The PAIN in the Sinus.


As Everyone would realize by now, every Now and Then I hear something,

See something and Learn something which I didn’t know,

This time It’s NONE different either!


If I can Remember Correctly,

I heard this over the Radio and Was wondering just How Possible this could be.


So, here’s what I found and just what Impact this could have on Either,

Your Sinuses


Your Teeth!


Although on This one I cannot tell you how Regular this is;

But most or any Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist would tell you –

As far as I know, Your Eyes, Nose, and Ears are linked… in some ways…


Now, this one, May be a TALL Tale,

But I’ve heard Many years ago that someone – Hence, not sure;

Would have died when this Person was Smothered with a Pillow,

Their Connections was active enough, they could barely breathe enough through the Connection to their Ears and Survived the Attack on them…

NOT entirely sure… about this one!


Yet, the connection and tubes between the Sinuses and your Teeth had been Documented.

To such an Extent that when You’ve got issues with Your Sinuses,

This could affect your Teeth, making you believe that You need to visit the Dentist.

Your Maxillary Sinuses are right above your Molar Teeth Roots…

Especially when there’s Pressure on your Teeth’s nerve endings, which also could feel like toothache when it’s not really your Teeth at fault.


The same can be said as well,

When You’ve got an Irritation or even an Infection within your Teeth,

Because your Sinuses are so closely located,

This Infection can affect your Sinuses and most of the time Block them,

Creating a Double Impact on You; feeling awful…


You may ask why do we Need Sinuses –

Which I can tell you I asked that Same question when I started reading up on this…

So here it comes,

We breathe Mostly through our noses as either we don’t Speak OR Concentrate on work OR do something additional.


THUS, not only does the Hairs in your Nose Tracts catch dust but as well as the Sinuses generate Mucus.

OH, my Goodness – You’d say; HOW awful!

This is done to Actually warm-up your Breath when Inhaled.

Within the Mucus, there are chemicals which affect the Foreign bacteria trying to Enter your body via your Nose and dislodge the possible Bacterial molecules.

With the help of Your Nose hairs, not only do the Dust get moved but as well;


Other bacteria,

And viruses are caught and moved to the back of Your throat.

They’re then deposited into the Stomach.

There’s a Brilliant name for this function – Mucociliary Clearance… Imagine that one!

The stomach acid destroys the foreign parts, which is part of your Bodies’ defense mechanism in keeping you healthy.

The ONLY issue would be, when there’s a problem, infections or you’ve got a Virus; the body’s already fighting against.

The tubes are blocked and movement of the bad particles take longer to get destroyed and you can ALMOST feel the Onset of a Cold or something more than that…


If you don’t go to a Doctor in dealing with the Sinusitis OR a Dentist in seeing about your Teeth;

There are a few things you can use or do, helping yourself out.


  1. Drink lots of fluids and or use Steam:

Water helps with a number of Body functions and helps with the Sinuses, smoothing out the mucus and helps with drainage. Thus keep hydrated and as well, get additional Electrolytes, they’re very helpful – ones important would be, Magnesium, Potassium, and Sodium to acquire additional. These help with your bodies’ immune system as well.


  1. Most people will not like this – but eat some Spicy Foods:

You do not need to Burn yourself into another Blood-group; look only for something a little stronger than usual. Something like Horseradish or some Chili Peppers, even use a bit more Pepper on your food if you are willing to go that way. The properties within the warmer food can unblock the Sinuses to the point you can almost feel them free-up; Just remember it’s not a Permanent fix and You’ll have to deal with problem…


  1. Use an expectorant:

You can buy some medicines over the Counter, helping you to elevate the Symptoms of the Sinusitis – some would work fast and you’d feel it over a short period of time. Others may work in a Different way and be SURE to Read the instructions. Some of the Medicines dry up the Mucus in the Sinuses – but I’ve heard that if and when the Sinuses are burnt in this way, it can even Worsen the Sinus issue, thus be really Careful, not to worsen your Predicament.

ALWAYS speak to your Doctor about Medicines, it could have an Allergic reaction to you, something You may not Realize, but may affect you in the Long-run.


  1. Hummmm… Yourself to sleep… Okay? ;-}

I do understand to Vibrate the Sinuses loose and hope things goes better from there, but I’ve never done this before myself. I cannot say for Any kind of Certainty if this would actually work…

Rest is Very important, within your Sleeping cycles your body generate more White Blood Cells and Cytokines which is your Natural Immune Cells and would obviously fight off any possible Infection.

With the Humming and when you can tilt your head correctly, the sinuses could drain more easily And this also would help you Sleep better – giving the body the chance at healing itself.


  1. Positioning your Head for the best Drainage:

This would be Hard, when we’re already sleeping, you cannot easily control what your body will do – Ironically, I’ve found this to be true;

When you make any drastic Movements while you’re sleeping, you’re actually wake-up and do whatever you’re up to, so when you’re awake like that – see if you can manage to improve your position so as to allow better flow of your Sinuses…

I’ve NEVER done this – here I’m at a loss as well!

The best I can tell you would be this; whatever the Problem or the Issue for you, if you cannot Fix it yourself, with Medicine AFTER speaking with the Chemist,

Go see your Doctor OR the Dentist and find out where Your problem may lie…


I’ve had NOT only Sinus blockage, Pain; BUT I’ve endured that my Sinuses have brought on Migraines as well,

Those I feel coming and KNOW there’s little I can do when they do Arrive, Help yourself out and see what You can do if you do endure any of the abovementioned!


All the Best to You!


Tunnels Of Torture…


As of a Week or so ago, I found that one of the possible Issues with some part of my Health might have had an Adverse effect on me…

Not as Serious as it sounds – I do promise.


The last time I visited the Dentist,

Which there had been Quit an Adventure incurred,

I saw the Specific Placard with Specific information on.


Not only can I NOT remember the Specific name –

Which I’d not Really even Tried to Remember,

But I’ve got no Idea, having searched the Internet to some Extent,

Able to find the Name of this Specific Disease connected to Teeth…


NOW then,

The other aspect of this precise Issue would be the next,

I do know and have Osteoporosis AND know that the Current affected area would be in my Low back,

Hence, the Nutrients are Systematically taken from Other parts of my Healthy body to Supplement the Areas of Greatest Need.


Not sure which one of these has the Greatest Impact or even if they really DO have such an Impact,

But that’s also the Interesting Predicament I’m currently in…


As I mentioned, probably more than a Week ago,

I found that one of my Teeth’s Mantel decreased in its density and probably with age

Or possibly my Osteoporosis – it systematically decayed in its own strength and form.


Before I knew what hit me, the specific Tooth cracked,

I cannot say from the Top to the Bottom,

But I can feel that it’s not Healthy anymore.

One of the reasons why I suspect that My Osteoporosis is helping along the Specific Degeneration of the Teeth along;

Having a Possible Generic Disease where my Teeth’s mantel is thinning right on the Gum-line and eventually would break there as well.


Not all of them have this “line” on the same level,

But them, many of them do have this


Having spoken to the Dentist Way-Back-Then,

I know that there’s definitely such a Diseases which does Affect the Teeth in this manner.


Thus, this last one Cracked more than a Week ago and steadily I found that it started to slowly irritated me More and More over time…


Now I know that Everyone at some point had visited the Dentist


If you were that lucky, they – He or She was able to deal with your Problem.

But I wanted to add a few pieces there and there,

Maybe it would help in due time…


Before I’d go visit the Dentist,

Possibly having to Pull the Tooth,

Seeing that it’s been Compromised,

I read-up about some Aspects of Teeth and something I suspect we’d really

NOT want to know or be Confronted by.


I suspected even with the Brushing,

With the Tooth being cracked as badly as it did,

It gave way to Bacteria, getting in where it shouldn’t have and

Created some infection in the Tooth itself.


If you find any of the Following symptoms, you might have an

Infection or even worse than that – An Abscess in that Tooth.

Luckily you can Treat this problem before you even Get to the Dentist.

  1. If you feel a Fever, not sure why it is – could be your tooth.


  1. When you feel any Pain while Chewing anything.


  1. When your Tooth feels Sensitivity to either Hot or Cold.


  1. There’s a strange and or Bitter taste in your mouth.


  1. You either realize or someone tells you there’s a Foul smell to your Breath.


  1. If you feel or realize some of the Glands in your neck are Swollen.


  1. You come have a General discomfort, Uneasiness or even feel ill for no apparent reason.


  1. If you notice any Swelling or Redness in your Gums.


  1. Obviously, you’d feel some kind of Sensitivity of your Gums or in your Mouth.


  1. At some point there could even be a Sensitivity to even Speaking, meaning that the Cold air entering your Mouth affect some sensitive or irritated part of your mouth.

At any moment we can Have or Find there could be a Problem.

I’ll have to keep a better Vigilance over my Teeth as there is TWO possible culprit

Gunning for the Healthy minerals in my Teeth.

If you do find there’s something bothering you,

Rather make hast in finding out what this could be and the Best as well as the Fastest Manner in which to Safeguard the Little Okes which Assist us so much.


If you do not do this,

As I’ve read and found,

The Body can even Create its own Drainage Tunnels,

Effectively, trying to drain the Poison from the Tooth or your Mouth,

Which would be the Reason why you Taste or Smell some kind of something Horrible in your Mouth or on your Breath.

This could be Painful as well and really Sensitive.


Rather find out what is going on,

Because even if the Pain does subside – it’s not to say that the Problem would be dealt with as well;

Most of the time a Dentist and a visit there,

Would be needed to deal with whatever Issue or Problem you may have with your

Teeth, needing some help to Heal…


The Visit to the Dentist may sound Pain now,

But the Pain and Spread of this Problem would incur far more Issues

And Pain that what anyone may want to endure.


Take care of those Little White Soldiers,

Constantly Standing Guard where they always are.


All The Best To YOU!