My Misfortune of DEBUGGING Myself…

sick-dog-in-bed 1

YES… it’s that time of the Year yet again!

Debugging… Yes I must Admit that the Changing of the Season did Catch me

Off-guard this Year!


Living in V-Town, Gauteng, South Africa,

With Sasolburg as Close as it is,

There are a Great many things in the Air which We, Me, I, They are allergic to.


This would mean, I’ve got a Constant battle against Sinus,

Seeing that Many Moons ago,

When I moved to V-Town I wasn’t struggling with Sinus as I’m right now.


This is also ONE of the things the Pharmacist told me the Other day,

MOVING to a Cleaner area will Greatly help when My body reacts to something in the Air

AND I’d feel better faster when I’m using the Correct Medicine.


During the Half-Day, I was off from work,

Feeling really Bad,

While I slept as much as I possibly could,

I also had this Weird and Strange dream as well…


While I was TRYING to sleep as much as possible,

I came to realize that while We, Me, They are Ill or not feel so bright,

Our Subconscious is trying everything it can in Understanding what is going on.


Although when we’re Resting as much as we can,

Dreaming the very Strange and Weird dreams,

Don’t always help us to really Relax and or even get enough Rest in,

So that the body and start Healing itself with the Mired of Medicine which we take at such times…


When we’re feeling okay, healthy and good;

Just sometimes we dream strange things,

Having seen a Movie or TV Episode,

Which makes things a little strange for us to dream,

THUS – don’t even get started when we’re NOT feeling that well…


While I was THIS under the Weather,

I kept on Thinking and Remembering that If I could ONLY have a good enough Sleep,

This Cough which has been with me Until NOW,

Would be Fixed and I’d be feeling better!


Another Ironic fact here,

When You’re feeling ill,

You Actually sleep Less,

Seeing that I kept an eye on the Time while I was out of it.


Not only did I look at the time to see What the time actually was,

But I kept somewhat Calculations of the Medicine I was drinking

AND when I should take the next Doze as well.


I must Admit that I’d drank more Medicine during that Night the other time I was Fighting with the Virus…


While I was so OUT of it as well,

I found that I was Hot and then Cold and in between,

To say the Least,

I’d slept a few Places throughout the Apartment.


The least one I was in or at,

This was the Bathroom floor,

Where I actually Sat against the Laundry Bin.



This would be the Question…

Why would I spent time on the Floor of the Bathroom…


Well, here it is,

When You’re feeling REALLY Terrible,

Sometimes Your body has the Need to Expel the Foods or something which Is, in fact, Making you sick…

Throwing-Up or Talking to George…


It was the Frist time in such a LONG-long time that I was feeling in such Situation,

I was speaking to George…

This doesn’t actually happen to me – seeing I had an Operation;

YET – the Physical Action connected with speaking with George,

That DOES happen and I can Assure you,

It Doesn’t feel Brilliant in the Least!


ANOTHER strange thing which Happened with me along this way,

The Sinus Drip isn’t nice in the least bit


This time around I once more had my Uvula become Irritated because of the continuous drip;

Hanging on my Tongue,

Swallowing becomes Really Painful!



Shocked myself,

I found that Suddenly my Taste buds got Completely Screwed!


Until NOW,

Everything I eat or drink,

It doesn’t taste Nice in the least bit!


Addicted to Coffee as I am,

If I don’t drink it Past the Terrible Taste –

I don’t have a Cup during the day…

NOT entirely sure if the Taste would Come back Normally,

LIKE a few Operations before,

Not eating Breakfast…


This time Falling Ill might have Longer Lasting Affects on me,

Very Weird and Very Strange to say the least!


The Debugging still Continues…


HATE feeling Sick!



The PAIN in the Sinus.


As Everyone would realize by now, every Now and Then I hear something,

See something and Learn something which I didn’t know,

This time It’s NONE different either!


If I can Remember Correctly,

I heard this over the Radio and Was wondering just How Possible this could be.


So, here’s what I found and just what Impact this could have on Either,

Your Sinuses


Your Teeth!


Although on This one I cannot tell you how Regular this is;

But most or any Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist would tell you –

As far as I know, Your Eyes, Nose, and Ears are linked… in some ways…


Now, this one, May be a TALL Tale,

But I’ve heard Many years ago that someone – Hence, not sure;

Would have died when this Person was Smothered with a Pillow,

Their Connections was active enough, they could barely breathe enough through the Connection to their Ears and Survived the Attack on them…

NOT entirely sure… about this one!


Yet, the connection and tubes between the Sinuses and your Teeth had been Documented.

To such an Extent that when You’ve got issues with Your Sinuses,

This could affect your Teeth, making you believe that You need to visit the Dentist.

Your Maxillary Sinuses are right above your Molar Teeth Roots…

Especially when there’s Pressure on your Teeth’s nerve endings, which also could feel like toothache when it’s not really your Teeth at fault.


The same can be said as well,

When You’ve got an Irritation or even an Infection within your Teeth,

Because your Sinuses are so closely located,

This Infection can affect your Sinuses and most of the time Block them,

Creating a Double Impact on You; feeling awful…


You may ask why do we Need Sinuses –

Which I can tell you I asked that Same question when I started reading up on this…

So here it comes,

We breathe Mostly through our noses as either we don’t Speak OR Concentrate on work OR do something additional.


THUS, not only does the Hairs in your Nose Tracts catch dust but as well as the Sinuses generate Mucus.

OH, my Goodness – You’d say; HOW awful!

This is done to Actually warm-up your Breath when Inhaled.

Within the Mucus, there are chemicals which affect the Foreign bacteria trying to Enter your body via your Nose and dislodge the possible Bacterial molecules.

With the help of Your Nose hairs, not only do the Dust get moved but as well;


Other bacteria,

And viruses are caught and moved to the back of Your throat.

They’re then deposited into the Stomach.

There’s a Brilliant name for this function – Mucociliary Clearance… Imagine that one!

The stomach acid destroys the foreign parts, which is part of your Bodies’ defense mechanism in keeping you healthy.

The ONLY issue would be, when there’s a problem, infections or you’ve got a Virus; the body’s already fighting against.

The tubes are blocked and movement of the bad particles take longer to get destroyed and you can ALMOST feel the Onset of a Cold or something more than that…


If you don’t go to a Doctor in dealing with the Sinusitis OR a Dentist in seeing about your Teeth;

There are a few things you can use or do, helping yourself out.


  1. Drink lots of fluids and or use Steam:

Water helps with a number of Body functions and helps with the Sinuses, smoothing out the mucus and helps with drainage. Thus keep hydrated and as well, get additional Electrolytes, they’re very helpful – ones important would be, Magnesium, Potassium, and Sodium to acquire additional. These help with your bodies’ immune system as well.


  1. Most people will not like this – but eat some Spicy Foods:

You do not need to Burn yourself into another Blood-group; look only for something a little stronger than usual. Something like Horseradish or some Chili Peppers, even use a bit more Pepper on your food if you are willing to go that way. The properties within the warmer food can unblock the Sinuses to the point you can almost feel them free-up; Just remember it’s not a Permanent fix and You’ll have to deal with problem…


  1. Use an expectorant:

You can buy some medicines over the Counter, helping you to elevate the Symptoms of the Sinusitis – some would work fast and you’d feel it over a short period of time. Others may work in a Different way and be SURE to Read the instructions. Some of the Medicines dry up the Mucus in the Sinuses – but I’ve heard that if and when the Sinuses are burnt in this way, it can even Worsen the Sinus issue, thus be really Careful, not to worsen your Predicament.

ALWAYS speak to your Doctor about Medicines, it could have an Allergic reaction to you, something You may not Realize, but may affect you in the Long-run.


  1. Hummmm… Yourself to sleep… Okay? ;-}

I do understand to Vibrate the Sinuses loose and hope things goes better from there, but I’ve never done this before myself. I cannot say for Any kind of Certainty if this would actually work…

Rest is Very important, within your Sleeping cycles your body generate more White Blood Cells and Cytokines which is your Natural Immune Cells and would obviously fight off any possible Infection.

With the Humming and when you can tilt your head correctly, the sinuses could drain more easily And this also would help you Sleep better – giving the body the chance at healing itself.


  1. Positioning your Head for the best Drainage:

This would be Hard, when we’re already sleeping, you cannot easily control what your body will do – Ironically, I’ve found this to be true;

When you make any drastic Movements while you’re sleeping, you’re actually wake-up and do whatever you’re up to, so when you’re awake like that – see if you can manage to improve your position so as to allow better flow of your Sinuses…

I’ve NEVER done this – here I’m at a loss as well!

The best I can tell you would be this; whatever the Problem or the Issue for you, if you cannot Fix it yourself, with Medicine AFTER speaking with the Chemist,

Go see your Doctor OR the Dentist and find out where Your problem may lie…


I’ve had NOT only Sinus blockage, Pain; BUT I’ve endured that my Sinuses have brought on Migraines as well,

Those I feel coming and KNOW there’s little I can do when they do Arrive, Help yourself out and see what You can do if you do endure any of the abovementioned!


All the Best to You!



This Condition isn’t Season related, But I do tend to find that MY Issues with SINUSITUS does tend to become Aggravated over the Winter months!

Within the Realm of this Affliction, there are a few Causes why Most or possible ALL people around the Globe suffer from this Medical Problem –


  • There’s a Possibility of Infection


  • Some People may have an Allergic reaction


  • Some Chemicals may have an Influence on us


  • OR the Sinuses could just become Irritated

While all of this is possible, with the Sinuses reacting as they do, we have some Symptoms which Contribute to Our Discomfort –


  • We suffer from Sinus Headaches – Which I can attest to, Mine most of the time become Migraines!


  • When You’ve got a bad case of Sinusitis, it can Affect Your Face, feeling far Too tender as the Muscles are affected in your Face.


  • With our Head and I’d say, Facial features in such Close Proximity – it stands to Reason that those Features can become Irritated – HENCE You can feel Your Ears feeling Inflamed as well.


  • If the Sinusitis is as Aggressive as I’ve mentioned so far, It can also Affect the rest of the Body – Especially when this is Cause by an Infection or Allergic Reaction which could cause a Fever too.


  • Within the Intensity of the Sinusitis, You could More often than Not feeling there’s a Sinus Drip at the back Palate – feeling as if You need to Swallow more Regularly as the Sinuses becomes more Active.


  • I have Myself found that Either one of My Nasal Passages becomes So Irritated that Not only do I feel a Stuffiness, but I can almost feel that the Sinuses expand to make the Passage feel blocked in this way.


  • The SORE Throat might be because of an Infection or an Allergic Reaction – but I’ve found this one Quit Regularly; with me the Issue here is, with the Nasal DRIP, my UVULA becomes So Irritated that It actually become Limp and it also can Touch the Tongue. THUS, every time I swallow with the Uvula irritated as it is, it’s Also Pulled Via the Swallowing and this is Directly related to the Sinus Drip!


  • While the Throat is Swore, one thing the Body does try and do, Expel the Virus or Remedy the Problem and thus – the body Cough and this as well Irritated the body as much as it’s trying to get Rid of the Problem…


  • It all depends on just HOW intense the Irritation or Allergic Reaction or Chemical Effect or such would be if it’s Too much for the Body to Deal with, Some of the Facial Muscles could become Swollen with this Attack on the body.

There had been reports where Patients had to be Hospitalized because of the Severity of their Reaction to Whichever cause which brought on the Symptoms of the Sinusitis.

THUS, be Very careful not to Believe it cannot be Detrimental to Your Health, ANY kind of Unnatural Stimuli on Our bodies Could Potentially have Ill effects on it AND cause More Harm when Unchecked!

If NEED Be, Go see Your House Doctor, Seeing that he with the Pharmacist will look at Your Medical History to see what would be the Best Course of Action to use when You suffer from this.

There’s Various External Factors, ONE of which I suspect we’ve got a Great Deal to suffer from here in my Hometown, Air Pollution AND Never forget what Stress can cause onto Your Health and Your Body as well!

If You’re NOT Sure, go ASK someone, ANYONE who works in the Medical Field to HELP You out OR direct You to someone who can Help.

The MORE Information We have one what Could be Happening;

The BETTER Prepared we can be to Help Ourselves!