The UNNATURAL Disaster…


While I was writing this Post,

I checked up on the Information on this Specific Area,

Trying to see just how much of the Info I was using is correct.


I cannot say for sure if what I’d heard was correct either,

But You’d possibly know about natural Disasters in your own area,

BUT, when it comes to the point and there’s Suspect that any Disaster wasn’t Natural,

That makes such a Massive difference!


Knysna, located in the Western Cape and part of the Garden Route,

Had been ablaze for the past few weeks and still, there are Fires which had been chasing the

Fire Brigade around the Town.

The population is Estimated at 51,000 or so people.


As far as I spoke to one of the People at work,

It’s been reported as far as I know,

Some or in part, fires had been STARTED in the area.

I cannot say for sure and with the amount of Devastation there had been left behind,

I cannot think that it’ll be that easy to ascertain for certain what had happened with this massive Disaster hitting that Town.


I’m quite sure that





And the likes do not have a Human hand in as a Fire would or could have.


What got my Attention even more so,

Was the number of People all over the Country who jumped at the Opportunity at Helping with the Disaster Relieve which was arranged for the affected Area.


As the saying goes, I’d read in between then and now,

See something – Do something;

And if this was caused by Someone,

I’d really Love for them to Answer to this – not perpetrating this once again,

BUT – what was very Impressive,

The number of People who were willing in helping out as much as they could.


Not only on the Radio did I hear the People raising money for the Disaster Relieve,

But there were various Trucks heading down to this Area,

Taking along much-needed supplies to the area as well.


The Wind and the Cold of the area and with Nightfall,

All of this stood against the Fire Fighters and Emergency Services Personnel to help out where and who they could.

Making the whole area very Dangerous when You were faced with a Run-away Fire.


I’ve never seen Anything as bad as what those Poor people had to endure,

I did, however, have to burn down the very Tall grass on the Small Stead we’d lived on once,

Chasing the Snakes away from the house,

Seeing they looked for a better place to Nest and that wouldn’t have been that safe for us.


The grasses stood over a Meter tall and almost all of them were dry-dead.

When we set the fire, we have to keep an eye on what was happening.

Having old bags and heavy rags would only help that much.

Watering the grass close to the house makes it harder for the Fire to jump, but this isn’t Foolproof either…


While we were busy here,

There came a very light wind and blew the fire along so fast that you’d Only Pray that nothing bad would happen along the way…


With this, the Heat and the Power and the Speed at which the Fire burnt were far more intense and so we stood well out of the way of the burning grasses.

The wind changed direction fast and before you’d know it,

The Smoke was surrounding you, catching you off-guard!

This with the massive heat and anyone caught off-guard, the Dehydration can very easily leave you in a very dangerous position!


Burning eyes, fear, and shock prevent you from focusing on getting yourself out of harm’s way,

Without sufficient Oxygen, and being Disorientated,

That would leave you in a very dangerous position!


We mostly kept clear of all of this and the LUCKY fact was,

The grass around the House was still very much Green and didn’t burn,

It could and would have been far More Dangerous if something were to catch alight!


If ever you need to Burn some dead grass anywhere,

Firstly start with the Shortest and Smallest of the grasses.

You create a Barrier a Meter and more, between the short and the longer grasses.

Possibly the Fire will not easily jump this barrier – but that’s NOT a Given!

As well,

Never do something like this in a Residential area OR when OR where you’re alone!

If you Have to or Need to clear some weeds or grasses,

Get the Fire Department to come help you when They can assist you.


There are so many Factors which can Impede our control over Aspects of Nature,

Believing Yourself to be more Cleaver than You really are,

Could end up being your downfall!


There had been a great deal of Help supplied to the People of Knysna,

But the end of the day,

The Little bits we can do for Each other Each and Every day,

That would make such a Difference to more people than You or I could even begin to Imagine!


Expect the UNEXPECTED!



Over a Weekend a bit back, I had to jump in my Car,

Drive to where the Person was, STUCK next to the Road,

Helping them out with this Issue of a Flat Tire…


The IRONY here is, they’d had more than Enough time to get their Current Spare sorted out AND then the Wheel which they were using… as well…

ONLY as Life would have it,

We don’t always get to Everything we intend to get to!


I had to Pick-Up someone they were on the way to go Fetch,

THUS, I got a Passenger showing me the Way in getting to the Collection.

While we were doing this, at the Filling Station, I started there, asking if Someone could help us out with the Flat Tire.


ONE Major Issue that I found very fast and easy,

This Wheel wasn’t as Normal,

It wasn’t a Tubeless wheel on the Car…


There was a Tube inside the Tire like a Normal Bicycle You’d ride at some point!


This now Created me Yet Another Problem which I had to deal with!

Not only is it NOT that easy to take a Car Tire off the Rim under normal Circumstances,

BUT as well – If I wasn’t able to change the wheel from Tube to Tubeless,

There was very Little for me to do in helping out with this!


Then, the Next issue was this,

At almost 10 o’clock at night, 22:00 –

There are only So Many places open which Can or Would help you with something as Tiresome As sorting out a Flat Tire on a Passenger Car!


We stopped,

After Picking up the next Set of Passengers,

At no less than ( 5 ) Garages – Filling Stations along the way Back.


We were Very Lucky at last finding one Man willing and Able to help us,

IRONICALLY – at the beginning, he didn’t care for any Assistance,

But the LONGER we were busy,

The later and Busier they became at the Garage,

He Finally needed me to Help him out with some of the Work on the Tire / Wheel.


There were numerous Questionable people at the Station,

Drinking and being Happy on a Saturday Evening;

BUT what I found and Picked up on very fast and Easily,

The THREE gentlemen – Probably having had something to drink,

Were Holding-up (sitting) the ATM.


While I waited to see what this Man could do for us,

I realized that the Three men sat there –

Effectively Blocking the Way to the ATM for anyone who needed money.


I Heard one of them Say they would Negotiate TERM for the Clients of the Bank to withdraw Money from this Machine,

IF they got their Cut.


They didn’t get ANYONE to “Bite” on this and

Neither did the Tire / Wheel look that Promising to us either,

Yet – this man willing to Help us was still Looking what he could do.


The Three idiots at the ATM got Chased off by some People,

Bigger than they were and More in Numbers…

I think they just Tried their luck at seeing what they could manage,

Not that it really Helped them in the least bit!


AFTER we tried Patching the Tire itself,

This man told me that we needed to See and try to Fix the Tube itself;

THUS – he got busy with that and found there were THREE punchers.


By now I was pretty Tired and kept a close eye on what was going on around me at this Filling Station.

In all this time the Man had to Assist their Clients as well,

Still doing his Job while we waited.


Luckily for Us,

He worked Faster than I would have!

Not only that – I now saw what I’d have to do the Day I had to check something on such a Tire OR if needed be – do what I needed to,

Taking the Tire from the Rim to Replace it with another.


That’s all good and well;

JUST Remember, If you don’t Have the Correct Tools to try this,

Well, GOOD Luck with that one!


The Tire itself had FOUR Punchers and at Number TWO we weren’t able to Seal up the HOLE – which led the man to Patch the THREE punchers of the TUBE itself.

We had to discard the Valve he’d Fitted as it wouldn’t work with the Tube.


Now the Tube was inside the Tire and we needed to Look and be very careful,

Not to Pinch the Tube itself,

Then only steadily did the Man inflate the Tube itself inside the Tire.

I once more heard the Popping off the Tire-Wall jumping into its Groove – Which there are two

of them to Hear pop.

That was a Good sign!


He inflated the Tire more and My Goodness,

The Pressure and the Air inside stayed!


It wasn’t a Cheap Ordeal and it wasn’t Easy in the least bit!


So do make sure that Your Emergency items in Your Car are okay,

Seeing the car got stuck on the Highway at Night!


HELPING someone out is one thing,

Such Adventures at Night,

Witnessing other People’s Actions,

Unsure of what Could happen
AND Being Responsible for those with you,

In a possible Sticky Situation…

That’s NOTHING anyone should Have to OR Want to Write home about!


Do whatever you can in Keeping Yourself and Those around You Safe.

Holding Sway Over You…


For those who Do not know what this means,

It’s really simple.

That situation,

That person,

That event,

That part of life which hasn’t yet materialized so far…


In MOST instances what Holds the most Sway over US,

Would be the Monies which we need to Live our lives with.

The Monies we need to use to change our lives or Use to Reach our Dreams with.


While each of us live each moment – second of our lives,

You are the only one who chooses what you’d be doing with that Life You’ve been granted with.

BUT it’s a fact that there are Other aspects or parts of Life which do not share Your ideals that You should have the Right to do as you wish.

AND it’s herein that we have our Little Dilemma…

Now you’d ask yourself,

What kind of Sway would be Held over you.

Just think of that thing which is bearing down on You like a Stone weight.


It could have been Your choice at some point,

This could easily have been a Honourable choice at doing what You’re doing,

BUT, You do not have to LET this Choice Govern the rest of Your life.

Monies, Life itself or even People;

It’s NEVER to say that we will Not be facing issue,

But You can make plans at getting around Most of the Issues and or Problems which Might plague Your path.


The Fact is this,

If you would Still believe there’s Nothing in Your life which cannot be Improved,

Then You’d be ONE of the Very Lucky Few…

I do not believe Everyone is that Lucky,

Which comes down the This,

If you cannot even Accept and Admit, to what it could be,

Which is Draining the Energy or Dreams from Your life,

HOW would you even Begin to Change what You wish,

When you Cannot even accept there’s Something to be Changed.


Taking the First Step at getting Past this,

Would be to Accept that there’s Something WE Need to Change.

This CANNOT ever be Easy.

ALTHOUGH, it’s Entirely Possible to Chance Your life,

If you are Willing to Work at it,

Know what You need to Change,

So the “SWAY” or that Governing Force can be Shattered…

This could be that Person standing in your way for that Promotion,

That BONUS which You do not Plan well ahead of time for,

OR even when there’s Choices on our Path and you Do Not listen to the Friends and Family in making the Best Choices at the time…

YOU can as well be the Problem at times in Your Own life…


There’s Very few of us who do not have Something which Could feel as if it’s

Suffocating us,

Within this as well – Knowledge of this problem is the Power for us to Move Out from Under it and Change,

Start Living the Lives which We Hope could be possible


Once there’s Nothing that Damning to Stand Against You,

You take the Time in teaching Others how they’d Live better Lives,

Having Nothing over their Heads or Hearts…


The Most Difficult Step in such a Journey,

Would be that First Lonely Step,

Seeing that MOST of us would walk into a Direction of Uncertainty…


As LONG as You at least Try it!

Office Politics!

Office Politics


Up until Recently I had not really seen this. No matter how much you want to BELIEVE you can see SO much around you – WAKE UP, smell the Coffee Beans;

There’s no way that You’d Ever be able to pick-up on EVERYTHING!


That said,

The only lady working with me; OLDER I might add,

Says all the time,

She always puts her Foot in it.

I’ve seen it happen on Regular occasions! ! !


The fact of the matter in LIFE is this,

If you do not listen to those who WANT to help you,

YOU’LL really have your Foot in your Month, more often than not.


That fact stated,

This Lady doesn’t keep Quiet when Someone/ANYONE comes at her either–

To this point that her Fast reactions end up being Detrimental to the reaction she receives!

It would Mostly come from the Manager,

But then,

INSIDE the Office the Women, THERE;

Are going at it, a good deal of the time.


THEN as well,

We have some MEN – Will not call them Gentlemen,

Shoot their mouths off at covering their own 6’s, Butts, Asses – Speaking Frank!


So now,

On even which day I’d have more than one side to deal with.

To say the least, for the most parts there are ( 2 ) and to a lesser Extent – a 3rd


BUT NOW, we’ll be Branching out and I can just SEE the additional Office and its own Politics which I’d have a Good/Great time in dealing with as well!


Not only that,

Being the Unofficial Floor Manager between THREE floors can get Tight some times.

NOW then, with an Additional one;

I’d be Running around like made AND

KNOWING what might or Might Not be coming down the Grape-vein…?


Hence, AGAIN,

I’ll have to Handle the Office Politics and Help the Business on as best I can–

Dealing with the Potential Chaos which could at ANY time ensue…


THUS, the Office Politics in running the Business is almost As Threatening to the Running of the Business as the Lack of Funds, Business, Losses or Thefts from the Business itself.


It’s IMPOSSIBLE not to happen as we’re ALL Emotional Human Beings AND

So, Throwing Everyone in the very same Blender,

With Money and the Security of the Company at stake,

ALL of the time;


This just allows for Every single person there–

WHO deals with some kind of Stress in ANY Business,

To Deal with this and the Politics in the Office

IN different ways that every other person working there…


TRY, if Possible to keep that in mind the Next time,

YOU WANT to react to something another person had said.


Either I see things coming far enough away,

OR by now,

I just don’t KNOW how best to Answer what I KNOW

Is coming our way… ?


P.S.: I hope I don’t OFFEND anyone with the Picture I’ve used here. Didn’t KNOW who it was until I opened it bigger. An President (Politician) in a part of his Office…?