About the Author


Cobus Vermeulen

As you’d know,
I’m Cobus Vermeulen.

I’ve not yet been Published and I’m hard at work getting my First Publishable Novel ready to either send out to Publishing Agents or Publishers themselves.

I’ve been Dreaming Intensely for as long as I can remember.
It’s only been since the Day when I annexed my Mother’s Olivetti Type-writer that I’ve seriously started to Note down all the Wild Ideas I’ve had.

I started writing the Hardest of them all, which would be Short Stories.
Not only in English but my Mother-tong; Afrikaans as well.

These are only a few Ideas I’ve had over the past few Months and I’ll add two Short Stories which I’d finished Editing as well.

In due time you Might see something more as well…

Who knows, I’m Reaching for the Galaxy… Might land on a S T A R!

Thanks for Popping around!


14 thoughts on “About the Author

    • Hi there,
      Thanks so much, really do Appreciate it.
      I promise you, I am working on getting just that done.
      ALSO, it must be as Good as I can make it…

      Otherwise, I’m just wasting My time and Producing less than Good quality for everyone out there.

      All The Best To You!

  1. I like what I read. Funny, I wrote a book about 5 years ago, but after 10 rejections gave up. Needed to eat and went back to Health and Safety. Maybe I’ll have another try?

    • Hi there,
      Happy to hear you wrote one AND that you finished it,
      That’s actually the Biggest issue for most,
      Not finishing their book.

      Rejections are part of Life,

      Now then, are you married, reason being how many times have to Connected to get to the Best possible person for a relationship.

      I’m still working AND will until Whenever I land a Contract…

      BUT then,
      Never ever give-up on your Passion.
      This will also help,
      When you Firstly write for Yourself.
      If it takes longer, try get as Professional Editor OR Froof-reader looking at your work to See why maybe you were rejected.

      Not making the same possible mistakes, not being rejected because of them again…

      Just one other thing,
      It is Really Hard to get there, not the easiest at getting.

      All The Best To You!


  2. Thanks for your reply Maybe I’ll take my earlier attempt out of mothballs??? I am not married. Who on this earth would put up with someone who is never around? I travel to Mexico and South America to do my work. When I am home I am either off to some function that might do me some good, or catching up on my sleep. I live in a penthouse in Vancouver and a shack in La Paz. Strange, but I am very happy. Go figure? SQ

    • I understand,

      Hopefully you do understand the Effort involved with Publishing the Normal way.

      If your work is good, Edited and Ready,
      Self-Publishing can work as well.

      What kind of work do you do?

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