The UNNATURAL Disaster…


While I was writing this Post,

I checked up on the Information on this Specific Area,

Trying to see just how much of the Info I was using is correct.


I cannot say for sure if what I’d heard was correct either,

But You’d possibly know about natural Disasters in your own area,

BUT, when it comes to the point and there’s Suspect that any Disaster wasn’t Natural,

That makes such a Massive difference!


Knysna, located in the Western Cape and part of the Garden Route,

Had been ablaze for the past few weeks and still, there are Fires which had been chasing the

Fire Brigade around the Town.

The population is Estimated at 51,000 or so people.


As far as I spoke to one of the People at work,

It’s been reported as far as I know,

Some or in part, fires had been STARTED in the area.

I cannot say for sure and with the amount of Devastation there had been left behind,

I cannot think that it’ll be that easy to ascertain for certain what had happened with this massive Disaster hitting that Town.


I’m quite sure that





And the likes do not have a Human hand in as a Fire would or could have.


What got my Attention even more so,

Was the number of People all over the Country who jumped at the Opportunity at Helping with the Disaster Relieve which was arranged for the affected Area.


As the saying goes, I’d read in between then and now,

See something – Do something;

And if this was caused by Someone,

I’d really Love for them to Answer to this – not perpetrating this once again,

BUT – what was very Impressive,

The number of People who were willing in helping out as much as they could.


Not only on the Radio did I hear the People raising money for the Disaster Relieve,

But there were various Trucks heading down to this Area,

Taking along much-needed supplies to the area as well.


The Wind and the Cold of the area and with Nightfall,

All of this stood against the Fire Fighters and Emergency Services Personnel to help out where and who they could.

Making the whole area very Dangerous when You were faced with a Run-away Fire.


I’ve never seen Anything as bad as what those Poor people had to endure,

I did, however, have to burn down the very Tall grass on the Small Stead we’d lived on once,

Chasing the Snakes away from the house,

Seeing they looked for a better place to Nest and that wouldn’t have been that safe for us.


The grasses stood over a Meter tall and almost all of them were dry-dead.

When we set the fire, we have to keep an eye on what was happening.

Having old bags and heavy rags would only help that much.

Watering the grass close to the house makes it harder for the Fire to jump, but this isn’t Foolproof either…


While we were busy here,

There came a very light wind and blew the fire along so fast that you’d Only Pray that nothing bad would happen along the way…


With this, the Heat and the Power and the Speed at which the Fire burnt were far more intense and so we stood well out of the way of the burning grasses.

The wind changed direction fast and before you’d know it,

The Smoke was surrounding you, catching you off-guard!

This with the massive heat and anyone caught off-guard, the Dehydration can very easily leave you in a very dangerous position!


Burning eyes, fear, and shock prevent you from focusing on getting yourself out of harm’s way,

Without sufficient Oxygen, and being Disorientated,

That would leave you in a very dangerous position!


We mostly kept clear of all of this and the LUCKY fact was,

The grass around the House was still very much Green and didn’t burn,

It could and would have been far More Dangerous if something were to catch alight!


If ever you need to Burn some dead grass anywhere,

Firstly start with the Shortest and Smallest of the grasses.

You create a Barrier a Meter and more, between the short and the longer grasses.

Possibly the Fire will not easily jump this barrier – but that’s NOT a Given!

As well,

Never do something like this in a Residential area OR when OR where you’re alone!

If you Have to or Need to clear some weeds or grasses,

Get the Fire Department to come help you when They can assist you.


There are so many Factors which can Impede our control over Aspects of Nature,

Believing Yourself to be more Cleaver than You really are,

Could end up being your downfall!


There had been a great deal of Help supplied to the People of Knysna,

But the end of the day,

The Little bits we can do for Each other Each and Every day,

That would make such a Difference to more people than You or I could even begin to Imagine!


The Denominator of COMMON-Sense!


All of us have THAT Friend or even a Family Member,

They Most of the time Believe that they’re doing the Right thing


Their Ideas and Thoughts on a Specific subject is Correct…


For THEM at the time, that may be Right;

But here’s the RUB,

Just When or How many OTHERS in whichever Diversity in Their Lives must see that they’re NOT as Correct as they Believe themselves to be,

Before the Reality should hit Home – opening their Eye to this fact?



We don’t want to Beat Down on the Ones we Care for,

BUT – You don’t want them falling down the Rabbit Hole either,

Shattering at the Bottom!


Where is, and Where do you Actually find that THIN Line

Between Helping and Becoming a Broken Gramophone Turner,

Trying Your best at Helping THEM – Especially when they believe they don’t need it!


ALTHOUGH you believe that They might have the Issue or Problem,

But this Table could and or would be Turned on you,

Seeing that You’re trying to Help them see that there’s Something A-Miss with the Current Situation – Which could Easily be Pointed out to You;

Which would be that You’ve got an Issue with their Choices.

AS I said; when would the Table the turned on You?


Then the OTHER Million Dollar Question,

Just how long should we Pursue this Issue or Problem they may have,

Doing our Best at not ONLY to support them,

But in doing so – Trying our Level Best at Helping them when we AND

others see they’re Wasting their Time, Energy and possibly Money on something

Lost to their Insight…


We can very easily See and Name so many Hap-hazardous Issue and Problems

Which could Affect anyone around us,

It’s not Naming them, even Seeing them –

The Question is this;

When does Our insistence at Helping them Become the Very same as the Issue we’re seeing in Their Lives?

When does Too much Interference in Their Lives become an Issue and a Problem as well?


You, Me, We all have had Issues and Problems to deal with;

If you do NOT work through these in Your Life –

Just how would you Gain Insights, Wisdom, and Understanding.


When someone SEE these and they are Unwilling to Learn from what they should KNOW isn’t a Positive in their Lives,

Just how LONG should you Try and help them Seeing the Light of day?


Then the last Thought on this,

When do you See that Your Continuance of Chipping away at the Block,

Which could be their Insistent Pig-Headedness –

When does this “Possible” lost cause,

Become Your OWN Issue that you cannot allow them to Learn


Crash and Burn to Learn,

Becomes Your Own Issue you cannot let be?


When does Retreating, become a Viable aspect of Survival for Your own Sanity, An Option which You should Consider,

Seeing that Either you’re wasting your Time and Energy and Life

On this Person you want, need or should Help –

BUT in the End, they could Easily Drag you down as well?


Most of us can ONLY try our very best,

But at the End of the day,

We should allow them To Fall to Grow,

Seeing the Light of FIGHT to reach the End of that Possible Dark Tunnel –


Just remember, the Tunnel THEY may be Seeing isn’t that Dark as You suspect or See or Feel it is,

Pulling them from there,

That could Spiral them into something even Worse than where they’d been…


THUS, the Question,

When is Too Much… TOO MUCH?

The USABLE Samaritan.



On Most Saturdays, I usually go to the Store and buy what either I’d need for the Week to come OR hopefully what I’d be using for the rest of the Month.


I suspect that Many of Us do this either Weekly and / or if you do Buy your Groceries for the Month then you spend ONE day or Session spending inside one of the Many Supermarkets.


Why this Post or Idea got Glued in my Mind,

I was once again walking up and down a Different shop on this Saturday and before I knew it,

Walking around to see NOT to miss what I want to buy – I was Approached by someone…


THIS wasn’t that Kind of Trouble,

BUT as you might suspect,

This wasn’t that NICE either!


This man, like so many Others,

The way they Approach you, you can See them Coming with an Idea,

Which at this Moment, was to help this man.


I was pretty Relaxed and didn’t mind what was Really going on around me – LOOKING for the items which I needed…

THUS, when He approached me, the first thing that I saw was the Things in his hands.


Firstly he told me he wasn’t looking for a Hand-out,

Rather – he was Starting work soon and needed some help in Buying these things.

One Loaf of White Bread, One bottle of Two Liter Milk and 18 Eggs.


I must say that this IF he wasn’t Lying through his Teeth was a little better to do for me, Knowing that Very few people if they are Honest,

Would do TOO much with the Items he had there with him.


Beyond that,

If he was just Using me and Buying this for someone else,

Getting the Monies from them – That would be His issue and problem,

If and when he was doing this…


Unfortunately as is my Nature,

I’m REALLY-really curious and Sum-up people pretty fast,

So, I saw a 50-50 Percent chance for him to Play me a Fool.


He was clothed normally – not sure what that would be his Attire,

I could SEE that there were Tattoos hidden under the sleeve of his T-Shirt,

But mostly he did look clean – someone who could be telling the Truth.


I had Nothing to Lose and was Willing to accept that he Genuinely needed the help AND would use it as Intended by him.

I did FORGET with this to Buy Milk for myself;

Seeing that after ONE of my Operations, I’d become Allergic to some Extent to Coffee Creamer and had to change back to Milk.

Not that I drink THAT much in my Coffee… Yet, I did forget to buy it!


On the Sunday after this Episode above,

When I stopped by my Sister,

I did buy Milk and something else – Cannot remember what it was.


When I did Exit the Parking area of the Shopping Centre,

I AGAIN saw another Person at the T-Junction before Turning into another Street,

AND here again, this Poor Lady also wanted some Help and or Donations for herself and her Children…


I must say that MANY a Times I’ve come across people

WHOM needed or wanted Help or Monies –

Never knowing what they Really need or want.


We’ve Seen all over, some of these People NOT using the handouts for something Good and doesn’t care what they Look like and how they Present themselves to the people Wanting to help them.

THUS, We’ve become REALLY weary to Some of the People asking for the Hand-outs.


THIS to such an Extent, You cannot Know which of the People really needs this Help if AND when you can do so.

BUT most of all, You don’t want to keep on feeling at the end of the day as if So Many of the People asks for something – also is willing to Use you…


Another Problem exists here,

I cannot say it’s so Immediate – but if you were to Hand out what They’d like to receive,

Just how long would it take for You to have to ask someone else for help in the very same way?


I’m NOT Arguing the Fact that there are Some People who really Need that help,

I’ve got this from First Hand Knowledge;

Having Driven with my Second Oldest Sister;

Dropping off an Older Man at a House for Helping Homeless People,

If I can remember correctly – Within a Week after dropping the Man there, he was out and Once more back from where we’d picked him up, so Others could help him further.


IF you Don’t want the Help,

No matter Who you are or What Help you need,

If you don’t want to Help or Change your Own life –

There’s Absolutely Nothing anyone can do for you…


All we can do if our best, Making sure You do what you can for Your own Family and those around you who Also may need the help,

Beyond that – when you can, Do what you can for That person you May be able to help…

The ABC’s

The ABC's

Learning your ABC’s is actually a Phrase Kinda made famous from the US if I’m not mistaken about this one.

The ABC’s of Life is a whole different situation;

I’ve Seen, Heard and been Privy to the various ideas of various People around me;

WILL and WANTING to do something in their Lives.

All of this is really good and I’d Never Ever tell a Soul not to REACH beyond for something Better in their Lives;

BUT then there’s so many People I’ve seen and found that didn’t GET the Basics RIGHT!

As the Saying goes:

Even the Best Laid Plans can go Astray…

But then, How many more People just goes Forth,

Not even Considering where they want to GO,

Or what kind of Plan they’d need be Putting in place in this Regard.

The moment we do not Plan well enough Ahead,

That’s the Time, Moment AND the Situation where we could Easily

Loose Traction in reaching our Goals or Destination!

It’s NOT to say that Things WILL be better the Better You plan ahead,

Seeing that Murphy’s Law or LIFE in General does tend to play a Role in our Plans.

You can DO whatever you can,

But things Just happen on their Own!

Thus, if you do plan,

This could easily involve someone who has more Knowledge of your idea,

Willing to help out more than you’d expect OR

They could just support you in doing what you need,

WORKING Your Rear Off in making things happen.

It is very easy for anyone to Fall off the Band-wagon,

Even MORE so when you’ve lost your Direction,

THUS, having as best Laid Plan AND

Those around who know what you’re Working toward;

They’d ALSO feel a little More involved in your Life,

They just might be that Pillar you need when things turn out a little


AND so,

All your dreams and ideas should Actually come with a

Action Plan,

Just to make the Next smallish – er Goal a little easier to reach.

Write it down,

Talk to ANYONE and Everyone who has any idea about yours,

They may give you In-valuable INFORMATION which you ONLY learn

By struggling through this – when you do not Have to do that…

Best of Luck…

Life’s Ironic Grape-vine…

Life's Ironic Grape-Vine


            In this past week, I was tasked to make some arrangements. Getting the INFO as it does happen most time; I’ve got a knack of getting things in Motion which the Boss needs be done…


            The boss got the INFO about the woman she’d like to Help form her Hairdresser and from there we started planning how to do what we’d need be doing, Helping this Lady who was on Her part also a Very Good Samaritan!


            This Lady got hit from behind by someone else.

HORRIBLE as it may seem, WHILE she helps so much;

Someone crashed into her and left her just there;

Unable to do much of anything, HELPING herself Out in getting the Kids she’s Looking after,

Getting around and to School…

            The DAMN asshole, not even having the Decency in doing what they SHOULD do when they’re responsible for such Damage!



Just then Life or Destiny or God or whichever you may feel might have had a Hand in this…

            We found the RIGHT tools and WITHOUT knowing it,

When our Mechanic came WITH, providing some of the Tools-

He KNEW this Lady and KNEW 4 us getting there!


            AS well,

Without US now knowing that this GOOD Hearted Lady needed Help;

There wouldn’t EVER been any Need in getting there.

Finding out what we could and HELPING as far as we could…


            This Lady TOOK it Upon herself in Helping Child which had been

THROWN away,

ABUSED or Neglected.

            Still with all of this,

She was bumped in the back of her car


Now she Had no way in Helping herself.


            Just when You’d think

HO Brother,

How will you do something or How would you deal with an Issue;

            All of us can Receive any Kind of help.

Sometimes it’s LESS than what you Expect to come


It’s far more with what we Took with for them.

            Picking Up her Car to help Fix the Car


Help for her to keep on doing All she could for the Various Children which Cannot help themselves…


            IN today’s Life,

There are those who can DO something


Other, who do not care…

            NO one will think of this Right now, MOST of the times;

BUT, at some Point in time or Life-

Everyone Grows Old,

Either Our Children would Look after Us;


You could be dropped off at the Old-Age-HOME…


            You can never KNOW,

What Life will bring your way,

There’s no way of KNOWING if what You DO 4 Other will have any Effect,


On the Lives You do touch;

I promise you,

In those people/children’s/adults Lives You’d make an Amazing difference…


            We can ONLY but HOPE

There would be someone OUT there,

Willing 2 HELP when we NEED it most,


When we’re Lived out of our TIME


Someone choose to Throw even US away…


            FOUR all of those People,

Willing to GO the Extra Mile,

Their WILDEST dreams would be to

Provide for those they CARE for…

Client Services

Client Services


            THAT Ironic SAYING goes;

APARENTLY the Client is always right…


            This fact we’ll all got wrong.

Not to MISTAKE it with the idea that when you’ve bought Something and IF NEW,

There’s an issue or mal-function,

You’re more than Rightful to get help in this regard.


            BUT then, with the Turn of the Industrial Age;

INSTANT gratification and the speed at which things needs be done––

The speed at which we’d like things to happen has become Ridiculous as well!


            WHAT, Didn’t the clever people realize,

The faster you force things to go, the BIGGER the chances are that there could be come-backs on the item which has been created?

            Take this idea for an instant,

If you were to spin around constantly, going faster and faster if you can;

Not ONLY would you either Fall on your butt; BUTT as well––the chances that You’d also SPEAK loudly to George (getting sick) is ALMOST a certainty.


            Now then, those POOR souls selling the Items to all of us, they’re ALSO working for a Larger company,

Doing business and helping the Economy Turn,

When they sell the Items in-store.


            LIKE all of us, the People who are selling on the Front-Line;

Are like you and me.

Earning a salary while they MIGHT be selling a busted Item.

They do not know this and will have to go through the Procedures as well.

            MIND You, I do admit to the fact that the Procedures are sometimes a Massively Big Pain in the Rear…

BUT even this,

HOW Many people come to the Shops, Stores or Wherever;

Trying to shell Bull….

TRYING to get you OR another to believe they’re NOT responsible for the problem.


            THIS can be the case, but then as many Items there are which had been returned because of MASS Production,

So Many people had tried to play another the FOOL!


            IF and WHEN we do buy a Second-Hand Item,

That goes even further.

If no Promise had been made to you,

HOW can we Suspect that we’ve got the very SAME warranty on the Exact Item that was there

when it was bought A-New?


            Coming to the Person who had helped in the First Place,

Lashing out at them,

Believing that our Behavior––Being a Pompous Assssssssssssss

That is Good and Gets the Job at hand done;

THINK again.


            YOU might be in the right that the PRODUCT is in fact not Functioning correctly,

JUST think how you’re treating Someone who has ALMOST no control over the Product OR the ability at Changing the Policies which are in place,

KEEPING fraud to a Minimum…

Treating someone who is Willing to Help you,

LIKE dirt,

That’s only a way in MAKING the process at Being the Right Client;

Take So much LONGER!


            WE might be Right that the Product is Horrible, Mal-functioning OR just not Good;

But that doesn’t give you the Right to treat another Person the way You feel the Product has been Treating you…

The LESS addition irritations there are,


The faster this can be dealt with.

NOT saying that it would happen,

But just think of how You’d feel when another Person comes along and Does to you what You believe is OKAY in doing to another.


            You May Be Right That The Product Isn’t Worth Your Time & Money,

BUT you’re also right in Seeing another Human Being POSSIBLY trying to help.

You’re Also RIGHT when you do Your Best at Treating them as Fairly as they’re Treating you.

            THAT said, if they’re Willing to help you,

Do what you can to speed-up the Situation as Best Possible.


            BUT, when you’re Nice and they SIMPLY do not care for this;

We’ll then Even MY top could pop…


            IT’S only a Matter of Perspective,

The SHORTEST distance between the Issue & Getting it Sorted out…