock you and it’s Used in conjunction with

Capacitors, Computer Screens and Some Television Monitors.

They’re also used in Laser Printers and Photocopiers,

Some are used in Security Gates, release mechanisms.


AN interesting one, in Electrostatic Spray Painting –

The Paint itself is given a Charge and thus,

When the Spray Painting is done;

MORE of the Paint actually falls or is attracted to the Surface being Coated.

Less Paint is wasted and the Finished Job looks much better.


YES, Yes… that Shock isn’t the Nicest of Feelings,

Being Shocked at least Five times each day for a Week wasn’t that Cool either,

But, MOSTLY with everything in Life we know some about,

There’s a Positive side to Everything…


We just need to see it… Not So Much FEEL It!


P.S.:     Just to know, Lighting would also be a kind of Static Electricity – the Major difference there is this; there’s easily 300,000 volts involved.

The reason why a Lighting strike is so Bad, Dangerous and Deadly to us.

Small Little Pricks…

Small Little Pricks

You might remember this little line from Ironman 2,

Where the Pain in the Butt Senator had to present some Medals to our Two Hero’s…

It was kinda’ funny…


Now then,

I can remember back in the day when I was still a Little run-a-round,

Not having ANY idea of what life could hold for me.


I was playing with a Rugby ball (Never really played sports at school),

But it was cool, kicking the ball just enough from one side of the Sidewalk

Of the street to the other side – without landing in the Neighbors’ yard across from us.


The street wasn’t busy in the least and this I could do to amuse myself without much of anyone helping me out in the least.

This day I can remember really well.

Seeing this kicking game came to a very Sudden Halt!


Playing this without shoes,

Drop-Kicking the ball,

I had no idea that there was a Buried ROCK just under the surface…


As you can Well Imagine yourself,

My BIG toe made Instant Contact with the Rock.

It didn’t move and I’ve still no idea just how Massive it was!


All I know, it barely protruded past the surface.

It was JUST smiling at me and was VERY happy to see me…


The ball wasn’t kicked…

The ball had time on its own…

The ball was carried Home after the impact…

The ball was NEVER again kicked like that,


Not only the Sudden stop,

The Intense, Unbelievable Pain,


One other thing I could clearly remember–

IF ever I had a full bladder at that moment…

I’d have left a nice little Stream all the way from where I stood STILL for that moment,

To where I got the ball Eventually and,

Slowly hobbled across the Street;

Eventually Getting back home!



Since then I’d been

Pannelbeated a few times.


Each time there was a great deal of Pain,

Only these times I broke something

AND as the image shows;


WHEN falling Off the Racehorse,

That was an Immense Sudden Impact,

Which left me sitting,

Less caring about my Bladder,

The Pain,

The Sudden stop,

The Horse running away from me;


But shock at the size of the Boulders on the Other side of the Fence it was heading to

THROW me over onto…


I don’t know too much about major breaks,

But I’ve heard more often than Not,

When the Cold comes – people how had Legs, Arms and such broken;

They feel the aching in their Bones or Breaks when the Cold gets a hold of them…


That would have been nice…

Every single moment when I work


The muscles in my back works over time;

THUS, if I do not concentrate on it,

Having spasms at Home can easily Happen regularly.


Funny how the Little Places can bite you the worst!


P.S.: Ironically, I just wonder how Sensitive the Metal Detectors at the Airports are; ONE day if things goes well, I’ll be waltzing through them – With my Lucky they’d go off and I’d miss the Trip or Flight because No One would believe that I’ve got these 6 & ½ screws in my back…


(HAD broken TWO already, BEEN fixed as well – THAT’s half which remains………………)


That would ONLY be funny the First time, from that POINT forward;

It would be a really Massively Big Irritation!